Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working

How To Fix Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working

Being a former manufacturer of computer appliances, Logitech has grabbed a remarkable degree of success so far in the world of information technology. The Logitech devices are pretty easy to use and generally don’t involve any complex installation procedure.

On given account, mouses & keyboards developed by Logitech are highly in demand across the globe; if we look into the example of Logitech wireless mouse, not only generic PC users but also the users owning laptops prefer to use wireless mouse for a more convenient experience, even though laptops come with an integrated touchpad.

Logitech wireless mouse not working?

Irrespective of its utmost effectiveness, many users have reported an issue, “Logitech wireless mouse not working,” on various online forums. The users complain that their Logitech mouse abruptly stops functioning due to some uncertain reasons.

What causes the “Logitech wireless mouse not working”?

As stated earlier, the respective problem generally occurs abruptly; users may not even figure out the actual cause of the error in most cases.

However, based on the analysis of users experience, we can say that such problematic situation might occur due to one of the most likely & generic causes such as batteries of low power, outdated Logitech mouse drivers, faulty connecting device or USB dongle, wrongly plugged receiver, incompatible mouse surface, etc.

Note: A point to be noted here, that the undergoing discussion is mainly directed towards the Logitech wireless mouse only that works over a USB connection, not the one with Bluetooth connection function.

Here we have presented out a comprehensive list of approaches to overcome the malfunctioning of Logitech wireless mouse. The error cause is not directed to a specific aspect, so you can’t rely on a single specific solution; you may need to try out all the below-stated fixes in sequential order unless you find the most appropriate one.

Best fixes to “Logitech mouse not working” issue

Before moving to a complex or procedural fixing way, make sure that the power button of the wireless mouse is on. In a Logitech wireless mouse, the power button is often located at the back of the mouse. So, if it is in the off state, turn it to an on state, firstly.

Change the mouse surface

The best practice to address any issue is to start with the fundamental factors and then pace forward to the technical ones. If the power button is on then, the second factor you should make sure of is that the surface you are using for mouse functioning is optimized with the device or not.

For instance, few wooden surfaces work fine for the wireless mouses while the other may not. So, using a customized mouse pad is always the best choice for any variant of the device.

Reset hardware components

Sometimes if users don’t use the mouse for an extended period, even if its power button is on, it may work then, too. To deal with such a state, you may need to reset or reconfigure the hardware components of the mouse to bring it back to a normal functioning state.  

First, unplug the connecting USB device from the computer slot and remove the power batteries from the mouse for few minutes. Then plug in the USB dongle into the relative slot again and reinsert the power batteries in the mouse. In this way, you would be able to get your mouse back in a working state unless there occurs any complex fault.

Replace the power batteries

A battery low on power is a pretty common issue and might cause the “Logitech mouse not working” problem in most cases. It is because the battery power indicating light remains on even at a low level, too, so you might not be aware of the low-powered batteries placed in your mouse.

Thus, you need to check the battery status in such a situation by replacing these with the 2 new batteries. For this, you would have to open the mouse’s back panel and remove the old power batteries first. Then insert the new batteries & close the panel again.

Replacing the weaker batteries is necessary because they can not supply enough power to the devices to smoothly carry on their functions.

Change the USB dongle slot

You might have noticed various USB ports on your computer system; there is a possibility that the slot you have plugged in your USB dongle might be in a faulty state and causing the problem in mouse functioning. This situation can be addressed by altering the slot of connecting USB device.

If you are using a standalone PC, you can use the additional USB ports located at the back of the CPU, while in the case of a laptop, try out all of the slots located either at the right or left side.

Test the connecting device on another PC

Suppose all of the aforementioned viable aspects are going fine so far. In that case, least likely, the USB dongle that serves as connecting device for the wireless mouse might be undergoing any technical fault,. Consequently, your computer system is unable to recognize it in either slot.

So, to confirm the faulty state of the USB dongle, you can test its working on another computer system. If the other system recognizes it, that means the problem is somewhere else. To check whether the new system recognizes it or not, you’d need to:

  • Access the Run application by pressing the Windows key + R as a shortcut key.
  • Type the command devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box of the Run app to launch the device manager.
  • Press Enter to proceed on.
  • In the device manager window, click on the option “mice and other pointing devices” to expand it.
  • Then, plug the USB dongle into any USB port.
  • Check if there is an option “HD-compliant mouse” right below the “mice and other pointing devices” option.

Contrarily if nothing shows there, that means the respective USB dongle is faulty or broken, and it’s time to replace it with the new one.

Update the Logitech mouse drivers

If you don’t find any hardware-related problem, the problem might be associated with the software-oriented aspect, given the mouse malfunctioning. Maybe the drivers installed for the mouse have been outdated, which may also often lead to the problem “Logitech mouse not working.”

So, you should check for the drivers’ updates in the device manager firstly. Try out the following variant approaches to update the mouse drivers.

Automatic driver update:

  • Access the device manager directly by searching it in the windows search tab or via the Run app.
  • Press the Windows key + R to launch the Run app.
  • Type the command devmgmt.msc in the Run app & press enter.
  • In the device manager window, expand the option “mice and other pointing devices.”
  • Select the respective driver and right-click on it.
  • Select the option “update driver.”
  • In the following window, click on the option “search automatically for updated driver software.”
  • If any updated version of the driver is available there, click on it to install.

Manual driver update:

  • You’d need to download the driver software compatible with your mouse model from the official Logitech website for the manual update process. Then repeat all the steps stated in the auto-update process.
  • Proceed on by clicking on the option “Browse my computer for driver software” instead of “search automatically for updated driver software.”
  • Select the downloaded driver software for its exact location in your system.

Note: If your device is a standalone PC, you need to follow the updating steps by using keyboard keys. In contrast, you may utilize the alternate option of integrated touchpads in the case of laptops.

Reinstall the default drivers

In general, the operating system automatically installs the drivers of peripheral devices; similarly, the Logitech mouse drivers get installed automatically at the time you connect the mouse with your computer system, but sometimes the things may go wrong unknowingly, the installed drivers don’t work slickly with the attached mouses.

In such a state, the Logitech mouse driver must be reinstalled. To reinstall the driver, you would be required to delete the pre-installed driver first.

  • Access the devices manager via the control panel or Run the app by following the previously explained steps.
  • Expand the option “mice and other pointing devices,” and right-click on the installed driver, and select the option “Uninstall driver.”
  • Restart the PC.

On restarting the PC, the operating system will automatically reinstall the driver software.

Test wireless mouse on another device

In few rare cases, the specific mouse you are using may also be defective or dead, and that can consequently cause the problem “Logitech wireless mouse not working.”

Therefore, it would also prove to be a practical approach if you check your mouse first. You must make sure whether the mouse is sound enough to function correctly or not; in this regard, you can connect your mouse to another computer system to indorse its robustness.


Wireless mouses manufactured by Logitech manufacturers are quite handy appliances and an excellent pick for computers encompassing both variants, i.e., standalone PCs and laptops, to add more convenience to operational functionalities. This thorough & comprehensive guide mainly focuses on a common issue most computer users encounter while using Logitech wireless mouses; the mouses abruptly stop working.

The various discussions carried over the respective problem illustrate that it may occur due to specific likely reasons such as outdated or faulty Logitech mouse drivers, broken USB dongle, extended idle periods, wrong USB port, damaged mouse, incompatible mouse surfaces, etc. Given all these aspects, we have put forward the most effective & tested approaches to address such an issue.

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