12 Scariest Masks Of Them All - The Purge

12 Scariest Masks Of Them All – The Purge

As an underdog brand that was filled to the brim with social commentary about racism, social injustice, and religious fanaticism as a tool of fascist control, The Purge Mask franchise performed exceptionally well for itself during the entirety of the previous decade. 

The first impression is that it is a horror franchise about human beings being given an outlet to express animalistic brutality. However, beneath the surface (and not very far beyond the surface, mind you), it is a dark mirror that is being raised to our society, envisioning a possible dystopia that is dominated by a political party that follows the ideology of white supremacy.

Imagining a not-so-distant future in which violence is idealized, worshiped, and ultimately utilized as a tool to eradicate the poor from the United States of America progressively is the goal of creator, writer, and director James DeMonaco, together with horror movie producers Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes. 

The annual “Purge” is a weapon that the government uses to massacre underprivileged groups. On a micro level, it functions as a tool for people to commit random acts of cruelty or targeted revenge. On a macro level, however, it serves as a weapon for the government to use to eradicate marginalized communities.

In addition, The Purge franchise investigates all of these, from the straightforward house invasion to a city thrown into total chaos to the political brokers involved in taking advantage of the system. It is a horror show plus a conspiracy thriller all mixed into one, and The Purge is a series that is still going strong. 

It was initially planned that The Forever Purge, released in 2021 and the fifth picture overall, would be the final feature; however, Hollywood is known for never saying never. In order to bring the series to a successful conclusion, DeMonaco has revealed that he has one more idea that he has developed.

One of the most significant aspects of the development of The Purge is represented by the unique masks that appear in these films. It is very likely that you have encountered a variety of “The Purge” masks if you have visited a halloween masks near me store since 2013. For example, during the Halloween season of 2020, The Purge mask were among the most popular items sold besides inflatable dinosaur costumes. 

In fact, a significant portion of the series’ appeal might be attributed to the vast range of inventively terrifying masks that it features. On the other hand, which of them are the most terrifyingly memorable? With the goal of providing an answer to that question, we are going to rank the most terrifying masks from the “Purge” series, a single bloodstained grimace at a time.

The 12 Most Terrifying Masks from The Purge

There is no doubt that horror fans can mine the previous Purge movies for a plethora of classic and scary clothing that they can use for their next Halloween costumes.

Moreover, they definitely should, given that The Purge is among the least complicated costumes to put together at the eleventh hour. The mask is actually all that is required because it is so easily recognizable and so terrifying because of the light-up Xs that are placed over the eyes. It is genuinely all that needs to be done. Here is a list of the twelve most terrifying The Purge masks that will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd:

1. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Salesman 

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Salesman 

The salesman is wearing a clown mask that is drooping and covered in vivid colors in order to give the impression that it is melting theatrical makeup. While it is already creepy in and of itself, the fact that it is being used for marketing purposes renders it even more intimidating. When it comes to demonstrating how businesses deal with The Purge, this human and his mask are really terrifying.

This shady seller is simply too eager to sell masks and clothing to anyone who is interested in becoming Purgers before the start of the murderous night. He implores, “The Purge is Halloween for adults,” and he is right. Despite the fact that this does, in fact, encapsulate the atmosphere that gives these films their distinctive character, the very act of uttering it makes him appear quite repulsive.

2. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Blackface Purge Mask

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Blackface Purge Mask

It was the first mask that appeared in the third film, and it informed us that Election Year was going to be a much more prominent expression of satire directed against the United States of America. A popular racial caricature served as the inspiration for this, right down to the big eyes and pitch-black features of the character. This mask is not only terrifying, but it is also quite unpleasant to see. This serves as a stark reminder of the fact that racism is still prevalent in our culture and the ways in which it can be used to excuse acts of violence.

3. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Benjamin Franklin Mask

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Benjamin Franklin Mask

This mask represents an unsettling reimagining of a historical figure. The fact that even the US founding fathers had their shadowy sides is brought to light by this one. Indeed, even the most drunk of the founding fathers would have enthusiastically participated in the annual Purge. The invention of the Franklin stove is insignificant compared to murder that is sanctioned by the state.

4. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Big Pig Mask

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Big Pig Mask

This Purge movie mask, worn by one of the infamous teenage ladies in “Election Year,” left us more perplexed than scared: if worn under regular circumstances, it would be deemed cartoonishly cute. This adorable pig mask is made from a fabric that is soft and cuddly, and it comes with a pacifier in the shape of a raver in its mouth as well as a nose ring. There is a possibility that this mask is inventive, yet it is not sufficient to bring home the bacon on Purge Night.

5. From ‘The First Purge’: The Horned Devil Mask 

From 'The First Purge': The Horned Devil Mask 

Since this mask appears in the very first Purge film, there are not many masks that stand out in this movie. The one that stands out the most is unquestionably a meticulously crafted devil mask characterized by its massive horns. 

Because of this, The Purger who is wearing it happens to be one of the most inhuman beings depicted in the movie, and as a result, he is one of the most frightening characters. This mask, which has orange eyes, enormous horns, a long nose, and a twisted grin, is not something that you would want to have to deal with while you are attempting to survive during a Purge.

6. From ‘The Purge: Anarchy’: The Waving God Mask 

From 'The Purge: Anarchy': The Waving God Mask 

He is the head of the prominent gang in the second movie, and he gets the most out of his screen time by delivering a weak and sickly wave that sends shivers down our spines. This Purge Anarchy mask is a scary spin on the traditional roadside attraction, the waving man, famous in the United States. It is sure to give you bad dreams due to its wide smile and eyes that are unsettlingly vacant from the inside.  

7. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Mace Wielder Mask 

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Mace Wielder Mask 

Now we have this lovely mace enthusiast, so you know that we are beginning to move on to The Purge masks, which are more terrifying and functional. On the night of Purge, this individual is one of the numerous marauders who take to the roadways to commit their crimes. 

It should come as no surprise that their objective is to cause chaos and damage to anything that comes their way. The mask is straightforward but really effective. Because of the glowing eyes and the fact that the face is blank, it appears to be something from a horror movie.

8. From ‘The Purge: Anarchy’: The Motorcyclist Mask

From 'The Purge: Anarchy': The Motorcyclist Mask

The mask the motorcyclist uses is a significant contributor to the fear factor. On this list of Purge masks, it is one of the masks with the least amount of design, but it is without a doubt one of the most memorable ones. 

The look is very do-it-yourself, but it also has a pretty menacing appearance, what with the paint job that looks like a skull and the huge mouth hole. This man’s eyes are hidden from view, but you can see the vicious grin that he wears. Everyone who comes into contact with him is sure to take notice of that particular aspect.

9. From ‘The Purge’: The Grinning Mask 

From 'The Purge': The Grinning Mask 

There is also the option of adopting the traditional appearance from the first film if you do not wish to go with a mask that lights up. The only thing you need to do to strike dread into the hearts of law-abiding individuals is to wear one of these terrifying, smirking masks with a straight-haired blond wig. In addition to a significant number of other masks, these masks have become an annual mainstay in the majority of costume shops. There is a perfectly justifiable explanation for that: These masks are much more horrifying due to the fact that they are so straightforward.

10. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Kiss Me Mask 

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Kiss Me Mask 

Kimmy’s character is without a doubt one of the most memorable of the supporting cast in “Election Year.” Kimmy’s mask is big and white, featuring a crooked smile and eyes that are melting. The words “KISS ME” are prominently displayed across the mask’s forehead in smeared red letters. In addition to this terrifying mask, she wears a puffy white garment that is heavily splashed with blood. 

This results in a rather unsettling visual: When you combine the iconography of a horror movie with that of a wedding, which is all about joy and love, you create a very evocative combination. Take into account the fact that she possesses golden firearms, and you have a genuinely bizarre addition to the world of The Purge.

11. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Statue of Liberty Mask

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Statue of Liberty Mask

In The Purge attack on tourists in “Election Year,” there’s a woman dressed in a Lady Liberty outfit. She wears a green garment that is covered in blood stains, and she is wearing a light-up mask crowned by the points of the iconic crown that can be seen on the statue. 

In addition to the likes of Abe Lincoln and Uncle Sam, this horrifying interpretation of Lady Liberty creates an image that will be remembered for a very long time. Considering that this figure is featured prominently in the trailers and other promotional materials for the film, she has become an unforgettable symbol of The Purge franchise. The situation is exactly as you would expect: The “Purge” films have evolved into a blood-soaked, neon-lit lunacy, and she is a superb visual embodiment of that craziness.

This mask provides a potent representation of the United States of America. However, when viewed from the perspective of The Purge, it transforms into something sick and twisted. The fact that everything we hold sacred can be tainted is brought to our attention by this.

12. From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Uncle Sam Mask

From 'The Purge: Election Year': The Uncle Sam Mask

For many, Uncle Sam is the embodiment of the government of the United States. However, in the film The Purge, he portrays a representation of the shadowy side of the government. It is evident that this Uncle Sam isn’t here to assist, thanks to the harsh expression plus the pointed finger displayed on the mask. 

A scene that is equally visually and philosophically insane, portraying patriotism at its utmost unhinged, has this mask as one of its components. The spectacle of figures such as Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln, and others like them taking part in the murderous mayhem of the night is one that will never be forgotten. The fact that these characters appear on all of the movie posters is not surprising.

Other Popular The Purge Masks

  • From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: Patrick Henry
  • From ‘The Purge’: The Deformed School Boy
  • From ‘The Purge’: The Bird Flipper
  • From ‘The Purge’: The Interrupter
  • From ‘The Purge’: The Hipster Lumberjack
  • From ‘The Purge’: The Guy in the Hoodie
  • From ‘The Purge: Anarchy’: The Half-Skull Biker
  • From ‘The Purge: Anarchy’: The Blue-Faced Ape Man
  • From ‘The Purge: Anarchy’: The Demon Mouth
  • From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Weird Cone Mask Guy
  • From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Lingerie Model
  • From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: Chainsaw Girl
  • From ‘The Purge: Election Year’: Betsy Ross
  • From ‘The First Purge’: The Raver Skull Girl
  • From ‘The First Purge’: Flukeman
  • From ‘The First Purge’: The Window Man


How do you chronically watch The Purge franchise according to the release dates?

The following is the correct list to follow if you want to view all of the films in the order in which they were released in theaters:

  1. 2013 – The Purge
  2. 2014 – The Purge: Anarchy
  3. 2016 – The Purge: Election Year
  4. 2018 – The First Purge 
  5. 2018–19 – The television series “The Purge”
  6. 2021 – Forever Purge

What are the creepy facts about the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty in New York City is located on an island formerly the residence of New York City’s sick and dying residents. Bedloe Island had been used for a considerable amount of time as a quarantine site for people suffering from smallpox and other contagious diseases before the year 1877 when it was chosen to be the location for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.

Despite the fact that patients were compelled to remain on the island as early as 1738, it wasn’t until 1755 that a suitable hospital was constructed to provide medical care for them properly. The approximate number of people who lost their lives is still unknown.

Closing Remarks

From the moment it was first released ten years ago, The Purge franchise has managed to catch something in the mind of the general public. The dystopian horror series directed by James DeMonaco and set in a near-future America in which a yearly all-night crime spree seemed to fix all of the nation’s biggest problems continues to be a popular film series. This is not only due to the fact that the series is willing to get completely out of control with its violence but also because a significant portion of it still appears to be eerily plausible. 

This popularity has resulted in the production of five movies and two seasons of a television series based on The Purge movie franchise over ten years. It is believed that James DeMonaco, the creator of The Purge franchise, has pitched the concept of a sixth picture, indicating that the franchise has no intention of slowing down any time soon by any means. We have high hopes that the next installment of The Purge will feature even more eerie masks, but in the meantime, we hope you will enjoy these top 12 masks from The Purge movies. 

It is essential to keep in mind that the laws are still in effect even when you are wearing any of these masks. At least for the time being, the actual Purge is just fiction.

Which of the terrifying masks from The Purge is your favorite, and which one did not make it into this list? If you want us to learn more about it, please share it with Reviewsed.

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