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How To Unlock Every Character In Risk Of Rain 2

After introducing a 1.0 Launch Update and four consecutive expansions, Risk of Rain 2 has expanded its survivor collection considerably. Now with more than ten massive characters to select from, Risk of Rain 2 houses a horde of playability for third-person shooters who can control this extreme rogue-lite.

Not all Risk of Rain 2 characters are accessible at the start of the game, though. Players initiate with just the Huntress and Commando. However, as they continue spawning dangerous creatures and move up the level ladder, the rest of the ROR2 characters are unlocked.

The process is slow, but the reward is huge, as each character unlocked comes with potent abilities that keep Risk of Rain 2 as exciting as it is. Bundled with tremendous combat skills, each character offers an endless number of playstyles for you to avail.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to unlock Risk of Rain’s 2 main characters and give an overview of how each one of them plays.



How to Unlock: Unlocked by default.

Long-time Risk of Rain enthusiasts will recognize Commando at once, the key protagonist from the first tier. This time in ROR2, he is the first playable survivor by default. Sporting a brand-new 3D model, Commando is a solid player who’ll go with you till you decide to replace him with the next character unlocked. 

He has a quick and easy-to-use basic attack. The character has a short cooldown and effective abilities, for instance, the dodge maneuver to help get him out of danger. His secondary skill-set is decent for striking many enemies, all at once.



How to Unlock: Pass the first teleporter level 5 times

He is unlocked after you pass the first teleporter level at least five times. These five wins aren’t necessary to be in the same run. Players intending to unlock MUL-T must knock the boss and move to the second zone to go ahead further.

MUL-T can interchange between his two very unique styles as per the situation. His first type of attack, the short-range nail gun, proves great for controlling the crowd in case the enemies are near. The other one is a long-range sniper, perfect for targeting distant enemies. 

This character also has a speed dash which he employs to get away from opponents instantly. The Cluster grenades in MUL-T’s arsenal prove great for stunning enemies.



How to Unlock: By Default 

Just a year back, unlocking the Huntress character required players to win the ‘Warrior’ challenge successfully by clearing three in a single run. However, this way of unlocking has since been assigned to another character, with Huntress now accessible by default.

Risk of Rain’s 2 Huntress is by far the only character with the highest DPS. By high DPS, we mean the damage rendered to the opponent in each unit of time. With this, Huntress has strong area damage and the ability to shoot enemies while sprinting. She can sprint and bounce her foes off up to six times.

This character also possesses a very unique attack that suspends her in the air, allowing Huntress to get out of danger when there are too many enemies around. 



How to Unlock: Complete three stages without dying (Warrior Challenge) 

Players can unlock the Risk of Rain’s 2 Bandit if they successfully pass the Warrior challenge. This means you have to survive three consecutive stages without dying or getting severely harmed. However, make sure you activate the teleporter and defeat the boss before assuming yourself eligible for the Warrior challenge. 

You can do this in any setting, either with a multiplayer party or playing solo. If you’re struggling to get to the final stage, try playing with the difficulty setting bumped down to ‘Easy.’ Coming to Bandit’s huge array of powers, the character houses immense abilities, including Backstab, Serrated Dagger, Burst, and Smoke Bomb.



How to Unlock: Complete 30 stages

You are required to pass 30 stages to unlock the Risk of Rain 2 Engineer. Your success is observed from not just one but all games. It’s on you whether you choose to run the first stage 30 times to unlock it, also passing 10 3rd-stage runs, or anything alike. If you want to unlock the Engineer character quickly, keep an eye on teleporter events and play on ‘Drizzle.’

Known for his defense-oriented tactics, Risk of Rain’s 2 Engineer keeps a wide arsenal of tools at his disposal. You are required to adopt a more strategic play style and manage time nicely in order to make the most out of him. Try choosing mines, shields, and dual-turrets with this character to take down enemies more effectively and help your squad survive.



How to Unlock: Free her with 11 Lunar Coins 

Unlocking Artificer is by far the most annoying Risk of Rain 2 character unlock process. The character demands Lunar Coins to unveil something that’s hardly collected via slain monsters. Ten Lunar coins are needed to buy Artificer from the Newt shop and one more to free her from the Bazaar Merchant.

Once the deal is done, you’ll be able to utilize the horde of super-powerful abilities of Artificer. She is a ranged caster class, strong enough to deal with large areas of effect and elemental damage. 



How to Unlock: Obliterate yourself at the Risk of Rain 2 Celestial Portal (True Respite)

There is just one way to unveil the Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary, and that is to complete the True Respite challenge. As per this challenge, players are required to obliterate themselves after fulfilling four different tasks. First, all players need to continue clearing stages in a single run until the game cycles back to the initial stage.

The next requirement is to enter the Celestial Portal. This will transport you to a place where you’ll have to tackle a jumping puzzle to reach the bottom. There you’ll come across an enormous pillar. Interact with it, and your character will instantly obliterate, unlocking the Melee character, Mercenary, for you. 

Mercenary is an amazing choice for anyone who likes close-range combat. Thanks to his attacking sword, Mercenary players can easily beat grouped enemies as well as take part in boss fights. 



How to Unlock: Power REX with a Fuel Array in the Abyssal Depths stage

For unlocking this character, you are required to power up REX while playing the stage of Abyssal Depths. For powering him, a Fuel Array is needed. This is a battery pack that can be escorted from escape pods through multiple stages. For instance, the Fuel Array is kept adjacent to your escape pod in the first stage. 

Once you have collected the Fuel array, keep it safe with you for use in the final stage. However, you need to be careful with it as the Fuel array tends to explode if at any time your character’s health lowers to 50%. The explosion will instantly kill your character and end the run. 

Hence, we recommend you to play as carefully as possible, making sure to keep any healing and defensive packs you come across during the run. After finally reaching the last stage (the Abyssal Depths), use jumping jets and immediately get to the top of the stage. There, you’ll find Rex lying on a small platform. Insert the Fuel Array into him and unlock. 

Rex is a good crowd managing player, with a high-risk play style. A few of his moves are super techy and might wipe much of his health when you utilize them. However, the bright side is that they render tons of damage if used in the right way. 



How to Unlock: Defeat the Alloy Worship Unit 

Defeating the Alloy Worship Unit in the Siren’s Call stage is the only way to unlock Loader. However, you can only beat the boss if Siren’s Call is your final visited stage. This means users have to either continue playing till they get fortunate enough to access Siren’s Call or reach it after completing the third stage.

After reaching the fourth stage, start demolishing every Blue Vulture egg nest in sight till you manage to trigger the Alloy Worship Unit, forcing the Boss to come out. Defeat the boss, and the Loader will be unlocked for you. 


The Risk of Rain 2 rogue-lite is a flawless 3D version of the 2D side-scroller it’s based on and is an exciting and fun third-person shooter as well. However, you can only reap the fullest of this thriller if each of its 10 playable characters gets unlocked. 

With our ROR2 character unlock guide, we hope you are fully aware of unlock all the worthy characters. The crux, however, is to follow every detail carefully, so you quickly pass each stage and swell your collection of characters in no time. 

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