GTA 5 Characters - A Breakdown of All the Characters in Los Santos

GTA 5 Characters – A Breakdown of All the Characters in Los Santos

Even though the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game franchise has always concentrated on the rich storytelling heritage of portraying fascinating and vibrant characters, the series’ first four main iterations mainly focused on a singular, playable character. However, Rockstar Games decided to provide players the option of pushing the story forward with a cast of people in GTA V.

GTA V improves on earlier editions in the series by including three playable characters as well as a vast array of central, supporting, and side characters who are even more integral to the game than the many participants from the epic GTA IV. The setting, the imaginary metropolis of Los Santos, becomes a character in its own right virtually.

GTA V’s storyline introduces the three main protagonists in an uncomplicated manner: Michael DeSanta is just a middle-aged former burglar and career criminal attempting to live a regular and average family life in Los Santos, a spoof of Southern California after the Great American Recession began in 2008.

Michael encounters Franklin Clinton, a strong African American and ex-street gang member attempting to advance in the criminal ranks by chance. Trevor Philips, one of Michael’s old heist companions, is an unstable and dangerous Canadian-American psychopath who teams up with Michael and agrees to join the robbery, with Franklin serving as the new crew member.

To make the 3 playable characters engaging to gamers, the GTA V designers and storytellers gave them a great deal of personality and endearing characteristics. The goal is to catch the player’s interest and provide them with the option of learning more about the backgrounds of these three outlaws as they play through the game.

Despite the fact that the story begins with Michael, the emergence of Michael and Trevor lets people discover more about the protagonists and choose an individual preference based on their personality and backstory:


GTA 5 is impressively the first game in the GTA series that allows switching players between three playable protagonists throughout free roam and missions at any time.

GTA character names: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are very different, with their own attitudes, lifestyles, aspirations, challenges, exceptional skills, and abilities.

  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips
  • Franklin Clinton

Family & Friends

  • Amanda De Santa
  • Jimmy De Santa
  • Tracey De Santa
  • Lester Crest
  • Lamar Davis
  • Denise Cinton
  • Tanisha
  • Wade Herbert
  • Dr. Friedlander
  • Ron Jakowski
  • Chop
  • Dave Norton


  • Devin Weston
  • Stretch
  • Steve Haines
  • Wei Cheng
  • Tao Cheng
  • Molly Schultz

1. Michael DeSanta

Michael DeSanta

Michael De Santa Serves As The Main Heist Crew’s Family Man.

Despite missing Trevor’s sheer intelligence, Michael is a master criminal in his own right. Though much of Michael’s genuine intellect and success may be attributed to Lester Crest (most likely the brightest character in the game), Michael is no novice when it comes to designing and carrying out successful crimes.

Compared to Trevor, Michael has a more meticulous and analytical personality regarding planning and carrying out crimes, making him the unofficial leader of their team. On the other hand, his genuine brilliance is somewhat muffled by his arrogance, hypocrisy, and rage issues, which he exhibits on several occasions with his coworkers and his family.

2. Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips Is GTA V’s Most Intense Character By Far.

Trevor Philips is the only figure who understood the famous Trevor Philips. He is depicted as a crazed man addicted to booze and drugs and lives in a run-down trailer, furiously venting his fury whenever available.

When you delve further into his persona, you discover a veneer of an individual who feels deceived and hurt. He tries to keep his pals safe, and most of the time, he genuinely cares about them—his dual personality results in one of the most layered characters in video game history.

3. Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton Is the Heist Crew’s Moral Leader.

Franklin Clinton is the main character in GTA V. He is the very first character we encounter, the focal point of the last three missions, and the only person who is sure to live until the end. He begins as a classic small-time criminal but grows to be a well-rounded and thoughtful man.

We discover that he is the most conscientious of the protagonists (as well as several of the side characters) as well as being simply a kind-hearted likable guy.

4. Devin Weston

Devin Weston

Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team co-owner Massive classist.

Devin Weston is among the top of the list of terrible guys in Grand Theft Auto 5.

He’s immensely wealthy and runs several enterprises, but he makes things challenging for your favorite characters. Of course, “tough” may be an understatement, given that Weston sends a small contingent of Merryweather warriors to Michael’s house in order to kill his wife and daughter in the lust for revenge.

He serves as the game’s major enemy until he is murdered by Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

5. Lester Crest

Lester Crest

Lester Crest Is The Endearing Yet Creepy Man Behind The Plot.

Although Lester Crest may be a weird, blubbering man, he has good ideals. Lester ensured that no one knew about Michael’s phony death because Michael protected him from the FIB.

As the brains behind the game’s large-scale heists, he is a genius with a remarkable awareness of how to accomplish practically anything with computers.

Having said that, he is hardly seen on the frontlines, so seeing him fire rocket launchers from Trevor’s helicopter near the conclusion of the game is a wonderful experience for players who grew to adore Lester during the game.

6. Chop


Chop Continuously Barks At The Talk Radio.

The inclusion of three playable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 was a daring move for AAA video games. Chop, however, outperforms Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

You can play as him for a short time before he follows you as a faithful companion. He is legally Lamar’s dog. However, he spends the majority of the game with Franklin. He’s a good boy!

7. Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis

Instead Of Firing At Cops, He Flips Them Off. Does Not Support Hunting.

Lamar Davis is Franklin’s closest friend and one of Franklin’s key mission-givers early in the game.

In contrast to Franklin’s austere exterior, he’s a cheerful guy. He is also quite tall and something Franklin regularly remarks on. Most importantly, he introduces them to Chop, his devoted (and adorable) rottweiler.

8. Wade Hebert

Wade Hebert

Wade Hebert Is Among The GTA Franchise’s Funniest Characters.

Wade Hebert is the most amusing guy in GTA V (possibly all GTA games). Wade, a spoof of Insane Clown Posse’s ‘Juggalo’ fans, is covered with tattoos and wears his hair in dreadlocks.

He isn’t the brightest of the lot, but he assists his pal Trevor in a few circumstances before joining the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. His characteristic southern drawl and absolute incapacity to comprehend most circumstances make him nearly impossible not to giggle at whenever he’s in the vicinity.

9. Steve Haines

Steve Haines

Steve Haines Resides With His Mum.

Devin Weston’s (literal) companion in crime is a FIB agent who serves as the game’s second antagonist.

He entered the FIB, or the Federal Investigation Bureau, in the year 1993, but he’s also been on Devin’s payroll for a long time.

Throughout the game, he seems to have the three others perform numerous unlawful acts to keep his own hands clean, but it doesn’t rescue him in the end.

He, like Weston, eventually dies and remains 38 for the rest of his life.

10. Tracey de Santa

Tracey de Santa Can Be Caught Smoking On Occasion.

Tracey, Michael’s older kid, was born in 1991 and is frequently spotted bickering with her family or whining about her brother when in the de Santa residence. If she is not doing that, she is either watching tv or sunbathing by the pool.

She is unpleasant and harsh, like the majority of characters in Grand Theft Auto 5, but Michael plainly has a particular fondness for her and can sometimes be pushed to give her money.

11. Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski

Trevor’s Right-Hand Man, Ron Jakowski, is Fueled by Conspiracy Theories.

It stands to reason that someone as memorable as Trevor Philips (more on him later) would associate with other compelling characters like Ron Jakowski (voice of David Mogentale), CEO of Trevor Philips Enterprises.

Ron’s conspiracy ideas and shady connections supported Trevor’s criminal enterprise in Blaine County. In the Smuggler’s Run update, Ron Jakowski appeared as a fresh smuggling partner in Grand Theft Auto Online.

12. Johnny Klebitz

Johnny Klebitz

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And Damned, Johnny Klebitz.

In the absence of the Chapter President, Billy Grey, Johnny serves as Vice-President of The Lost MC’s Alderney Chapter. He keeps a shaky truce with the rival biker club, The Angels of Death. When Billy is arrested, Johnny ascends to the position of President.

Johnny exhibits a careful and analytical temperament when it comes to controlling the group. However, Johnny succumbs to a severe drug addiction several years later, eventually leading to his horrific death at the hands of Trevor Philips in GTA V.

13. Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De Santa Is Michael’s Relatable Slacker Son.

Jimmy De Santa is Michael’s younger brother. He finds himself in weird situations, although most of his actions may be attributed to his complicated connection with his father. While he is primarily a source of humor in GTA, he also provides an intriguing glimpse into a family situation that we only see via Michael.

The game’s conclusion effectively completes his character path because he has reconciled with his father and can maintain touch with the main characters, based on the ending chosen.

14. Denise Clinton

Denise Clinton

Denise Clinton Is Franklin’s Tough But Funny Aunt.

Franklin Richards is among GTA V’s key characters, with whom players spend a lot of time in the game’s early stages before meeting Michael and Trevor. Franklin lives with his severe aunt Denise Clinton, who often calls him out in front of the company and demands to leave her house.

Denise is harsh on Franklin, but she’s an interesting character in the game, notably when Trevor bestows his unique appeal on her when they first meet. Denise is clearly a dramatization of the staunch feminist she frequently refers to herself, yet it serves the characterization and storyline well.

15. Amanda de Santa

Amanda de Santa

Amanda De Santa Has A Secret Profile On The Hush Mush Dating Platform.

Amanda de Santa, originally Amanda Townley as she was originally known until Michael’s interactions with the FIB landed the entire family in witness protection. She isn’t a playable character; nevertheless, she is significant.

She is Michael’s wife and the mother of their two children, and she plays a vital role in numerous of the game’s objectives. She and Michael eventually decide to part ways and divorce, which is probably a good thing since they do not appear to be in a happy marriage.

16. Simeon Yetarian

Simeon Yetarian

Simeon Yetarian Is Among The Game’s First Mission Providers.

Simeon is a significant character in GTA V at the beginning of the campaign. In fact, Franklin and Lamar are on a repossession job for him in the game’s very first objective.

He is a car dealer with a fiery personality who accuses anyone and everyone who accuses him of being racist while operating his business with completely rotten principles. Simeon doesn’t appear a lot for the remainder of the game after his brush with Michael.

17. Lazlow Jones

Lazlow Jones

Lazlow Jones Is A GTA Character Inspired by A Real Writer.

Since Grand Theft Auto III, the voice of Lazlow Jones has been heard on the radio in different Grand Theft Auto games. The character is based on Jeffrey Crawford “Lazlow” Jones, a real-life writer and producer who also voices “himself.”

Jones made his first complete debut in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the host of a talk show named Fame or Shame, which alludes to his previous life as a shamed radio DJ. This is only one of many instances where Jones’ radio commentary helped connect the disparate events of the numerous games over the years.

18. Dave Norton

Dave Norton

In GTA 5, Dave and Michael enjoy a dynamic connection. As a member of the FIB (a parody of the Bureau), Michael collaborated with him, abandoning his buddies for a better life, which led to Dave assisting Michael in faking his death.

This betrayal aided his career, bringing him recognition and money in return. He’s similar to many GTA 5 characters that make their money by deceiving, lying, and robbing – he really has a stronger facade.

19. Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo is a Mexican drug cartel owner with a catchy name.

Martin Madrazo holds the “sleekest name in GTA” prize. He is a Mexican drug gang commander involved in the campaign when Michael and Franklin demolish his home.

Unlike most GTA characters, his acts make him appear corrupt and compassionate even if Trevor rips off his ear and attempts to abduct his wife, causing Michael to regain his loyalty with a statue from the Aztec.

20. Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Dr. Isiah Friedlander Offers A Horrible But Hilarious Perspective On Therapy.

Michael De Santa is a prominent GTA online character in the game, but when players first meet him (following his masked appearance in the intro), he is going to a therapist who is assisting him in coping with a failing marriage plus personal difficulties.

However, he’s consulting Dr. Isiah Friedlander (voice – Bryan Scott Johnson), which turns out to be a disastrous idea if players continue to attend therapy sessions. Friedlander’s subsequent attempts to profit from Michael’s stories make the experience even more rewarding when Michael delivers some of his own brand of treatment on the good doctor.

Closing Words

We hope that you this detailed list of GTA 5 characters: a breakdown of who’s who in Los Santos will help you excel the game. If you have a favorite GTA 5 characters that we have skipped, please mention it in the comments section below.

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