S Rank In League of Legends

How To Get An S Rank In League of Legends

In the global online video games market, League of legends is an excellent release by Riot games. Being the world’s largest esports and a multiplayer role-playing game, it has always been a pivot of users’ attention since its inception in 2009.

Though its compatibility is limited to MS Windows & MAC operating systems, it is still the first pick by millions of users across the globe.

The Ranking System in League of Legends

Motivations always play incredible roles in either subject; in the gaming world, the scoring scales are a fantastic motivational tool are essential to intensify the players’ enthusiasm to compete. That’s the reason why every other game comes up with a grading system. Given the grading factor, League of Legends (LoL) stands right up in the list of games offering a highly competitive environment.

In League of legends, the performance of a particular gaming team can be analyzed by a grading range of D- to S+; here, S+ represents the highest achievable rank, whereas D- is a potent depiction of poor performance.

In fact, you may find the ranking system of the League of legends game slightly different from the generic scoring strategy of many games; either it’s grading or ranking, it doesn’t always mean to portrait success & failure.

Apart from the winning & losing scenarios, high grades serve with much more treasures in the case of LoL; this not only unlocks the exciting features & gaming stuff you might be demanding but achieving a higher rank in LoL also serves as a bridge to upgrade your gaming experience.

For instance, tokens are considered as highly demanded stuff in League of Legends in order to make progress in the champion; in this regard, rank S is a criterion that must be accomplished to get the required tokens.

How to get S Rank in League of Legends?

A widely circulated myth states that amplifying kills and reducing deaths is a way to reach S or above rank in Leagues, but here is a general question: how do you get an S in League of legends just by relying on kill to death ratio or CP points? This is probably unrealistic to get a high rank in League of legends merely by considering the factors mentioned earlier.

However, exploring other scoring aspects is itself a game. Because to amplify the users’ exploring capabilities & competitive yearnings throughout the game, the developers of League of legends have not disclosed all of the details regarding possible scoring aspects.

Best Possible Ways to Reach League of Legends S Rank

Though no certain aspects or elements have been defined as scoring factors in the attainment of higher ranks in LoL, certain considerations can assist you in achieving the S rank if fulfilled in the aggregate.

Kill to Death Ratio

Kill to Death Ratio

You might already be familiar with the significance of the kill to death ratio as this is one of the primary criteria to get S rank in League of legends, but again, this is not the only vital factor; many other aspects hold equal weightage in this regard.

High kill percentage

High kill percentage

In case if your team succeeds in getting the high figure of kills, this can enhance the chances to reach S rank considerably. Kill participation is crucial in any LoL match; you must have remarkable kill participation in order to achieve victory, and a high percentage of kill participation from your side directly impacts your overall performance.

Fewer death figures

Fewer death figures

It is beyond doubt that if you least likely encounter the die phases in the LoL match, you can more likely succeed in getting a higher rank. Though the importance of kills percentage is certain but the aspect that matters relatively more than KP is the death figure; the more you refrain your character from deaths, the more you can get closer to S rank.

Such a massive impact of dies is undeniable in all ways; however, no one can eradicate the death chances entirely as the average figure of player’s deaths ranges between 5 to 7 times approximately, but by minimizing the death rate, you can get closer to your goal of reaching S rank.

Vision score

Vision score

In the game maps, you can come across certain areas that are often hidden or the places you can’t sight over often; such places being referred to as the fog of war are not considered safe. Wards basically serve as safety units to the players of certain teams. Being a LoL player, you can buy and deploy the wards in certain areas in order to eliminate the fog of war.

It is suggested to use wards more often if you are intended to minimize the death amounts you might encounter in League of legends. Therefore, a more petite figure of deaths is actually a positive indicator towards the victory as by this way; you can get the S rank more conveniently.

The effectively placed wards also increase the vision score; make sure to place wards with a properly proposed strategy to avail their utmost effectiveness for the ultimate victory.



In League of legends, farming is basically a method, or you can say it, an essential component for the players in order to increase their power. So, the more you farm, the more you increase your abilities & power to compete with the enemies of a particular LoL match.

Farming, also referred to as creeping, is an excellent way to gain gold that can be utilized later on in the game. So, the best time to farm is in the early gaming period. The creep score, also known as Minions kill count, is another aspect that assists in a player’s performance analysis, similar to the kill to death ratio (KDR).

If you maintain a good creep score, you can claim more resources; if you have successfully gained a 9 CP per minute or above, that means you have a good Creep score.

Deal damage

Deal damage

In addition to all the factors stated above, Damage also holds equal significance when it comes to getting S rank in the League of legends. Though the Damage may vary with the situation and even your role, but damage results are always alike. If you are doing more Damage in your respective LoL match, then for sure you are getting more chances to reach the S rank in the game.


Do you want to unlock the potential features that might help you to compete with your opponent teams more exceptionally in the League of legends matches? In point of fact, this is not an impracticable goal, especially if you are performing well on your side.

S rank is a criterion in LoL that can unlock exciting features and many other gaming things to you. For this, you must be interested to know how to get S rank in League of legends.

In this entire discussion, we have been intensely focused on elaborating the ways by which you can upgrade your overall performance in the League matches and get S rank seamlessly.

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