Tricks for New Rust Player

5 Essential Tips & Tricks for New Rust Player

Technology today changes in the blink of an eye. Want to see the proof for the same? Look at the online games that we play. They started from simple 2-D in non-smartphones to hyper-realistic 3D games for smartphones and gaming devices. Games are not only a source of entertainment. In fact, some of them, especially role-playing games, change the way you perceive situations.

Wondering what am I talking about? If you like gaming, then Rust is one of the most trending games, and it is so for all the right reasons. It starts with you all alone on a completely deserted island, without even a stitch of cloth on your body. Scared? You should be. The purpose of the game is you need to survive on your own. However, by the time you even figure out what is happening, you are will die or be “respawned.” If you are still keen on trying the game, here are some essential tips and tricks of the Rust game that can help you survive.

1. Choosing the right server

Choosing the right server

The popularity of the game has resulted in it being hosted on multiple servers for load-balancing. When you log in for the first time, it will ask you to select a server. The catch here is that beginners often land selecting the most popular server. What they cannot understand is that a highly populated server means a higher number of experienced players. The outcome of being a beginner on a server of professional players is that you will be bored being killed frequently, and you will consider quitting.

Hence, the safer bet is playing on a less populated server. Also, check and ensure that you are among players at your level or at least somewhere close to you; so that you at least get some time to figure out the basics.

2. The sleeping bags are a custom respawn point

When you play Rust, you will feel everyone is out to get you. Due to which you will get respawned repeatedly. This process will continue until you figure out how to play the game and gradually notice you survive longer. Now when you die or are respawned, the default respawn point is the beach. You don’t want to die again when you have just respawned. Now the question arises, can we change the respawn point? Yes. After gathering 30 clothes, you can use that to convert them into a sleeping bag. Then use the sleeping bag to create a “custom” respawn point. With this knowledge comes selecting the right location to place the sleeping bag. There are two things to keep in mind –

  • The beach is forever crawling with new players.
  • Leaving a precious item like a sleeping bag in an open and unsecured place is not a good idea.

Hence, to ensure that you have a safe respawn location, ensure that you place the sleeping bag away from the prying eyes. It can also be in a scheduled nook, or over the cliffs, or somewhere deep inside the forest.

3. A spear and a hatchet

A spear

So now that we have changed the default respawn point what next? Remember, you are in the forest, and you need food to survive. Hence, the next items on your to-do list need to be gaining a spear followed by a hatchet. The spear would help in defending yourself from animals and being able to hunt. And the hatchet is for cutting wood for different purposes, including cooking.

4. Avoid lighting fires at night

Lighting a fire in the night is the most common thing to do. However, it could be one of the worst decisions to make. Fires act like beacons drawing predators, like animals and other players to you, since it becomes a clear sign of your location. Hence avoid that entirely.

5. Keep your belonging well-protected all the times

It’s as simple as that. When you get the seeds, plant them in places that are not easily visible to other players. But also make sure that you remember where you are planting them, or all your efforts would go waste. Setup double access in your base where you keep your goods hidden so that no one can steal them from you.


Like this, say everything in minimal promotions can be beneficial to health. Role-playing games like Rust can cause a surge in adrenalin, which in times like these helps boost the immune system. Besides, Rust works at changing the perspective on how you perceive things. These essential tips and tricks for Rust are useful to get you started and help you survive while you learn to find your path through the game.

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