Best Place to Buy the M9 Bayonet Doppler

The Best Place to Buy the M9 Bayonet Doppler

In CS:GO, the M9 Bayonet Doppler is not just an accessory for a rifle — it is also great for combat in close quarters. The weapon appeared in the game in 2015 as part of the Chroma Case. Its popularity is around 99%, which makes it a must-have for any fan. But where should you get your knife? Follow our guide to find the best price and conditions.

The weapon has 7 phases, and it is part of three sets — Chroma Case, Chroma 2 Case, and Chroma 3 Case. The item is an ultra-rare drop, so your average chance of getting it naturally is around 0.26%. The easiest way to get an M9 Bayonet Doppler is by buying it on Steam or an independent exchange. 

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Appearance And Prices

The weapon looks unique with its translucent wavy lines with gradient transitions. The handle is unpainted. The pattern looks like smoke, and its colors vary depending on the phase. The most valuable ones are Ruby, Sapphire, and Black Pearl.

Phase 1, which is the cheapest, is 80% black and 20% red. The most costly one is the Sapphire — a premium look with shades of blue and purple. The item is only available in two conditions — Factory New and Minimal Wear. With time, its surface becomes scratched around the hole and along the spine. You can also see slight abrasions on the edges of the blade.

As a buyer, you can get any variation you like quickly. It is a relatively expensive item. In recent months, the price for the basic M9 Bayonet on Steam has been fluctuating between around $430 and $520. However, the official community does not always offer the most competitive conditions.

The Best Place for Trading

Due to its attractiveness and affordability for any budget, you can find these weapons on any exchange. A word of caution: As stated by the Steam Community, sellers cannot withdraw money. You can visit DMarket to buy or sell the M9 Bayonet Doppler. It is known as the most popular platform for CS:GO players, with prices as low as $131.73 for the weapon in its Field-Tested condition. 

Being a trusted marketplace, it offers safe buying and selling of game items and NFTs. Besides, it has more than 20 payment methods. And at the moment, more than 10 million deals have already been registered on this platform. It unlocks the skins economy both for players and developers. Aside from the Bayonet Doppler, you can explore 1+ million other skins.

Should You Buy It On Steam?

At first, glance, getting the skin from the official community is a no-brainer. Millions of gamers use this secure environment, and you are bound to find a seller quickly. On the downside, the closed nature of the ecosystem has deterred many players in recent years.

  • Despite the impressive range of items and high liquidity, Steam is unsuitable for players who want to withdraw profits. 
  • Steam does not allow reselling of its games.
  • Valve takes a 30% cut of the revenue of all Steam purchases.
  • You are tied to the ecosystem.
  • You can buy an M9 Bayonet quickly and easily, but selling your assets is inconvenient: any earnings may only be used within Steam.

These limitations were the main driver behind the development of third-party platforms. Today, systems like DMarket do not only allow you to collect profits from trades; they also offer more competitive pricing in comparison. Such sites function as intermediaries, as you still are connected to your Steam account.

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How to Choose a Platform

Do some research before committing to an exchange. As trading outside of Steam is on the rise, the demand is also being exploited by scammers. Pay attention to the background of the site and the experience of real users. At the very least, learn about the following:

1. Feedback


Check reviews from fellow gamers on forums and websites like TrustPilot. Look for a healthy mix of four and five-star reviews with occasional criticism. While players are often subjective, pay attention to any recurring issues — problems mentioned in several reviews in a row. For example, withdrawal delays, loss of skins, or access blocking are all red flags. 

2. Secure Payments

CS:GO exchanges are not created equal — unfortunately, there are quite a few bad apples in this industry. Scammy sites emulate the Steam login page to steal your data. Make sure there is a green padlock sign in the address bar — it confirms that the website uses HTTPS, not HTTP for pages, where you enter sensitive information. The website must also require a KYC check to comply with international standards and prevent fraud. 

3. Choice of Items


The more users trade via the platform — the easier it is to find a counterparty for your transaction. When you see that a site has 1+ million items on sale and 10+ million completed deals, this means the skins are quite liquid so that you can buy or sell without delays. Take advantage of instant selling: if another user has created a Target for your item, the transaction is performed immediately. 

4. Reliable Float 

Buyers choose items with specific float values, and they must be sure they get what they paid for. If you use a shady site, someone may dump skins with inferior floats on you. This does not happen on trusted platforms, as they are focused on fostering loyalty. 

The Bottom Line

The M9 Bayonet is a wildly popular item in CS:GO, and it can be found on all popular marketplaces, including Steam and alternative exchanges like DMarket. Regulated distribution of such items from player to player helps build a dynamic trade network that unites players from different countries.

The default way of acquiring skins is to explore the CS:GO environment and loot the cases as you play. This can be arduous and extremely time-consuming. Now, there is a better solution for players who want instant gratification. Buying skins is a quicker and more convenient way. 

Get everything you need instantly. Trusted third-party exchanges offer better pricing and more flexible conditions than Steam, which is a closed-loop environment. Choose your provider carefully to avoid cybercrime and make sure you get the float value and pattern you paid for. 

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