Security Vulnerabilities in Grand Theft Auto Online

Security Vulnerabilities in Grand Theft Auto Online

Recently, Tez2, a Rockstar Games-focused account, shared evidence suggesting security vulnerabilities in Grand Theft Auto Online. These vulnerabilities were made apparent in a number of ways. Players found that their progress was being reversed, they were being reported, and they were blocked from joining games or being kicked out. Players are trying to bring this issue to Rockstar’s attention by pinning a post on the GTA Online subreddit, which is dedicated to the issue. 

Additionally, the developer Speydr has also created a custom GTA 5 firewall tool. They warn the modders that using the exploit for any personal gain is on the verge of remote code execution through GTA Online. This means that the hacker can remotely activate the malware on the PCs that are running the game. Tez2 has reported that Rockstar is aware of the breach and is working on it. 

The initial exploit allows modders to take away another user’s rank and their in-game money. This meant that all of their account’s progress was reset or even corrupted. It also caused online players to get banned. Users on Twitter showed that they were being immediately kicked out from their online GTA session as soon as they unblocked their Guardian Firewall. Other users showed that the camera would zoom up in the air, and the game would never start. This meant that their account was corrupted. 

Tez2 stated that there was a fix for the corrupted accounts. It was that the players should delete the Rockstar Games folder from My Documents and then launch GTA Online. By doing so, their profile data will be refreshed. As there is no official information from Rockstar, it is best that players do not delete GTA Online completely.

Tez2 describes this exploit as a partial remote code execution that has the potential to become a more extensive security compromise if the hackers discover it. Speed believed that the development of full remote code execution from GTA Online would most likely happen. They also suggest that no one should play the game until it is patched and the issue is resolved.

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