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How To Donate On Twitch?

Twitch is a trendy live-streaming platform that broadcasts live video games, esports competitions, tournaments & much more; in short, Twitch primarily covers sports-related content. It generally comes with cross-platform compatibility and can be accessed globally. You can conveniently view Twitch streams either via Twitch Official website or the Official Twitch application.

Being a Twitch user, you might have observed that Twitch is inclined towards social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, in terms of its functionalities; this is because it has been consistently introducing the new features with the elapsing time. It allows the users to subscribe to their favorite streamer’s channel, and even now, the users can join the chatrooms interlinked with each stream. Streamers use the Streamlabs chatbox by Nerd or Die to make chatting even more engaging.

Twitch donations

Since Twitch has introduced the affiliate and partner programs, so it has become handier for the streamers to earn more than usual. In affiliate programs, the streamers can earn a low-profit rate gained by users’ purchases via the particular affiliate links.

Likewise, the Twitch partner program offers streamers the premium services of that channel. Affiliate & partner program grants the streamers an extra privilege of collecting donations from Twitch viewers via specific means.

Twitch donation is a kind of appreciation and support to the streamers that encourages them to enhance their content by adding more value. If you are not familiar with how to donate on Twitch, then this entire discussion is for you.

How to Donate on Twitch?

Here the 7 highly effective donating strategies have been demonstrated briefly that you can opt for to support your favorite streamers on Twitch.

Direct Twitch Donations

Direct Twitch Donations

Many Twitch streamers have set up a donation option on their channel; the viewers can access the donation option quickly to promote their favorite streamer by instant financial support. No specific standard donation way is defined; in fact, streamers may opt for variant donations methods.

Many streamers often choose Streamlabs, a standard, and advanced Twitch donation method, because it can accept payments from both PayPal account & credit cards. The “Twitch donate” feature can be used for actual cash donations in the following way.

  • Launch the official Twitch website on your browser.
  • Access your Twitch account by clicking on the login button located on the top right corner of the Twitch homepage.
  • Right after you have signed in to your Twitch account, navigate to your favorite streamer’s channel.
  • You will find a donations link at the bottom of the channel page, so click on this donation link. (A form-like donation page will get prompted.)
  • Enter your username and other required information in each field of the donation page.
  • Procced the Twitch donation process by clicking on the Donate button located at the bottom section.
  • The recently performed step will take you to a new page; enter your accurate payment details and submit the donation request to finalize the Twitch donate process.

Donation via Twitch bits

Donation via Twitch bits

The bit is basically a term that refers to Twitch currency; this bit feature was introduced to support the intermediate-level streamers in order to give them a sustainable edge on the Twitch platform. Being a Twitch viewer, you can purchase the bits at the cost of $1.40 for 100 bits that can be utilized then to support the streamers.

Initially, the bits could be purchased only via Amazon account balance, but now it can also accept the payments from PayPal. Here we have explained the apt way to donate bits on twitch.

  • Access the official Twitch website on your device browser.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account by following the same steps as explained in the above-stated donation method.
  • Navigate to your favorite streamer’s channel after successfully signing in to your Twitch account.
  • Locate the “Get bits” option next to the subscribe button in the top-right section of the respective channel.
  • Click on the symbolic down arrow of the “Get bits” option.
  • You can also perform the same bit donations via the chat option; just click on the diamond icon located at the right of the chat box.
  • Now you need to select the specific number of bits you want to buy from the prompted menu. (You can consider the discounted deals also)
  • After choosing the most appropriate purchasable deal that best fits your budget, you would be required to log in to the Amazon account via Twitch account.
  • You may get prompted to a confirmation message to link your Amazon account with the Twitch account if these 2 accounts are not connected already.
  • Thence click on the “Pay now” button to finish your bits purchasing process.
  • Now, you can easily donate the purchased bits to your favorite streamers via the chat option. In the chat window of the relative channel, you would be required to type “Cheer” followed by a specific number text that will indicate the number of bits you want to donate. For instance:

Cheer 200 = donation of 200 bits
Cheer 500 = donation of 500 bits

Actually, Cheering is a process of donating Twitch bits to the streamers.

Note: If you are a US resident, you can avail an opportunity of getting free bits on Twitch; this can be possible by performing an activity of watching 30-second ads. 

Channel subscription

Channel subscription

Subscriptions serve as a fundamental key to the monetization of a channel; streamers require a specific figure of subscriptions to get their channels monetized to earn a guaranteed revenue. Twitch platform generally offers its viewers 3-tiers of subscriptions that are categorized on varied costs.

Tier-1 subscription charges: $4.99
Tier-2 subscription charges: $9.99
Tier-3 subscription charges: $24.99

The users are required to pay the subscription charges monthly or quarterly, or bi-annually as per their feasibility. Subscribing a channel is undoubtedly an excellent favor for the streamer, but the subscribers also enjoy many additional features along with the streamed content.

In contrast, if you are a paid subscriber of Amazon prime, then you can subscribe to Twitch channels free of cost by connecting your Amazon Prime account with the Twitch account.

To subscribe to a Twitch channel, you would be required to follow the below-stated steps:

  • Navigate to your favorite channel on Twitch.
  • Click on the “Subscribe” button located on the top right side. (An informative box will get prompted to narrate the benefits of all 3-tiers of subscription)
  • Initially, click on the “Subscribe” button located next to tier 1.
  • The above step will redirect you to another page where you will be required to enter the payment details. You can pay the subscription charges either via a PayPal account or using your credit card.

Note: Later on, you can change your subscription tier at any time, but if the subscription period of the previously selected tier is not completed yet, then the payment won’t be refunded in any case, and for a new subscription, you will have to pay the charges of specific subscription tier again.

Support streamers via affiliate purchases

This is relatively a general presumption about Twitch streamers so far that they channelize their incomes by means of affiliate links and certain sponsors.

Actually, most of the streamers tend to set specific affiliate links by which they offer a particular discount ratio each time a Twitch user purchase anything, i.e., gaming equipment, sports drinks, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. from their links, and consequently the streamer gets a small commission amount on each purchase.

If you are leaning towards buying any upgraded equipment, you can consider the streamer’s merchandise in this regard, as this is a potent way to support your favorite streamer monetarily. This is also a way of escalating the streamers’ credibility towards potential sponsors.

Social Support

All of the supporting strategies previously stated are directly funds driven; given the lack of funds, not everyone might be in a position to support their favorite streamer financially. So, if you also do not have enough funds to donate, you can still pay your supporting role by persistent interaction & involvement with the streamers’ activities.

You will have to do just a little engagement to streamers’ profiles via the chat feature; you can also offer a helping hand in moderating their social platforms and other associated things. Do your best to promote the streamers in order to expand their exposure to the right audience.

Donate anonymously on Twitch

To donate anonymously on Twitch, you have to use cryptocurrency. You can even use bits to cheer anonymously, concealing your identity in the chatroom. When the streamer receives the payment, they will still see your PayPal name.

If you need a bit more information, Batman, here’s a deeper look at your two alternatives for anonymous Twitch donations.

1. Anonymously cheer

By selecting the (wait for it) “cheer anonymously” option, you can cheer anonymously. Your name will not appear beside your gift, and you will be unable to utilize your emotes.

2. Make use of cryptocurrency

If a streamer takes cryptocurrencies, you can make a donation anonymously or pseudonymously. Cryptocurrency is not linked to your physical identity; when you create a crypto wallet, you receive an alphanumeric address for all transactions. However, if the streamer is able to determine your public address, they may uncover your true identity.

How much money can you donate on Twitch?

The only restriction on how much you can donate on Twitch is how much you are willing to spend—unless your streamer sets one. Otherwise, there is no limit on how much you can donate to a streamer on Twitch to show your support.

This eliminates the need for a nonprofit to be concerned about streamers needing help to accept larger donations on your behalf. However, if they have set a tip cap (which they can in Streamlabs), you will only be allowed to donate up to that amount. You may still show your support by subscribing and purchasing affiliate products.

Streamers can also select a minimum payment amount, which is typically about $2-5, in order to prevent receiving frequent one-cent donation reminders and help offset PayPal processing fees.

What motivates individuals to donate to Twitch streamers?

Your donors do it for a good cause, but why do people donate to streamers? We all spend our hard-earned money in various ways. A good Twitch stream provides terrific entertainment for many people, so just like you would give a dollar to a performer in Central Park, you could send some money to a streamer. This motivates them to keep going.

There are other benefits. Many people appreciate seeing their name in lights—splashed in the chat box or praised live on Twitch by their favorite streamer.

Finally, help someone out. Some streamers donate 100% of their earnings to charity, while others donate a fraction. And because most streamers are just getting started on Twitch, even $1 can mean a lot. Finally, many people like giving back while receiving a little something in the form of live entertainment.


Twitch streamers post regular UpToDate streaming content on their channels. A little donation or support from the viewer can add more value to their efforts. This is all possible via Twitch donations; you can see a donation link embedded on many streamers’ channels.

This entire discussion basically illustrates how to donate on Twitch with or without funds because few users can’t afford to support their favorite streamers monetarily, so they can opt for the social support option by promoting the social media platforms of those streamers.

However, the funded ways to support streamers may include mainly cash donations via PayPal or credit cards, bits donations, paid subscriptions, and purchases performed via affiliate links. Twitch offers 3 subscription plans; you can opt for one at a time.

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