Tekken 7 Tier List

Tekken 7 Tier List

Fighting games have always been in the rage, and there is no game that has consistently remained on top of that genre other than ‘Tekken 7.’ The way Tekken 7 consistently keeps the attention of the audience is by having a slew of characters. Additionally, you, as the players, manage to always keep things interesting by using new techniques and different ways to play the available characters.

As much as this is an advantage, it creates little concern in the community. With lower-level characters beating those at the top using new and innovative techniques, the gamer is left with a question. What are the best characters in Tekken 7? How do they fit into the Tekken 7 ranks?

Everyone wants to win the game, and as no character is made equal, you need to have the best of the best to win. Unlike in Tekken one, Tekken 7 has characters that are more advanced than ever. Some of the characters combine out-of-this-world abilities to create a deadly combination. Characters like these are virtually unbeatable.

To make the process of completing the game easier for you. We have combined a tier list of Tekken characters. With this, you can make informed decisions about your character choice and the techniques you wish to use. Above all, you can experience one of the best competitive fighting games in all its glory.

Ranks in this tier list:

Tekken 7 is well known for having a perfect balance of fighters. There is almost a balance of characters in each of the tiers. Hence, it all comes down to your skill. With such a balance of gameplay and characters, one might assume that arranging them in a tier might be difficult, but that is not the case. We have devised a tiered ranking that can easily form Tekken ranks. From there, we broke down the characters into different categories based on their power and abilities. 

Here are the rankings:

S Tier: These are the best of the best characters. The fighters in this category are geared with powerful moves paired with impressive combos that make the fighters top-notch. Defeating these characters is not an easy task. Your opponent will have to have a character from the S tier too.

A Tier: The A-tier characters in the Tekken tier list are not to be taken lightly. They are strong characters who possess an arsenal of combos and moves that can be deadly if the opponent has weaker characters. They are not as strong as the S-tier characters regardless; these characters are definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

B Tier: The characters in the B tier are good fighters. They are nowhere near as powerful as those in the S and A tier. In their own regard, they are strong characters. These fighters have a few weaknesses here and there. Regardless, they are still difficult for those in the lower tier to defeat. However, the weaknesses that they do have may prove fatal if their opponent is in the A or S tier. 

C Tier: C-tier characters are average fighters. They are not extraordinary, nor are they terrible. They can fare well in a fight provided that you do not use them against those in the tiers above them. These characters are not difficult to defeat, so you can use them to build up your skill when you start out playing Tekken 7. However, in later stages of the game, they may prove to be a liability due to their lack of combos and abilities. 

D Tier: Those characters who fall in the D tier are not great fighters. They are weak and easy to defeat by characters in the tiers above them. However, they possess a few surprise moves that can catch the opponent off guard. Hence, they are not completely useless in that regard. 

Tier S

Akuma- Akuma is an ace at burst damage. The damage he dishes out with his attacks can be overwhelming. He can lead you to victory with ease. It is important to note that Akuma is a riskier fighter due to the high skill cap that he possesses.

Fahkumram- Fahkumram is well known for being the complete package among all the characters in Tekken 7. His attacks are strong, and there are many combos that he can do, which makes him by far the best character out there. Best of all, he does not require a lot of effort from the player. 

Geese- Geese’s specialty is bridge combos. The move Moonslicer allows Geese to take the top spot among Tekken 7 fighters. Simply put, it’s a great move for setting up and bridging combinations. So Geese can attack their opponent without fear of being punished.

Julia- Julia is well known for the neutral game she plays with added dizzying mix-ups that spices up the game. This means that Julia’s play has the hardest skill cap in the game. She can be deadly if you put in hours at the lab.

Leroy- Leroy fights hard, yet his hits are accurate and safe. This combination makes him one of the best Tekken 7 characters on this entire list. Such gameplay makes him one of the ideal choices of players of all skill sets. You will often encounter him in competitive matches, and be sure to be ready. He surely won’t be easy to defeat. 

Steve- With an unorthodox way of fighting, Steve’s character has a learning curve. Once mastered, he makes use of fast punching and decent combos to make his mark on the fight. Due to his interesting mix of abilities, he is one of the best offensive players you can find out there on the field. 

Tier A

Tier A

Marduk- Marduk is Tier A’s star rush down fighter. He drops all the moves and combos and instead moves in with tackles. This quirk makes him a great offensive fighter that will catch your opponent off guard. It puts pressure on the opponent, and that can be your window to victory. Your opponent will have a very hard time beating Marduk in a battle, especially if they come from a lower tier.  

Jin- Jin is another all-rounder that truly hits all the abilities of a good fighter. He possesses all the tools one might need to succeed. However, he is difficult to master. So, that is something you might want to keep in mind. 

Dragunov– Dragunov is a master at moves, grappling, and combos which is why he is a great fighter among all the other Tekken players. His moves are deadly. Additionally, the oppressive nature of his combos puts him in a league of his own. Additionally, his grappling ability is also formidable. He is a great fighter but not the best when compared to others.

Bryan- Bryan has mastered short and strong attacks, and that is what sets him apart from the rest. Because of his skill set, he is a much better fighter when he fights up close and personal with his opponents. He is the best when he corners his opponents against a wall.

Kazumi- Kazumi’s forte is committal moves. These moves work best when the two fighters are closer together. Kazumi’s tools allow her to approach the enemy and come out victorious. This 

approach is what sets her apart. Her damage output from combos is a bit lacking, though. 

Jack 7- Well known for being slow but strong, Jack 7 can get rid of your opponent swiftly and with ease. That depends on the strength of the other character, of course, but he definitely does not go down without a fight.

Claudio- Claudio is a mid-range fighter that has a good offense tactic. He fights by baiting the opponent. When they fall for his bait, he turns around and attacks them. He has a Starburst attack that is extremely useful in such fights.

Tier B

Tier B

Devil Jin- Devil Jin is a solid offensive and defensive fighter that makes him a worthwhile fighter. He also has the ability to buff himself with electrical attacks. This is a huge bonus for him and you as a player.

Eliza- Eliza is an ace at projectiles, speed, and power. She makes use of all of these tools to win. Her skills, although impressive, are not enough. Her highs and lows are not on the same level as others. This flaw makes her one-dimensional when placed in a competitive setting.

Heihachi- Heihachi has quick lows paired with launchers. These abilities allow him to have an overwhelming offense. The downside is that a lot of his moves are telegraphed. This flaw can be fatal against stronger fighters and can lead you to lose a battle.

Josie- Josie is well known to be a hard-hitting fighter who is quick and on her toes. She is quite easy to use and is a favorite among the newbies. However, this simplicity is not favorable in a competitive match.

Kazuya– Kazuya has Commital moves in his arsenal that make him a hard and sure fighter. This can be a disadvantage as it may make him a bit vulnerable in the face of some combos. Skill can take you a long way with this character, and you can do serious damage. 

Lee- With his unpredictable moves, Lee is a danger in battle. He is not as fast as the others, but his moves will surprise the opponent, and you might just end up winning the match. 

Lidia Sobieska- Lidia Sobieska does great at pressurising the opponet. Her specialty is putting them in weird situations that they have not experienced before. Hence, it throws them into a bit of a rut. The only downside to her is that is linear, but skill from the gamer’s hand can surely cover it up.

Tier C

Tier C

Alisa- Alisa has poking tools and mix-ups on hand, which allows her to fight well in a battle. These abilities go very well with her movements and can do some damage. The damage, however, isn’t a lot. Everything else about her, however, is great.

Master Raven- Master Raven’s character has a range of attacks that he can pull out whenever needed. Additionally, safe teleports and quick movements are also something that makes her formidable in a battle. The only lacking in her character is that the damage isn’t a lot.

Negan- Negan displays a range of moves that may catch the opponent off guard if they aren’t paying close attention. He is more of an attacker and prefers outright damage instead of backing the opponent into a corner like some other fighters.

Eddy- In a battle, Eddy displays a flashy capoeira style of fighting. This makes his character so much fun to play with and to watch. Victory is not easy with Eddy, unfortunately. His offensive and defensive tools are a bit lacking. Hence, it is hard to put pressure on the opponent with his subpar attacks.

Xiaoyu- Xiaoyu is a technical fighter that has quick strikes, which are invaluable in a battle. These strikes work well to throw off the opponent and work as evasion options.

Asuka- Asuka is a defensive punisher fighter who is extremely easy to use. However, one downside to her character is that her ceiling is comparably lower than other fighters. 

Bob- Bob is an all-rounder and is fast too. This allows him to be an easy-to-play fighter and is perfect for beginners who want to sharpen their skills. He is decent at both poking and punishing.

Tier D

Tier D

Lars- Lars is well known for having the flashiest combos of them all. They might not be the best of them all, but there is no denying that they are not extremely enjoyable to watch. He is not the easiest fighter to use because of the lack of defensive options. But if you are skilled, you can surely wield him effectively.

Hwoarang- Hwoarang is a solid fighter but hard to use hence his low placement. Even though he has a vast move list, there is not a lot of skill which makes using him a bit difficult. He is not as quick as the others, but his kicks are the best when used after his poking punches. 

Katarina- Katarina is a simple fighter. There is nothing flashy about her, and her movies are straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which characters are the greatest in the Tekken 7-tier ranking?

Akuma,  Leroy, Geese Howard, and Paul are the most strong characters in Tekken 7. These fighters have a wide range of powerful skills and move combinations that will provide them an advantage over other players.

2. Who is the Greatest Beginner Character?

We’d go with Kazumi. She possesses solid move combos that can leave her opponent guessing, as well as excellent movement choices and simple inputs. Noctis is also a good choice, but your abilities with him will not transfer to other characters on the roster.

3. Which Tekken 7 characters are regarded as mediocre?

Devil Jin,  Fahkumram, Dragunov, Ganryu, and Jin are among the least impressive characters in Tekken 7. These characters do have some decent abilities, but they lack the necessary power and combos to be truly powerful.

4. What Is the Distinction Among Low and High Execution?

Low execution indicates that the character has basic movements that are straightforward to execute. Combinations are also included. High execution, on the other hand, will frequently require the player to enter complex combos or adhere to tight, odd timings.

5. How frequently does the Tekken 7-tier list get updated?

The Tekken 7 tier list is revised on a regular basis to reflect game improvements. This tier list would be updated as more characters are introduced, and others’ skills are tweaked.

6. What is the distinction between S and D-tier characters?

The best fighters in Tekken 7 are S-tier characters with tremendous capabilities and move combinations that can quickly demolish opponents. D-tier characters, on the contrary, are the game’s weakest combatants, needing more OP moves or combinations to be genuinely effective.

7. You crammed a ton of DLC characters onto the S-Tier. Is Tekken 7 a pay-to-win game?

Unfortunately, to some extent, yes. You can win with just about any character, but you’ll want to practice with others in Practice Mode to master their moves. You can only do this once you purchase them.


Among the Tekken 7 roster, this article has listed all the characters in order of their skillset and damage abilities. Such a list is invaluable for beginners who might not know all the nuances of the Tekken character list. 

However, even experts can benefit from this as there might be a certain battle they want to win and just don’t know which character will be the best for it. This tier list hold up for characters from all of Tekken 7. Yes, even Tekken 7 Season 5. 

We hope this Tekken 7 tier list solves all those issues.

Happy Playing!

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