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How To Find Info About Your Relatives Living In The USA

Want to find information about your relatives living in the USA? But not sure where to get started?

If your answer is yes, then people’s search engine websites can be a great help. People search engines are the best option when it comes to finding information about anyone online.

But there are not too many people out there who are well aware of people’s search engines and their usages. In case if the same goes for you too then, there is nothing to worry about.

In this article, I will be talking about a people search engine website and how to use it to find information about relatives.

So here we go:

What are people’s search engines?

People’s search engine websites are pretty much like Google. However, instead of offering information about everything like Google, it provides you information about people.

People search engines are some online information brokers. Also, they are often called white pages or people search sites.

This kind of website collects data from various sources across the internet to find information about people. Some of the familiar sources are public records, state data, federal sources, and others.

Also, after collecting data, it creates a comprehensive profile. As a result, anyone can quickly find such websites and look for data free of cost.

How to find info on relatives in the USA?

They are finding relatives using people search engines extremely easy. People search engine websites collect information about people, including details related to their relatives.

As a result, you can run a people search and find all the details about their employees. You can then run a profile check of the relatives to see their current mailing address, contact information, and so on.

People search engine sites help you with information such as:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current mailing address
  • Phone numbers
  • Resumes and employment history
  • Divorces and marriages
  • Deaths and other civil records
  • Relatives names
  • Social media accounts
  • Sexual offenders
  • Mugshot and criminal records
  • Videos and pictures

But the question is how to find a relative in the USA with minimal information? Well, for this, you will need to use a people search engine site like Radaris as they offer USA people search by name totally for free. 

There are quite a lot of people’s search engine websites out there. However, for this tutorial, I am going to use Radaris. Why? Because it is free, plus it is straightforward to use.

So here are all the steps that you have to follow:

  • First, go to Radaris.
  • On the homepage itself, you will find a big text field. Over here, you have to enter the first name and last name of your relative. Also, you have to enter the city, state, or zip code.
  • After that, click on the search button, and it will look for information about your relative online.
  • Once the search results arrive, look through the profiles.
  • And soon, you will find contact information, current mailing details, and other information.

Also, in case you are not aware of who your relative is, you can run a search based on your name or someone else’s name from your family.

Other People Search Engines


You can also check out Truthfinder. It is also a famous people search website that you check out. The best part of this site is that it offers you extremely detailed reports. With this one, you will be able to find the most recent and correct data of anyone. Also, it has a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone.


Next, there are the PeopleFinders. This is one of the best websites when it comes to running in-depth background checks. It is effortless to use. As well as the website is free to use. However, if you want to download reports and all, you have to pay a small fee.

Final Words

So that was a quick answer to your How to find info on relatives in the USA question. Now go ahead and check these people search engine sites and see if they are working for you or not. Also, for any other questions, make comments below.

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