Animal Crossing: New Horizon Is Getting a Giant Guide Book 3 Years After Its Release

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Is Getting a Giant Guide Book 3 Years After Its Release

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a well-established and loved game in the Nintendo Switch community. The newest entry in the Animal Crossing franchise was released in March 2020, and since then, it has been met with universal praise. Fans and critics alike love this life simulation game, and because of this, it stands out as one of the hottest and best-selling games on the Switch even three years after its launch. 

For new users and for old, Future Press has decided to bring the fans an ultimate guide to the island for their adventures. Although the game has seen no significant changes, there have been frequent updates post-launch. Nintendo also introduced free patches that added features such as new locations, cooking, diving, and even a cafe, called the Brewster’s Cafe. In 2021, Animal Crossing: New Horizons even received a full-fledged DLC with the release of Happy Home Paradise. 

In this DLC, fans were introduced to a new story, new furniture, and even changes in the game’s design elements. Soon, all of these changes and everything that Animal Crossings: New Horizons has to offer will be documented in Future Press’ new guidebook. This will reportedly feature 700 pages containing everything fans could ever want from an Animal Crossing: New Horizons guidebook. It will include sections on all the content featured in the game, including the base game, the Happy Home Paradise content, and various seasonal events.

The guidebook is also expected to offer advice and information on the best ways to build their island. The release of this guidebook three years after the game’s initial launch shows the game’s longevity, considering it is still one of the most popular games on the Switch. The game was an instant success when it launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fans turned to it as a pastime and a creative outlet during trying times. 

New Hozion’s massive success made it the second-best-selling Switch game of all time. It still remains one of Nintendo’s best-selling games of all time, even three years later. It is also often seen on the monthly sales charts.

Although there has not been any new content from Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still popular as fans have sustained the game with their unique and inventive creations. The game uses elements from other games but recreates them to build a stunning interface that allows you to create intricate islands.

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