Fix PayDay 2 Mods not Workings

How To Fix PayDay 2 Mods not Workings

Payday2 is one of the fantastic shooter video games and was developed by Overkill software. Payday2 comes in both single-player & multiplayer modes. In its multiplayer mode, it allows up to 4 players to cooperate in any heist activity. The Payday2 supports a handy feature, that is, the gaming mods.

Payday 2 Storyline

Payday 2 Storyline

Overkill Software created the co-op IPS game PAYDAY 2 after its predecessor PAYDAY: The Heist was a roaring success. Released initially on August 13, 2013, for PS3, Windows, and Xbox 360, the developers later added the versions for SteamOS and Linux version in March of 2016.

The game lets you plan and execute a heist with up to three teammates or alone if you are feeling a little daring. You will be carrying out different operations, including robbing banks, stores, and armored cars; if that’s not all, you will also be creating and selling narcotics. And if you are even more dangerous, perhaps you will dabble in more serious crimes such as rigging elections or stealing and smuggling nuclear warheads.

To give your character more pizza, you can Customize it by initially selecting one of the twenty-one preset choices and then making cosmetic adjustments as per your liking. PayDay 2 allows you to personalize your character way more than any previous game version, which had a somewhat limited selection.

Although the gunplay is simple, the developers have incorporated decent recoil (according to the weapon you are using, weight, and sound that adds realness which most players will enjoy. Each weapon feels distinct and has its own place in the game, from the muffled silenced guns to supercharged rifles.

The skill trees are well-designed and engaging, so you won’t feel like you are wasting time and effort investing in improving your character. As the missions become more challenging, you will definitely need to upgrade your skills, which also equals more fun and better rewards!

Payday 2 presents basically the 2 gaming mods to facilitate the users to change their game’s appearance or the game’s way of working. Specific Payday 2 BLT mods manager is used to install such modes in the game. In this regard, many users have reported a common issue that the mods don’t work on their side. This happens to many Payday2 users.

In this article, we will explain the perfectly working solutions to mods’ crashing issue in Payday2. But Before moving to the fixes, you must be aware of the problem’s causes so that you can avoid these mistakes, which may lead you to the same issues in the future.

Causes of “Payday 2 mod not working” problem

This issue with Payday2 mods’ working may arise because of few fundamental but technical aspects. We have found and enlisted here the 4 most expected causes of this mod’s crashing problem.

  • Corrupted or missing VC Redist 2017  
  • Wrong placement of Mod files
  • BLT mod manager’s version incompatibility
  • Misconfigured compatibility settings

Best fixes to Payday2 mods not working

We have listed down a few proven ways to fix the problem of Payday mods. Hopefully, by implementing these stated solutions, the Payday 2 mods will be starting working usually again.

Reinstallation or repairing of VC Redist 2017

Visual C++ redistributable 2017 software is essential for the proper working of both the Payday2 mods and the game itself. If your Payday 2 mods are not working, the reason may be missing or corrupted VC Redistributive. Because sometimes the Visual C++ Redist. The version installed on your system may contain few corrupted files, or it may lack few files.

This reason not only affects the working of mods but, in most cases, it may crash the game also. You can either reinstall or repair Visual C++ redistributable 2017 software to recover the corrupted or missing files in such cases.

For repairing:

  • Open the windows settings on your computer.
  • In the settings menu, click on the “Apps & features” option.
  • Navigate to the MS visual C++ 2017 program in the apps list.
  • Select Visual C++ 2017, and click on “advanced options.”
  • In the proceeding window, click on the “repair” option.

For reinstallation:

  • Go to “Windows settings” & click on the “Apps & features” option.

Apps & features
  • Select the “MS visual C++ 2017” program in the “apps” list.
  • Click on the “uninstall” button.
  • Then navigate to Microsoft’s official website to download “Visual C++ 2017.” Again.

Accurate placement of Mod files

As we have stated earlier, Payday 2 supports two kinds of mods. The files of both types of mods reside at different locations in computer storage. A minor misplacement of any mod file can stop its working in the game. So this might be the reason behind your mod’s related problem. To get out of this situation, you need to locate certain mod files in their own specific folders. The steps stated below clearly explain how to sort out placements of mods files; just follow these steps in the same order.

  • Launch the root folder of the Payday2 game.
  • To access the Payday2 root folder, open the “program files(x86)” folder from the C drive in your computer system.
  • In the program files(x86)” folder, open the “Steam” folder.
  • In “Steam,” open the subfolder “steamapps.”
  • Navigate to the “common” folder in “steamapps.”
  • Now launch the “Payday2” game folder in the main folder “common.”
  • In the Payday2 folder, open the subfolder “mods.”
  • Copy all the mod files without .txt extension.
  • Now launch the “assets” folder in “Payday2”.
  • Open “mod_overrides,” the subfolder of “assets,” and paste all the copied mod files there.
  • Then delete all the mod files from their origin folder, “mods.”
  • On completion of all the steps, try to rerun the game.

Replace BLT mod manager with Super BLT manager

Though the Payday2 game is compatible with all Windows versions, it still does not work smoothly on windows 10 because Windows 10 can’t load the files associated with the vanilla version of BLT mod manager. The best way to resolve this issue is to use another version of Payday 2 BLT, such as Payday 2 SuperBLT. To do so, you need to delete the vanilla version first before installing the new version. The following steps explain the procedure to replace the BLT vanilla version with SuperBLT Payday 2.

  • Navigate to the root folder of Payday2 on your computer system.
  • In the Payday2 folder, delete the executable file of Vanilla BLT mod manager, “IPHLPAPI.dll.”
  • Then open the “mod” folder in the Payday2 folder and delete the subfolder “base.”
  • Now, install the SuperBLT mod manager from the SuperBLT installation page.
  • Extract the SuperBLT files from its downloaded zip folder.
  • Copy a file wsock32.dll from extracted files.
  • Paste that copied file into the “Payday2” folder.
  • Then run the game by payday2_win32_release.exe file in the Payday2 folder.
  • This step will ask for permission to create a new “base” folder. Click on “Yes.”
  • Copy the newly created base folder and paste it in the “mod” folder (the location of the old deleted “base” folder).
  • Now, rerun the game.

Reconfigure the compatibility settings

Sometimes even a minor wrong configuration can cause the payday 2 mods to stop working. You can resolve this compatibility issue quite quickly by disabling it from the game’s settings. This is not a significant task as here we have stated the few basic steps required to disable compatibility mode.

  • Double click on the Payday2 game shortcut to access its properties or go to the “Payday2” root folder and right-click on the Payday2 exe file to access the properties.
  • In the properties window, click on the “compatibility” tab from the upper menu.
  • In the compatibility menu, uncheck the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for:.”
  • Click on “apply” to implement changes and then click “Ok.”


Will my game crash due to Payday 2 Mods?

Certain mods cannot be used in conjunction with others. If the player attempts to make this happen, the game will most likely crash and are going to persist until the mod is deleted. This will continue to occur until the player deletes the mod. In addition, the operation of certain mods is dependent on the simultaneous running of several other mods.

Is the use of mods permitted in Payday 2?

The game Payday 2 does, in fact, support the use of mods. Simply put, the mods created by users are permitted in the game since they are safe, won’t cheat, and won’t negatively affect the experiences of other players.

Where do I find the super BLT Payday 2?

To begin, go to the website and use the URL provided to download the Payday 2 Super BLT. After downloading the file:

  • Unpack it first.
  • Launch the Super BLT file.
  • Install it by following the instructions on the screen.

Mods For Payday 2: How Do I Install Them?

In order to successfully install and utilize Payday 2 Mods, essential elements such as SuperBLT/BLT and BeardLib are required.

  • Download SuperBLT/BLT from and BeardLib from as your first step.
  • After you have finished downloading the file, unpack both of the files, and then access the Payday 2 directory by selecting Payday 2 in Steam, going to the Properties menu, and selecting local files before selecting browse local files.
  • After that, place the BeardLib file inside the PayDay 2 directory, start the SuperBLT/BLT file, drag the IPHLPAPI.dll to the PayDay 2 directory, and boot up PayDay 2. A pop-up box will open, and you should press the Yes button.
  • As soon as this procedure is finished, a folder known as the mod will show up in the directory containing Payday 2. You are now able to install whatever mod you want in the Mod folder, and as soon as you reload Payday 2, it will begin functioning correctly.


Mods issue in Payday2 game is quite common in its gaming community. This can be because of many reasons such as problem may lie in the compatibility of BLT Payday 2 mod manager’s version with windows 10, there may be any dislocation issue with mods’ files, maybe the Visual C++ redistributable 2017 program contains any corrupted file, or the reason can be as simple as a minor misconfiguration in game’s compatibility settings.

You can efficiently resolve this issue by accurately placing the mod files or installing the SuperBLT version. If these tactics don’t fix the problem, then you can also go for the reinstallation of Visual C++ redistributable 2017 software.

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