Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

How To Fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

The popular VoIP app Discord used to be favored by gamers but not anymore; you’ll find thousands of non-gamers using the site for various purposes. Discord is great for voice chats; although it’s usually trouble-free, you might face issues such as audio problems on occasions. You might be unable to hear people on Discord while they hear you clearly. Other users will be able to hear you clearly, though. The issues can happen for a specific person or a group or everyone else on your Discord, even though you see the green rings indicating that the audio is coming.

There are some reasons why you might be facing issues with receiving the audio. Your audio settings might be at fault, or the audio device you are using might not be the default device. An update or Discord bug can also cause problems. Thankfully, most of these causes can be resolved easily and quick. 

Check Server Status

Before digging deep, it is wise to start with the most simple solutions. We suggest that you begin by checking Discord’s uptime. Although it is very uncommon for Discord to be down, it happens, so it is best to check. The official Discord website is the most accessible and most reliable place to learn about the current server status.

The site information about different servers and their functions and statuses is available. Search, audio, and other options are also provided, so you can check whatever you need. Discord is fantastic at maintaining its many servers to provide reliable and consistent service that millions of people rely on. Still, if a server is down or there is an outage, you can learn about it on their website.

Today, we share some methods of solving the Discord audio not receiving issue.

Method 1: Switch On “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem”

If there is a compatibility issue with your hardware and Discord’s latest audio subsystem, try returning to the legacy Audio system to fix the problem. Switching on the “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem” has been known to work. Following are the steps for turning on the option above:

Here are the steps for turning this option on.

  • Open the Discord app
  • Go to the User Settings by clicking on the gear icon located on the right side of your avatar.
  • Select Audio & Video
  • Located the “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem” option by scrolling down
  • Switch on the Use Legacy Audio Subsystem.
  • Press okay to confirm
  • Click the Esc button on the top right corner to leave the settings menu.

Check to see if can’t hear people on Discord issue has been resolved.

Method 2: Set as Default Communication Device

It is important that your audio device is set as the default device and the default communication device. If not, then it might be the reason why you are facing audio issues.

You will find these settings are on Windows and not on Discord. Follow the guide provided below to set your audio device as the main communication and default device:

  •  Open the icon tray located in the bottom right corner and right-click the sound icon. 
  • Click on Playback Devices to go to the Sound option window with the Playback tab selected.
  • Find the headphones or speakers you are using and right-click, then select “Set as Default Device.”
Set as Default Device
  •  Right-click again your audio device, now choose “Set as Default Communication Device.” A green checkmark will appear when the device has been successfully set as the default device and communication device. 

Note: in case the audio device you wish to set as default isn’t on the list, then follow the steps given below: 

  • In the “Select a recording device below to modify its settings” area, press right-clicks in an empty space and see the options “View Disconnected Devices” and “View Disabled Devices.” If these options don’t have a Tick mark beside them, click on them to switch on the option.
  •  After you successfully find the options, locate your audio device on the list, right-click on it and choose “Enable.”  
  • Follow steps 3 and 4 provided above to set the device as default device and communication device. Press apple and click Okay to complete the process.

This should make the necessary changes in the settings for your audio to work in Discord. 

Method 3: Select The Correct Audio Input/ Output Device

There are times when the issue is as simple as selecting the correct audio input/ output device in the Discord. To solve the no sound issue, all you have to do is to select the right one or the default audio device. Follow the steps mentioned below to check and select the correct input/output audio device in the Discord:

  • Open Discord
  • Go to the User Settings (gear icon). You will find this icon on your avatar’s right side.
User Settings
  • Select Audio & Video to find the Output and Input menu on the top-right panel.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select the right audio device. Select the first device if you are unsure about your selection. Now close the settings menu by pressing the Esc button.
  • Check whether or not Discord’s sound issue is fixed. If not, try other devices from the drop-down menu and keep checking whether it is fixing the issue or not.

Method 4: Update and Refresh Discord

Sometimes nothing else works to fix can’t hear anyone on Discord issue because of software updates and/or bugs. Discord regularly offers updates. Luckily, it does not take long to install an update; thus, you should ensure that your Discord is always up-to-date. 

If the issue persists even after updating Discord, then the problem is most probably caused by a bug. In such cases, Discord rolls back the update and issues a new one to fix the bug that might be causing the can’t hear people in Discord issue.

To trigger an update, refresh the Discord by closing and reopening it or simply pressing CTRL + R to refresh it.

Method 5: Use the Discord Web Version

If no other remedies are working to fix the Discord audio not working issue, then you can always use the web version. If a bug causes the Discord app issue, you will not face the same issue on the web version. 

To use the web version, open your web browser and go to

Method 6: Select a Different Server Region

In some cases, changing the server region can solve this Discord issue immediately. Follow the steps below to select a different survey region:

  • Open the server settings by clicking on the server.
  • Select “Overview” and click on “Server Region” in the drop-down menu.
  • Now select a different region and press the “Save changes” option.
  • Check whether the “can’t hear anyone on Discord” issue or not.

Method 7: Check And Adjust Discord’s Volume Through Volume Mixer

X the fix is as simple as adjusting the volume of Discord through Windows 10 volume mixer. You can easily adjust the volume of any app via Windows 10 volume mixer, including Discord. 

Check Discord’s voice volume and make sure that is not so low that the application does not output any voice at all. 

With Windows 10 volume mixer, you can easily lower or increase the voice volume of Discord that may resolve Discord can’t hear error. 

Follow the steps below to adjust Discord volume on the volume mixer:

  • Press Windows + S to open the search dialogue box. Type “Volume Mixer” in the dialogue box and press enter.
  • Find the active applications in the setting and select Discord. Now increase its volume to maximum.
  • Save and exit the settings application. Refresh Discord to check if the issue persists.

Why am I unable to hear others on Discord?

The fact of the matter is that a wide variety of different factors can bring on this audio issue. However, the following are some of the most likely explanations for this phenomenon:

This problem can occasionally arise as a result of a bug that exists within the Discord application. Due to the modified audio subsystem in Discord, it is possible that you will not be able to hear other users of the platform following an upgrade. The Legacy audio subsystem should be selected to fix this problem. However, some users have been able to resolve this issue by choosing the Experimental audio subsystem as their default.

You may not be able to hear other people owing to incorrectly setting up audio settings in Windows and Discord. Make sure that your Discord audio output device is set to be the default device for the device type. In addition, check to see that the output device you selected in the Discord settings is the correct one.

Why can I hear Discord sounds but am unable to listen to voices?

There is more than one possible explanation for why voice chat is malfunctioning on Discord. In simple terms, you can hear the noises of Discord, but you are unable to participate in a voice conversation. It’s possible that the problem is caused by incorrect speech settings in the Discord client. There’s also a possibility that Discord is having trouble recognizing your microphone. 

Even using an older version of Discord than is currently supported can cause this problem. You can try to repair it by switching the input mode to Voice Activity. This is one option. Aside from that, you can try activating the ‘Force Calls to Use OpenSSL ES’ option or updating the Discord client to fix the issue.

Issue Still Unresolved?

If none of the alternatives in our article were successful, you might attempt to use the headset on a separate computer with Discord installed. If it does function, there is a good chance of compatibility difficulties between your headset and your computer. To find a solution, you should get in touch with the headphones manufacturer or distributor.

If your headset does not function when you try to use it with Discord on a different computer, then for some reason, it is not compatible with Discord. Get in touch with the technical support staff at Discord to find out what they can do to assist you in resolving this bothersome problem.

Final Words

We hope that the above-mentioned saving methods to resolve can anyone on Discord issue is now resolved. If not, then maybe you should try a repair tool that will replace corrupt and missing files to resolve this issue.

Please share what method works for you and if any of our methods helped you resolve Discord no sound.

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