Brawlhalla Tier List

Brawlhalla Tier List

Brawlhalla is very much like other gatcha and freemium games of its category, but it’s still distinct in so many aspects. Users can relish Brawlhalla characters and their full cross-plays through either the free mode or a paid mode. This paid mode makes Brawlhalla unique as it allows players to induce new features, including new skin and characters.

Additionally, Brawlhalla’s gameplay also stands out in comparison to games of the same genre. Unlike others, Brawlhalla doesn’t only focus on party management but also demands player skills and familiarity to the mix. However, this doesn’t mean you skip its tier list as irrelevant.

Though player skills are crucial, it is important to understand that Brawlhalla’s current meta revolves around characters with an advantage over others. This is where our brawlhalla tier list will come into play. Starting from the best brawlhalla characters to just the average ones, our list will help you choose the perfect squad for yourself.

Tier-S: Kings of the Playing Field

Tier-S: Kings of the Playing Field

No matter what the situation of the playing field is, these legends will dominate in almost every game, and they have the win rates to prove it. Legends of the S-Tier aren’t just good performers but are relatively easy-to-master Brawlhalla characters. They all are definitely worth investing your time and efforts in.


Half bear and half-shark, Mako is the only dangerous female character in the entire game. Mako wields Katars and Greatswords while fighting her opponents in the field. She comes with excellent strength and dexterity, earning her a place in the top tier. 

If you are looking forward to outsmarting most of your foes in Brawlhalla, the Mako character is your best bet. 


Jaeyun is our second favorite character of Brawlhalla because he rocks the combination of a regular and a greatsword. Jaeyun is the easiest to get used to and one of the game’s most balanced characters. If you want to have a character with excellent dexterity, high-attack combo attacks, great strength, and speed, Jaeyun is a perfect match. 


Thor, the God of Thunder’s brilliant versatility, makes him sit in the S-Tier. The characters use the unique Orb and Mjölnir for his offense. Though Thor possesses an average play speed, no one can beat him when it comes to defense, dexterity, and strength. Thor usually wields his hammer to attack his foes and pull them nearer to manifest his intense combos. 


Looking for close and ranged combat efficiency? Look no further than the Koji legend of Brawlhalla. He wields an arrow and bow to make perfect ranged engagements and his swinging sword to output quick attacks on the enemies who reach close. 


The dexterous legend of our S-tier list, Sentinel, makes use of a hammer and katars. Not only does he have excellent speed, but he also has versatility in his attacks. Thus, no character is better than Sentinel when it comes to attacking and retreating. The character also houses incredible defense stats, meaning that a punch or two will never have any problems.


You won’t come across a more solid character than Magyar. No matter how much force the foes exert, Magyar will keep on standing like a rock. The character packs the highest defense statistics compared to every single Brawlhalla legend. This also accounts for him being the best tank character of the game. Want to withstand even the strongest attack of your enemy? Magyar is the best choice.  


Though not as ferocious as Mako, Onyx is another female gargoyle of the Brawlhalla game who wields a cannon to blast off her enemies no matter how far they are and gauntlets to crush them while they are close. Just like her robust looks, Onyx has decent strength and fantastic defense, dexterity, and speed. 


Texas is the most incredible Minotaur of the Brawlhalla realm, and he uses an axe and hammer for his offense. Though Texas is a little slow, the shortcoming is compensated with his overwhelming strength and dexterity stats. 

Tier-A: Excellent Brawlhalla Characters

Tier-A: Excellent Brawlhalla Characters

These are excellent alternatives to the best Brawlhalla characters mentioned in the above tier, with no notable shortcomings so far. With good mastering practice, you can easily promote these legends to the Tier-S with your efforts.

Wu Shang

A monk who travels around and masters combatting skills. He uses spears and gauntlets for offense, an incredible combination of weapons for making close to mid-range attacks. The character’s dexterity is excellent, and he combats his foes using multiple different techniques. 

Up Till the last Brawlhalla’s meta, Wu Shang was a superb contender for the Tier-S group, but now his pace falls a little short for that. 


Housing blasters and gauntlets, Cross is a mighty Brawlhalla legend with the highest strength amongst all Tier-A characters. But, his massive strength comes at the cost of his dexterity and speed.


Barraza has incredible attack and tank characteristics, a Brawlhalla legend that you could easily yield as a hybrid character. His favourite weapons of attack are axes and blasters, perfect for close to mid-range fights. He could have been a solid contender for the S-Tier, but his dexterity is severely low for the running Brawlhalla meta. 


After Jaeyun, Bödvar is the most balanced legend of Brawlhalla. Along with a regular sword, Bödvar uses a hammer to squish his foes. He is best in terms of attacking enemies who get too close to him. He uses his hammer to pull the opponent close and then slice them with his sword for mid-range fights. 


Gnash is a cave dweller who wields brute force for attacking his enemies. He creates this force with the help of a grapple hammer and spear, great weapon choices for mid to long-range combatting. Gnash is an overall perfect long-range attacking fighter with amazing strength and surprising great speed, but he severely lacks dexterity. 


Kor is very much like Onyx from the S-Tier and uses identical weapons to outclass his foes. If you search for a legend who could easily squish the enemies in close combat, Kor is an ideal character for that. Kor is also best for targeting enemies that attack from a distance, as he pulls them by his hammer and smashes them with the gauntlet. Overall, Kor is a perfect legend of Brawlhalla but somewhat lacks in speed. 


After Cross, Scarlet is the best A-Tier character in terms of strength. Using a hammer and a rocket lance, Scarlet exerts a pretty hard hit on her foes. However, extra strength comes at the cost of a slower pace, which is exactly the case with Scarlet. 

Tier-B: Average Brawlhalla Characters 

Tier-B: Average Brawlhalla Characters

We now come on to the Brawlhalla characters, which are slightly less competitive than the tier-A ones. The downside that almost all of them have in common is that they are relatively hard to learn and thus won’t do wonders for users who require strength at the start of their Brawlhalla experience. 

Veterans of the Brawlhalla realm who are practising the B-Tier characters for a long time know what gems these legends are. 


The female legend Cassidy is a US Marshal turned fugitive who hails from the Wild Wild West. The character’s most preferred weapons are hammers and blasters that she together uses to kill distant enemies. Cassidy has incredible strength and dexterity, and she can destroy her foes easily in the field. Her shortcoming lies in the defense and speed department.


The most powerful B-Tier character in terms of dexterity, Asuri is a night stalker with immense versatility of attacking from the air or ground. For this quality, Asuri is an ideal pick for the players who want characters who do wonders when using the sword and katar combination. Asuri could have earned a spot in the A-Tier but lacks a bit in the strength sector. 


Yumiko is half-spirit and half-Valkyrie, and she equips a bow and arrow and a grapple hammer while combating her foes in the field. She is a good choice for users who want to attack enemies from a distance while staying out of trouble. 

This is because Yumiko has superb dexterity and speed but falls short of decent attack characteristics. If Brawlhalla manages to tweak a bit of Yumiko’s attack qualities, she is potent enough to make a way in the S-Tier too. 


Though Orion’s first impression, especially in the armor, will surely convince you that he is just a usual knight, he is far mightier than that. In our B-Tier of the Brawlhalla tier list, his character is the most balanced of all. 

Users need a lot of patience to master Orion’s playstyle, but once you get a good grip of his attacks and defense techniques, you can easily take this legend to the top-tier. 

Orion fills in this shortcoming by equipping a spear and a rocket lance and spear so that players don’t need to work a lot to relish his basic features. 


An average four-armed hunter wields orbs to render mild damage to enemies and guns as his primary weapon. The characters have decent dexterity stats, which makes him an excellent gunslinger. However, is gun attacks are also not as devastating as a user requires to compete well in Brawlhalla’s current meta

Brawlhalla: Support and Game Modes

Playable on various platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, Brawlhalla is a game which will pique your desire to win without having to  pay — yes, you do not spend even a single dime. This 2D platformer combat game is intended to be free forever, with zero pay-to-win incentives or in-game purchases.

Created by Blue Mammoth Games and distributed by Ubisoft, Brawlhalla players can include up to four participants. They can discover and relish team games, custom sessions, and even local play choices. Brawlhalla currently has five gametypes: Arcade, Local Match, Online, Custom Online, and Training.

Brawlhalla: FAQs

Q: Is the Brawlhalla game only pay-to-win?

A: No. And we don’t see this changing anytime soon, and it could also never happen at all (as the developers promised). In this game, only one thing you have to spend on is aesthetic reasons, so hey, if another skin gives you the feeling of being more powerful than those who use generic skins, why not?!

Q: Why is my Legend character stuck in mid-air after an attack?

A: It is not a bug; it is a gaming mechanic called Gravity Canceling. It is possible to accomplish this by neutral dodging as you are in the air but then neutralizing it with a strike.

Q: How many Legends are currently there in Brawlhalla?

A: So, the last time we looked, the game had 54 Legends. The game’s developers are constantly improving it, and more Legends may be added in the future.

Q: How can you increase levels in Brawlhalla?

A: Every match earns you experience points (XP). This XP can be utilized to level up either the account as well as the Legends you use during the match. The level is limited to 100. Leveling up grants you equipment or gold coins that you’re able to use to buy more items.

Q: What are the different Rankings in Brawlhalla?

A: There are presently six tiers: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Tin. They are featured in the competitive play mode “Ranked,” in which players compete (1v1 or 2v2) on a randomly generated map. At the end of each season, participants who’ve already played more than ten games will receive a Ranked Avatar depending on their highest season rank.. 

Final Words

With this Brawlhalla Tier list and a lot of effort put in by your side, you are surely on the right way to commence victory after victory in the intense Brawlhalla realm. The characters mentioned above were assorted as per their overall performance, the practice they require to yield to their fullest, and the outcome a user finally gets. 

However, the crux of everything at the end is that no matter what character you choose to send in the main arena, everyone one of them needs a good input of efforts and time by your end. The more time you invest in getting familiar with their playstyle, the more the Brawlhalla characters will taste sweeter to you. 

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