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New Warzone Bunker Locations – Where to Find The WW2 Bunkers

With the release of season 6, there are now even more ever bunker locations hidden all across the map. Now you have more hidden underground labyrinths from the 1940s filled with different kinds of weapons, loot, and other goodies that will help you proceed further in the game and excel. However, half the challenge is finding and accessing these bunkers, as they aren’t that easy to find.

It is important to note that the bunkers in Warzone are not crowded, because they are filled with loot, and if you get there late, you don’t have a huge advantage. Therefore, the earlier you get there, the better. That way, you can access all the money and the best guns available. Other than being a place to store loot, these bunkers are a great place to take cover. You can hide from your enemies or even camp here.

Read on to find out about the new warzone bunker locations and codes in Warzone.

The Three New Bunkers

WIth the updated Season 6, Warzone has added new bunkers to the map. There are a total of 3 different bunkers that you can find. The openings to these are located in these locations:

  • East of Airport
  • North-East of the Array
  • North-East of Boneyard

Like all other bunkers, these bunkers have two separate entrances that are marked by the signs. One is a rappel point, which is under stacked red shipping containers. The second opening is marked by a small fissure in the ground. You can drop down through this fissure to find a set of stairs. Therefore, bunker locations in Warzone are not well hidden.

Through these two openings, the bunkers are connected to the surface world and are, therefore, the only way you can access them. Inside the bunker, the surroundings are of the WW2 era as there are flags and ordinances. There is also an air vent that you can use to jump on other players who are nearby. 

The loot you will find in these bunkers is not very special, but it is modest at the same time. These bunkers, unlike those in the Modern Warfare era, do not have any warzone bunker codes or secrets that you get to uncover. 

Near Airport

Near Airport

The first of these three new bunkers are located on the East side of the airport. This bunker is hidden under the containers that are visible on the right-hand side. It is at the end of the runway near the tarmac and is surrounded by some grass. 

To get into this bunker, you will have to locate a fissure. This fissure is a bit south by southeast of the container and is marked on the map by a cluster of rocks that is closer to the roads. 

Near Boneyard

Near Boneyard

This bunker is extremely easy to find as it is near a red container, which is a trademark sign for bunkers. To find it, you have to leave the Boneyard by the Eastern entrances, and around halfway up, you will find it between the cluster of warehouses on the North-East side. Between these warehouses and Boneyard, the fissure, which is the entrance to the bunker, is located. It is also surrounded by a cluster of trees, which is also a tell-tale sign.

Near Array

Near Array

The third new bunker is located near the Array and towards the main structure’s northeast side. The exact location is a bit nondescript as there is grassland that overlooks a road, and there is a salt mine further towards the north. That is where the red container entrance is. 

The fissure crack entrance is beyond the road and towards the North-East to the Southside of some buildings. 

What is inside these Warzone bunkers?

Unlike other versions and eras, the Warzone bunkers in season 6 do not have any special loot that will change the trajectory of the game. However, all the loot you will find inside these bunkers is useful stuff that will help you along the way. These include chests, money, ammo, equipment, etc. 

Therefore, it is not better than any other gear pool you may find. But, in comparison, these new bunkers have a lot of loot, so many people can benefit from finding it. Thus, if you are nearby, it is worth checking out.

The design of these bunkers is quite atmospheric as the designers made sure to make it look like an actual WW2 bunker with flags and everything. Additionally, you need no access codes for warzone bunkers.

Warzone bunker codes

Many expect there to be special warzone bunker codes that you need to have to get into these bunkers. However, you do not require codes to get into any of them. There are no separate park bunker code, farmland bunker code, prison bunker code, prison shack codes, or tv station bunker codes that you need. They are open to the public and available for everyone to use. There are two entrance points to these bunkers, so as long as you can find them, you can get into the bunker and use their loot however you want. 

Other Changes in the New Warzone Map

Other than the addition of new bunkers, some other changes have also been made to the Warzone maps. There are new fissures and areas of destruction spread all across the map. 

There is the Downtown, which is a parliament building as a ‘Nakatomi Plaze’ that has survived and is intact for you to explore. There is also the Stadium, which has a fissure that runs through the car park and extends all the way into the stands. You can also find some minor fractures that are southeast of the Array and in the hospital. These are the Promenade East areas. 

Other than these changes, there are hidden bunkers and a lot more to see in Season 6. The addition of new places is a great tactic employed by the developers to keep the audience engaged in the game and to prepare the players for the Vanguard’s launch. 

Old Bunker details

Although Warzone has added new bunkers, the old bunkers are also worth checking out if you are in the vicinity. They are spread out across the map for you to find and take advantage of. In season 6, a few of these bunkers require codes to access and raid. Here are some of the Warzone bunkers available.

  1. South of Promenade West, on the coast. To find this bunker, you need to head down the cliff, and you will find the hidden spot.
  2. On the north of the go-cart track and southwest of Boneyard
  3. North of the previous bunker located north of the go-cart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  4. Through a trapdoor, next to the bunker above. 
  5. To the Southeast of Dam. This bunker is on the cliffs that are above the large Russian sign.
  6. This bunker is located on the west side of the Crash Site.
  7. The Far East of the map. This bunker is between Quarry and Lumber and above the train tunnel.
  8. This bunker is on the east of the TV station and northeast of the stadium. To get to this bunker, you need to find the trap door.
  9. On the opposite side of the upper bunker, you can head down the steps and find this bunker.
  10. On the northeast of the stadium, below the bridge, and into the cliff. There is a bunker for you to explore.
  11. To the south of Tavorsk park on the southern edge of Verdansks. There is another bunker filled with a lot. 

Non-keypad Warzone Bunkers

Warzone also consists of some non-keypad bunkers that have a lot of loot inside that you can take for yourself and avail. However, to get into these non-keypad bunkers, you will need Red Access Cards. These cards are not easy to come by and are usually hidden within legendary crates and not always. Just because you found a legendary crate does not mean that you are guaranteed a Red Access Card. 

However, this is not the only obstacle you will face. Getting to the bunker is also extremely difficult and dangerous. You will find that most players will gather near these non-keypad bunkers in hopes of getting in and grabbing the lot for themselves. Furthermore, people can also steal your card, so even if players don’t have a card, they are looking to steal someone else’s. 

Thus, getting into a non-keypad warzone bunker is fraught with challenges that you will have to face and overcome to get the loot hidden inside. 

Warzone bunker 11

Among the many different kinds of bunkers, bunker 11 is a bit different from the others. This Warzone bunker can be found northwest of the Military Base, and you do not need warzone codes to get into it. The loot inside is hard to get to since you will need to find a number and translate it to Russian. You can easily find an online translation that can work as a reference.

However, you don’t just have to find the phone number. You have to track down a phone that is playing a message in Russian, and it can be any of the phones marked by a blue icon. When you find the phone and have listened to its message, you can translate the Russian numbers.

The numbers are not the end of it. You will need to check the map to find the numbers and visit these places in order to hear the original message.​​

All Warzone bunker codes

Some bunkers from the older versions have been removed, but they may return in the future, which is why you should know all the bunker codes in warzone season 6 and locations so that you can access them when you need to. In the Cold War Reveal, bunkers were added that needed codes to be accessed. These were special bunkers apart from the original ones and therefore were considered more valuable. Here are all the bunker codes in Warzone.

  • Park bunker code warzone- 60274513
  • Prison bunker code- 72948531
  • Farmland- 49285163
  • TV Station- 27495810
  • South Junkyard- 97264138
  • North Junkyard- 87624851


Where can I find WW2 bunkers in Warzone?

In Warzone, WW2 bunkers are located near the Array. There are two entries into this bunker. The rappel entrance is located on the northeast of the Array. To find it, you need to look out for the red shipping containers that are a telltale sign and often hide the entrance. The fissure entrance into this bunker is further along the northwest side, nearer to the main road.

What is the code for Bunker 11?

In previous versions of the game, bunker 11 is located on the north of the map. It is more to the northwest of the military base and is accessible via a code. On the keypad, type in 346 to access it. There is a lot of loot that you can access in his bunker.

Where are the new underground bunkers in Season 2 of Warzone?

One of the new underground bunkers in Warzone Season 2 can be found on the Southeast of Lagoon in C6. This bunker is close to the edge of the water and is near a cluster of huts in the water. 

There is another bunker located in the west of the mines in D3. This bunker is on top of the hill, and there is a small water pool on the west of the large Mines Road.

Another bunker is located near the power plant in E8. This bunker is located in a hatch that is inside a cave and behind a waterfall that is near the power plant. 


New hidden bunkers are always a fun challenge that the players get to embark on as they play the game. It also keeps the game fun and enjoyable as everyone scrambles around to find the bunkers because you always want the best loot out there. With all the information above, you can get to the loot in these new hidden bunkers early and snag all of the good ones. 

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