Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 May Be Ditching the Crease

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 May Be Ditching the Crease

Samsung has been a pioneer of foldable phones. With their Z Flip taking the market by storm, many have been wondering if Samsung will ever get rid of the crease visible on the screen. There are many companies that have managed to reduce the appearance of the crease or have made it, so it is nearly invisible. However, Samsung has kept with its design for quite some time. This is because their crease is reliable and water resistant. 

However, it is possible that the company may be changing with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This new foldable display concept from Samsung shows that the user can fold the display inwards and outwards. This means you can fold it completely flat in either direction. Other recent rumors also suggest that the Fold 5 will significantly reduce the crease and use a waterdrop-shaped inward design. This newly revealed concept seems to corroborate all the rumors. 

The concept revealed by Samsung shows that the Fold will be able to completely flat even when folding backward. However, this will most likely not be included in the final product as the camera modules will get in the way. The concept device also seems to be wider than the current Z Fold on the market, which is the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This will help alleviate the issue of narrow phones that has plagued the Z-Fold line. 

It is highly likely that the Z Fold and Z Flip lines will see substantial upgrades alongside a new display. They may have upgraded cameras and hinges, and it is possible that Samsung may use the extra width to add an S Pen. However, customers will have to wait until late summer to see whether or not these ideas get implemented.

It is important to remember that this display was presented by Samsung Display, which is a different company from Samsung Mobile. The latter is in charge of making the Galaxy line of smartphones, so a concept from Samsung Display does not necessarily mean that it will go into production. Additionally, Samsung Display has contracts with all sorts of companies and makes displays for Apple products, TVs, watches, and more.

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