How To Delete Discord Account

How To Delete Discord Account

There are tons of ways one can keep in touch with friends and family online. For gamers specifically, Discord provides the gaming niche a reliable and easy way to talk to your fellow gamer friends. What began as a flopped iOS multiplayer game has evolved into a prominent messaging app great for in and out of gaming messaging experience.

Discord’s great thing is that it allows your system – PC or mobile device to dedicate its resources to the game by not being a resource-heavy app that bogs down performance.

However, if the Discord app doesn’t offer what you need and you are considering deleting or disabling your account for whatever reason, this post is designed to help you.

We will discuss how to delete your Discord account, and inform you about the differences between deleting and disabling your account.

Disable Your Discord Account

If you want to discard your Discord Account, then it offers you the choice between deleting and disabling your account.

If you are not certain about deleting your account and no longer using it then, disabling your account is a better alternative because it allows you to take a break.

Like other platforms such as Facebook, disabling your account options gives you the freedom to take a long hiatus with the opportunity to return.

Therefore, to disable your Discord account start with:

  • Pulling up the Discord app on your screen.
  • Log in, go to the User Settings by selecting the Cog icon, and then choose the “My Account” tab.
  • Click on edit your account.
  • You will find the Disable Account option at the bottom of the window, located beside the Delete Account option. Click the Disable Account option and provide the necessary information.

Disabling Your Through Mobile

Unfortunately, deactivating your account is much easier on your computer than on an iOS and Android phone or tablet. You cannot disable or delete your account directly.

Even if you find the option to delete or disable the account on your mobile app, selecting the required option will lead to a support page.

For those who use Discord only on mobile, you will have to submit a deletion or disabling request with support, which is the only way for mobile users.

Permanently Deleting Your Discord Account

Permanently Deleting Your Discord Account

If you have decided to leave your Discord account once and for all, you will have to follow pretty much the identical steps as disabling your account with the exception of choosing the Delete Account option.

As previously mentioned, this is only possible if you are accessing Discord through a desktop. If you want to know how to delete a Discord account through your Mobile app, you will need to contact support to have your account deleted.

For those of you that own Discord servers, you will have to either reassign ownership of the servers or delete them before proceeding with the deletion of your account. We will be sharing information about transferring server administrative rights and deleting servers later on.

Deleting Your Discord Account

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Log in, go to the Cog icon to select User Settings, and choose the “My Account” tab.
  • Then select the option to edit your account. Find the Delete Account option at the bottom of the window, and choose the option to permanently delete your account.

The process will require you to enter your password and your 2FA code (if you had assigned it) for verification needed to complete the deletion or account disabling.

If you wish to the ownership of your Discord account:

Go to the Discord app, select the server name, and open the “Server Settings,” You will find the “User Management” in the left side menu. Select “Member” from the list, here you will decide the member that will get access to your Discord account. Hover over the selected user’s name and select the three vertical white dots. Now click on “Transfer Ownership” from the dialog menu.

Once you have successfully transferred the ownership, you will then become only a regular member of the server, depending on the role provided. You will then only be authorized to access the server according to the permissions allowed with your role.

In another case, if you don’t have a trustable member to transfer your account, you can always delete your account. For deleting a server, go to your Discord server settings. Click on the left side menu, and select “Delete Server.”

You would have to insert your account password to proceed and erase the account from the server. If you have enabled two-factor authorization, then you would have to provide the sent code before deleting the Discord account. In the end, you’ll have to reconfirm whether you wish to delete your Discord account. Press delete, and it’s done!

Yes! That’s how fast and simple it is to delete Discord account.

How to Delete a Discord Account Permanently for Someone Who Has Died

It is easier to delete a Discord Account for someone who has died if you have their username and password. If not, then contact Discord directly to get their account deleted. 

It is essential to close an account with proper protocols to protect their digital legacy. The following tips can help you permanently delete the Discord account of a deceased person:

  • You can submit a ticket for questions that Discord Help Center does not cover. In the help and support ticket, include the acc name and the servers for the account you want Discord to delete. 
  • You can also go to Discord support or Tweet with @discordapp and share your issue to get help quickly. 

It is essential to explain the situation with complete details and provide critical information. It is also a good idea to provide Discord an obituary or copy of the death certificate. 

If your deceased loved one was a server owner, you might require a specific plan of action along with deleting the account. 

If you have the contact details of other server members, then you can ask them to take ownership. You can also ask Discord to contact the server members and ask if any server member wants the ownership. 

The Discord Support Team usually responds and solves issues promptly and guides you about any required course of action regarding any Discord servers and memberships of your deceased loved one. 

For further information about how to delete Discord, please check the FAQs below.


What is the required duration for deleting a Discord account?

Deleting a Discord account can take anywhere between 14 to 30 days. If you wish to recover your deleted account, you would have to initiate the recovery process within 14 days. After this recovery period, you will not have access to your account information or any chances of account recovery.

What happens after deleting a Discord account?

Once you delete your Discord account, the account username will appear similar to “DeletedUser 0000”. Only the people who you have contacted will continue to see your messages. If you wish to erase all traces of your Discord account, you would have to contact the Discord support team for assistance at contact

How do I delete my Discord account from my phone?

Discord does not allow complete account deletion from the phone app; you can only sign out or uninstall Discord if you don’t wish to use it. Therefore, you would have to email the Discord support team at if you wish to delete your Discord account from your phone.

What happens if you disable the Discord account?

If you have disabled your account, you can recover it at any time in the future. Unlike account deletion, you can reactivate your account whenever you desire.

Once you enable your Discord account, you will stop receiving notifications from Discord. While your account is disabled, you will still receive all friend requests, and you can check the friend request list after reactivating your account.

If you want to go for a break, we suggest you enable your Discord account rather than deleting it and losing all access to your account and account information.

How to Delete Your Discord Account – Video

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