How to Change the Icon Size in Windows 10?

Even though the operating system of Windows 10 has evolved with time but there are often a lot of details that do the job of making it even better! Do you want to customize your Windows 10 screen and make it even better, then it’s time you learn how to change the desktop icon size to customize your screen according to your liking. 

The size of the icon might seem irrelevant at first, especially if you are considering the performance of your OS itself. Learn the right ways to elevate your desktop screens, enhance productivity, and make them more aesthetic. In our guide, we will dive into the depths of learning and find out how to resize Windows 10 icons. Explore the full spectrum of possibilities and customize your screens according to your liking; enlarge the icon or make it small; it is entirely up to you!

How to Change Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Most of us have a lot of desktop icons that may take up an unusual amount of space on our screen. You need to learn to resolve that! Follow the steps we have stated below to change the size of your desktop icons and quickly clean up your space:

  1. Start by right-clicking on the blank space on your desktop. 
  2. From the menu that pops up, choose the option View. 
  3. The arrow will open up three options for you, Large Icons, Medium Icons, and Small Icons. 
  4. Choose any of the options, and then your desktop icons will be resized automatically. 
  5. Small Icons make the screen more precise; Medium Icons are perfect, whereas Large Icons take up more space but allow you to see the different folders and icons correctly. 

How to Change the Size of Your Taskbar Icons 

How to Change the Size of Your Taskbar Icons

If you want to modify the icons or applications in your taskbar and make them smaller or larger, you can easily do it on your Windows 10. Follow the step-by-step guide here for you that allows you to conveniently make changes across your Windows 10.

  1. Start by right-clicking on your Windows 10 desktop screen. 
  2. From the menu, choose Display settings, and then another pop-up appears. 
  3. Now take the arrow towards the slider under which you will read, Change the size of text, applications, and other items. You can make it 100%, 150%, and even 175%. 
  4. Choose the option that suits you best, and then click on the Apply button. 
  5. Windows 10 might give you the choice of logging out and then logging in for a smoother experience. 

This move will allow you to make the icons in your Windows 10 taskbar larger and improve the text in the applications. For instance, the text in your Calendar apps or Microsoft Edge will become more prominent too. Your notifications center will have more significant text, so choose the size while considering this. 

Learn to Change the Size of Your File Explorer Icons in Windows 10

There are two ways you can change the size of the icons in your File Explorer. Here’s how you can do it:

Through the View Tab

If you want to resize it through the View tab, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, which is on your Windows 10 taskbar on the right-hand side. 
  • Then type File Explorer in the search bar on your screen to open the application. 
  • Now to open the icon size options, select the View tab. 
  • From the layout panel, choose the icon size from the list of options that include: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. 
  • As soon as you choose the option, the size will appear immediately. 

Throw the Display Settings

Throw the Display Settings

Make your Windows 10 experience even better through the display settings. It allows you to increase or decrease the size of text and other items on the screen. Remember that all the changes you make will also affect your screen items. 

  • On your desktop screen, on any blank space, right-click and then select Display Settings or Settings when the menu opens up. 
  • Keep scrolling down to Scale and Layout on your desktop screen. 
  • Click on the downwards-facing arrow, and then select a size of your choice. Make sure to choose a choice that enhances your display and makes it better. 
  • After you have selected, the items on your screen will be adjusted automatically. 
  • For smooth running, we advise you to restart your Windows 10. 


  1. How do I change the default icon size in Windows 10?

To change the default desktop icon size, right-click on your screen, then from the View option, just choose amongst Small, Medium, and Large. 

  1. How do I change the size of the icons?

To change the size of your icons, follow the steps stated below:

  • Open Settings, and then click on Accessibility. 
  • From the Display Size and Text option, slide the font size to adjust. Moving to the right makes the text larger, and moving to the left makes it smaller.
  • Choose the Size of your display accordingly because this changes graphics, icons, and even text. For a larger experience, move towards the right. 
  1. How do I change the size of icons in Windows?

First, click on any icon and then select it; now hold down the Control Key on your computer screen, and then using the mouse scroll wheel, go up to increase the size and go down to decrease it. 

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Quickly personalize your Windows 10 screen and make it even better. You might need smaller icons so you can organize the numerous icons you have or Large icons so everything is easily visible to you. According to what’s suitable for you, just decide and then let our step-by-step guide help you through the process!

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