Smite god Tier List

Top 15 Smite god Tier List & Tier Descriptions

If you are passionate about gaming, then you must have heard about the sensational game SMITE. SMITE offers enthralling gameplay that is easy to be hooked on, which is also a reason why so many people of different ages love it.

For the last 8 seasons, Smite has only grown bigger and better. Today it has one of the largest global fan bases. Only recently, the 8th season was launched, and with it came a new wave of championships and tournaments with amazing prizes.

To make things even more exciting for its players, the developers introduce new characters every season just to keep the players entertained and on their toes. In today’s article, we will be looking at the Game Truth SMITE season 8 tier list.

Nevertheless, before we start, let us answer a few pressing basic questions about the game and its origins.

What is Smite?

Smite is a multiple online battle arena or MOBA game that is set across a map, and the objective is to fight according to the rules of the game to win and conquer different areas of the map.

Every player has a god or character assigned, which has different battle abilities that can be used to your advantage in battles to defeat the enemies.

Hi-Rez Studios developed the game as free to play. It follows a similar idea to other popular MOBA games such as the League Of Legends and Dota 2. However, Smite is different in many notable ways, such as the use of W, S, A, D keys to control characters, which is different from most others that use mouse buttons. Although the plot is similar, a true fan will be able to appreciate the technical differences that set SMITE apart from the rest.

Over the years, SMITE has progressed greatly in quality and popularity. Players are required to play regularly to develop their character and improve their skills.

Let’s take a closer looks at tier lists and their descriptions:

SMITE Tier Descriptions

Tier SS — The SMITE best gods in the hierarchy SS characters are the most powerful and can overpower all other tier characters.

Tier S+ — The top tier gods of the S+ tier are the first pick choice due to their power.

Tier S — The S tier gods are less powerful than the top two tiers but are a good choice and quite useful.

Tier A+ — The gods are belonging in the A+ tier are decent picks and a safe choice. They might not be the most powerful, but if used correctly, they can be useful. Many players have had good results with tier A+ gods.

Tier A — You will usually find these characters in the modern SMITE meta; however, they are not the most effective picks for their positions. Nonetheless, these characters have their specific uses.

Tier B+ — The characters in B+ Tier usually are usually very powerful. However, they are more effective when used by a highly-skilled player.

Tier B — These characters offer fever playoff then the gods in the B+ Tier, and they also require a skill level.

Tier C — Although the C Tier characters are effective; however, they are not the best choice for competitive play.

Tier D — These characters are not viable in competitive play, and they are also considered to be the worst characters to play.

SMITE Gods – What Are They And How Many?

Since the game is based upon mythology hence, the game characters are called gods. Every SMITE god possesses its specific abilities and beliefs. SMITE best gods are gently based on real-world heroes.

If you want to promote the characters, you would have to gain experience by killing hostile characters or miners. After successfully killing the hostile minions and characters, you will get gold which is essential for promoting the character and proceeding in the game.

Top 15 New SMITE God Tier List

Following are the top 15 SMITE heroes that will help you excel in the game:

  • Merlin
  • King Arthur
  • Ao Kuang
  • Kali
  • Susano
  • Bakasura
  • Horus
  • Ne Zha
  • Achilles
  • Ravana
  • Ah Muzen Cab
  • Erlang Shen
  • He Bo
  • Jormungandr
  • Fenrir

Can You Play the SMITE Game for Free?

You can initially enjoy the SMITE game without spending a single penny. However, there are several in-game purchases, so be prepared to shell out some money to proceed in the game.

However, team SMITE offers an “ultimate God Pack.” With this pack, you can unlock all gods from the past, present, and future by paying one-time charges only.

SMITE has two types of in-game currencies, including Favours and Gems. You can earn Favours by playing well and use your Favours for renting and unlocking gods. 

For earning gems, you would have to participate in giveaways, get them through promotional codes, or purchase them. You can use these gems to purchase cosmetics for your unlocked gods.

Closing Words

With SMITE season 8’s popularity on the rise, It is about time that you should join the league and explore SMITE. Explore the different abilities and skills of each character and god. Utilize your experience to defeat the enemies and earn gold by killing the hostile minions and characters.

Have you excelled in SMITE season 8? Please share your techniques and favorite gods with our readers in the comment section.

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