Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks

New Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks Have Surfaced Online via Videos

A user on the GTAForums called teapotuberhacker has leaked 90 videos which they claim are development footage from Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto VI. The leaker also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack to prove these videos’ credibility. 

Teapotuberhacker claims that the videos they posted are from the test build of GTA 6, which is allegedly running with GTA 5 and 6 source code. The videos have excited fans as screenshots and clips from the videos are circulated across social media platforms, including Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter. 

Furthermore, the videos and the details they reveal seem to line up with details from earlier GTA 6 shows, such as having multiple playable characters, including a woman, and being set around Vice-City, which looks much like Miami. In one leaked video, Lucia is shown robbing a waffle restaurant with Jason, her accomplice. They are shown taking people hostage, and there is a meter counting down the time until the cops are dispatched. 

This video is in line with earlier Bloomberg reports that claimed that GTA 6 will have a female playable character and will be set in Vice City.

Another one of the videos shows a male player having a conversation with a few red-neck associates at the poolside. The dialogues are pretty similar to those in older GTA games, and the voice-acting quality is also quite similar. Therefore, this video is one of the most convincing out of the lot. There are other videos as well, which all look to be in-development footage as they have unfinished textures and models that need to be refined before the game is launched. 

An older GTA leak claimed that the game has been in developmental stages since 2014 and was initially codenamed Project Americas. The files containing the word Americas in their name are shown running on a PlayStation 4 dev kit. Therefore, they may be several years old and only leaked now.

There is no way of confirming whether or not the leaks are true because Rockstar has not commented on the validity. However, if older leaks are to be believed, the game will not be out until 2025, and a PC version will arrive even later. 

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