10 Best Games Like It Takes Two

10 Best Games Like It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a cheerful platform game that has won the hearts of millions and has amassed an international fanbase. If you are playing it already, then the chances are that you have seen it; let’s play on gaming YouTube channels, Twitch Stream, or even live on Facebook.

Are you now searching for games similar to It Takes Two to widen your entertainment? You have come to the right place. First, let’s talk about the game itself. 

It Takes Two was created by an indie developer named Hazelight Studios. Electronic Arts picked up the game under their EA Originals initiative that finds new games from talented independent developers from around the world and assists them in capturing the larger audience these titles rightfully deserve.

Thus you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: the ingenuity and magic of indie creations such as Hollow Knight and an easier reach through EA’s highly established publishing network.

Whether you have played this game and it has awakened your thirst for great platformer games, or you want to watch some more “let’s play” while you wait for the next stream or episode of It Takes Two by your favorite content creator, this article will help you. We are looking at the best 13 platforming games like It Takes Two.

Identifying Games Like It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a multi-award-winner, including The Game of The Year by GoYT, Best Multiplayer, and Best Family Game. It has also scored the Better With Friends Award on Steam and the Best Multiplayer Game Award at the prestigious Golden Joystick.

To establish a more precise understanding of what makes this game so great, let’s examine its standout elements, which will also help us identify games that are similar to It Takes Two.

  • Endearing story: We believe that the strongest component of It Takes Two is its endearing story, which is also earnest and manages to tug on the heartstrings of millions of people worldwide.

You really get a sense of the love and passion that has gone into creating this fantastic game as you and your loved one play as either Cody or May, who is about to get a divorce. An accidental magic spell cast by the couple’s daughter turns them into rag dolls; now, they must cooperate in returning to their normal human state while saving their relationship.

  • Tone: The game’s setting has a whimsical tone, but the storyline is full of character and personality. The story revolves around relationships, love, trust, parenthood, separations, and characterization.
  • Co-op gameplay: The game is an action-adventure platformer type. Therefore, it is available online, in co-experience, or locally as a couch split-screen game. 
  • Dynamic mechanics: The game is famous for its regular new mechanics updates across its nine chapters. Other games inspire these mechanics; however, they combine well with the story and theme of each level.
  • Skills: The titular duo, Cody and May, get new skills on every level. For example, May has the ability to replicate herself at some point, and Cody becomes capable of rewinding time. You have to incorporate the skills to overcome creative in-game challenges, obstacles, and mini-games.
  • Puzzles: Similarly, you solve new puzzles in every episode, in every area. The player has to interact with the environmental elements, use available skills, and research the area to solve the challenges.
  • Creative design: The game takes creativity to a whole new level. You can even ally with a group of sewer rats in this magical world.
  • Friend’s Pass: Having a second player to play It Takes Two with you is unnecessary as long as you have the Friend’s Pass. With this pass, you can invite any friend to pay with you, no matter if they have the game or not.

If you want to enjoy the best combo of hilarious, fun, and disruptive along with love, friendship, and relationships, you will get it all and more in It Takes Two.

Our top criteria for looking for the best games similar to It Takes Two are the games that offer the best mix between gameplay and storytelling. The games should be an engaging story and a dynamic action-adventure / platformer gameplay.

10 Top Games Similar To It Takes Two

  1. 1. Minecraft
  2. 2. Gears 5
  3. 3. Portal 2
  4. 4. Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
  5. 5. Kirby And The Forgotten Land
  6. 6. Cuphead
  7. 7. Monster Hunter Rise
  8. 8. Guacamelee!
  9. 9. Rayman Legends
  10. 10. Unravel 2

1. Minecraft


We have decided to add Minecraft to this list even though it doesn’t necessarily belong to the puzzle-platformer genre, so let us explain! This game takes creation suites to a whole different level, which really ignites creativity that you can even use to develop platforming stages of your own complete with puzzles and enemies.

In the fantastic world of Minecraft, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do using your imagination. Minecraft has been on the scene for over ten years, which means many creative minds have already made some magnificent creations.

And for those who are creatively inclined, Minecraft offers a vast world to explore alone and with friends, as you collect resources, fight enemies and discover and conquer new biomes and villages and buildings.

2. Gears 5

Gears 5

Gears 5 is another game that is all about players working together, just like It Takes Two, so if you want to succeed, communication and teamwork are essential. If you and your friend love action, Gears 5 has plenty to offer with its impressive combat areas.

Players have to take up different roles and work with each other by fulfilling their duties if they want to bring down the enemy. Helping each other is the only way to get things done, which is the same content model as It Takes Two. Only a single player has to own a copy of the game for the other to join and play.

Although It Takes Two does not lean as heavily on combat as Gear 5 does, they offer a similar thrill and excitement. Both games are beautiful to look at, so you can take some stunning screenshots if that’s your thing.

3. Portal 2

Portal 2

If you are looking for a co-op game that is excellent in its own right, we recommend that you try Portal 2. The developers of the Portal series, Valve, took all the best elements of the first installment, added new and more exciting co-op features and took everything else up a few notches to provide one of the top co-op puzzle games ever.

The main focus of the Portal 2 game is players working together, and we love that this element has not been added as just an option or an afterthought. The gameplay and levels are ingeniously designed, and the writing of this installment is even better than the last game.

Yet, the most beloved characters from the original are still present and relevant. Valve has certainly excited us about what would be next in the Portal game series.

4. Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Anyone who is into gaming knows about the Final Fantasy series and its multiple spin-offs and editions, but among them, all Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin stands out for its uniqueness. Although you can play this game alone and having someone to play with isn’t necessary, we and many others like us agree that this version is better as a multiplayer experience.

You can create online rooms that can be private and password protected or public for anyone to join in on the fun. You can ask up to two players to help you beat Chaos.

The cooperative mode works well, and it feels like the developers really wanted this Final Fantasy adventure to be a memorable experience for players that enjoy multiplayer games.

5. Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

If you’re searching for a wholesome gaming experience comparable to It Takes Two, check out Kirby And The Forgotten Land for fun, colorful, and deep gameplay. This is a different Kirby adventure that nothing like you have ever experienced in the franchise.

The cute pink puffball Kirby has teamed up with their adorable friend Bandana Waddle Dee to fight against equally endearing enemies in a 3D-styled world. If you like the look of Super Mario Odyssey, then Kirby And The Forgotten Land will surely please you.

This game is more laid-back compared to some of the other games on this list. It is the perfect game for a chill hangout with a friend to help you in this enjoyable game with another Pro Controller or Joycon.

6. Cuphead


If you are fond of classic cartoons, especially from the 1930s, you will surely enjoy the 2D side-scrolling platformer gameplay of Cuphead. The game offers unique and engaging gameplay; no matter if you talk about the boss battles or how the puzzles are performed, you will enjoy every bit of the game. Keep in mind that Cuphead is a challenging game to play.

If you want to level up the difficulty, you should team yourself with another player via couch co-op or multiplayer. After the team up, the boss’s health doubles, and everything gets turned to eleven. Cuphead helps improve quick thinking as you have to make rapid and wise decisions to survive.

7. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

If you are familiar with Monster Hunter World, you will enjoy the online co-op of Rising. You can team up with your friends to defeat the massive beasts. You have to enter an online lobby and invite the people from the user’s Friends List to invite your friends. Your friends can join the game and provide you with the necessary back up against the mighty beasts.

No matter if you hunt solo or team up with your friends, you will surely have an incredible time hunting on Monster Hunter Rise. We do recommend teaming up as it adds an element of coordination to the gameplay. The only con about the co-op is that you can only play with people on the same platform (no matter if you are playing on Switch or PC).

8. Guacamelee!


Guacamelee is one of the best team-up 2D action platformers. We love the fact that Guacamelee has a gradual learning curve, so it is accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of their gaming skill level. You can have hours of fun while you revisit areas in Guacamelee to unlock secrets.

Once you get a grasp of how to combo properly, the combat becomes highly impactful and fluid. Guacamelee stands out for its outstanding art display, rich world, interesting characters, and engaging boss battles. Guacamelee gives a tough run to triple-A games and assures that indie games are also worth a try.

9. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

The best way to enjoy Rayman Legend to the maximum is to play with a friend. Rayman Legends is a simple game to learn; it’s all about maintaining the player’s momentum. The levels are designed to trip up players, making timing all the more crucial.

Once you get into the game, the difficulty and complexity increase with every level. The game becomes more abstract, and finding the same style elsewhere becomes challenging. As compared to other platformers, we love that Rayman Legends’ world changes, so gamers always have new challenges and tasks to enjoy. a

10. Unravel 2

Unravel 2

If you are into multiplayer games, you will enjoy Unravel 2. Another popular co-op-centric platformer game developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by EA. The highly engaging storyline centers on two small creatures made of yarn called Yarnys.

The Yarneys travel through a world filled with beauty and danger every step of the way. You will enjoy every bit of the Yarneys’ journey as they face scary animals, navigate around sharp objects, and survive harsh weather conditions. Yarneys are together yet apart as they are connected with a connective thread that keeps them together and helps them run, jump, and swing to defeat challenging situations. The Yarneys must care for one another to make it to their final destination. 


We hope that our list of 10 best It Takes Two similar games help you find a game with a similar (if not better) storyline and gameplay.

Did your favorite game like It Takes Two make it to our list? If not, please share your favorite It Takes Two alternative with Reviewsed in the comments.

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