5 Best Halloween Nails

5 Best Halloween Nails

Halloween season means experimenting with nails, but a salon trip may not be ideal, considering acrylics eventually get ruined or chipped. The best solution to get nail salon services that too at home to match different costumes for all your Halloween party invites is investing in good quality press-on nails. They offer an easy fix at home for your nails that doesn’t leave your bank account empty. You can turn up with a Halloween nails design at every event and party. These nails come in different shapes and sizes, from Square to Coffin and even Stiletto!

Let us help you get the best manicure with these 5 Best Halloween Nails that provide hassle-free application and quick removal. 

Comparing the Best Halloween Nails 

1. KISS imPRESS Press-On Manicure

KISS imPRESS Press-On Manicure

This is the new-generation manicure for all the people looking for cute Halloween nails! The nails are super comfortable and provide a natural look at home in just 30 minutes. All you have to do is prep, file, and stick it on your nail. These Kiss imPRESS nails allow you to get sturdy nails, and then you can get creative with your nails by drawing spooky designs and making cute monster art. These are also water-proof, do not fall quickly, and last up to 2 weeks. 


  1. They are made out of durable material.
  2. The nails are long-lasting, with the secure super hold technology
  3. Easy to apply and hassle-free removal
  4. You can easily get creative 


  1. Continuous use may weaken your nails in the future. 

2. Magic Potion – Color Street Nail Strips

Magic Potion - Color Street Nail Strips

Magic Potion nails are another essential when it comes to getting a cute Halloween nail fix. These come with 16 double-ended nail strips that include extras if you lose any nails. With nails like these, you can sport the perfect Halloween nails with a green to purple color-shifting shade and then a shimmery finish. The nail polish on each nail is 100% real and chip-free, making your nails last longer!


  1. Brings the salon to your home and apply in a few minutes 
  2. Shimmery and elegant finish
  3. Hassle-free removal and no dry time


  1. The viscosity of the adhesive decreases if it touches water consistently.

3. Kiss imPRESS Press-on Manicure Halloween Nails

Kiss imPRESS Press-on Manicure Halloween Nails

Kiss imPress nails are a people’s favorite, and their Halloween line is the perfect item you need to have this season. These Trick or Chic nails are a must-have; they come in different colors and are a glow-in-the-dark finish to get you ready in just a few minutes. The nails are comfortable, have a natural finish, and come with a mini kit to provide a parlor experience at home.  


  1. Durable nails for a long-lasting wear
  2. PureFit technology for a slimmer finish
  3. Glow in-the-dark nails for a spooky finish 
  4. You can reuse them with nail adhesive 


  1. Make sure not to put your hands in water because the nails will come off

4. KISS imPRESS Short Press-On Nails

KISS imPRESS Short Press-On Nails

These short press-on-and-go nails come with PureFit technology that makes the nails super comfortable and provides a slim finish. You can now get at-home salon services in 30 minutes, especially because it comes with a prepping kit. These are DIY nails that will surely make your hands look pretty. The nails have a super hold adhesive which lasts longer and for up to 2 weeks. These are cute Halloween nails with a french manicure finish. The best part is applying a bold color of nail polish can change things up a bit!


  1. Super hold adhesive to last you longer 
  2. Quick and easy application for a salon finish
  3. Hassle-free removal to take off nails quickly


  1. It has pastel polish which is prone to stains.

5. Kiss Halloween Special Design Nails

Kiss Halloween Special Design Nails

These are limited edition Halloween design nails that are just for you! Welcome the scary month with these spooky stunners; these nails come in different finishes, such as matte, glossy, and glow-in-the-dark, which are suited perfectly for Halloween. Getting these would spare you an expensive trip to the salon when you can apply them for a perfect manicure at home in just 30 minutes. They come in different nail shapes, and you can choose the one that goes according to your nail bed. You also get extra adhesive tabs which makes them easy to reuse in the future. With these Kiss nails designs, you never have to worry about your nails getting dull or chipping this Halloween!


  1. These come in a variety of choices, from matte to glossy.
  2. Perfect for the spooky season and can go with your costumes.
  3. Trouble-free application and removal


  1. You may need to change the adhesive if you plan to wear them for more than two weeks. 

Halloween Nails Buying Guide

You will come across numerous Halloween nails when surfing the internet. But the real question is, what makes any of them the best in the market? To assist you in making the right purchase for your Spooky month, we have a comprehensive buying guide. 

What are the 7 Different Shapes Perfect for Halloween This Year?

What are the 7 Different Shapes Perfect for Halloween This Year?

Are you very particular about their nails but do not want to get acrylic nails and instead wish to experiment with different Halloween nails for the spooky season? We have a breakdown of the seven trendiest nail shapes today.


U-shaped nails are also a classic option if you want something low-maintenance throughout the Halloween season. These are perfect for people with wide and stubby nail beds. 


This is another chic nail cut for people with long, narrow nail beds. You can either shape your Halloween press-on nails in this shape or get ones that are originally almond. 


For someone who wants to jump on the bandwagon of trying cute Halloween nails with a clean cut, the best way is to get your hands on the Square press-on nails. A bold design with a little white Casper will make your hands look pretty and set for Halloween!


Round nails are basic but look good on all types of nail beds. You can get nails and do fun nail art with blue and green monsters. Get creative for this month. 


Another natural option is the squoval nail cut, which is perfect for broad nail beds. You can get a ready-made press on or get creative by making them cute Halloween nails that match your costumes. 


These are pointed nails and can be the perfect addition to your Halloween costumes. If you are becoming a vampire or a witch, paint these stiletto nails red or black, and you are good to go!


The name does the talking itself. The coffin nails are high-maintenance and will be the perfect fix for the spooky month. You can get designed nails with nail art or create them yourself. 

Why Should You Get Halloween Nails Instead of Getting Acrylics Done?

Why Should You Get Halloween Nails Instead of Getting Acrylics Done

Nail art is a fun and creative way to express yourself, and it is also a great way to get your nails ready for Halloween. Acrylics are not the best option for Halloween nails because they are not as flexible and can’t be maintained throughout the month. Find out why you need cute Halloween nails for this season!

Cheaper Alternatives 

Halloween press-on nails are cheaper than acrylic nails because they are not as expensive. To get an acrylic nail done, you must go to a salon and pay for the service. With a Halloween press-on nail, you can do it yourself at home and save money. You do not have to worry about the nails getting chipped because these either come with a permanent design or you can get creative yourself.

Easy to Get Rid Off

The Halloween press-on nails are made of plastic, and you can take them off effortlessly. This differs from acrylic nails made from a mixture of acetone, monomer, and polymer; it is hard to get rid of them. So if you’re someone who gets quickly bored with the same nails and wishes to experiment with different nail art, this October can purchase the Halloween nails. 

Less Damage to Your Nail Bed

Acrylic nails are made of a mixture of liquid and powder applied to the nail bed, hardened by UV light, and then shaped. Press-on nails are less damaging than acrylic nails because they don’t use chemicals or glue. The adhesive used in press-on nails is much thinner than that of acrylics, and as such, it doesn’t damage the natural nail bed as much.

Quick Halloween Nail Design Tips 

Quick Halloween Nail Design Tips

Halloween is coming! What are you going to do for your nails? Are you still an amateur in the field of nail art? We have you sorted with tips on making your Halloween nails turn out perfectly.

  1. Choose a base color for your nails first. For example, choose orange as the base color if you want to paint a pumpkin design on your nails. If you paint a scary face on your nails, select black as the base color.
  2. Paint one of the fingers with the base color and let it dry completely before painting another finger. This is because when one finger is wet, and another is dry, there will be an uneven surface which will make our work look messy and dirty;
  3.  Paint a small pumpkin shape or a small scary face onto each of your nails with black or orange paint, respectively;
  4. Use tweezers or toothpicks to pick up some orange or black glitter, and use a small brush to make clean edges on your designs.
  5. The last step is applying a base coat to make the design last longer and then letting it dry!

Bottom Line

Grabbing the best nails in the market is essential, especially if you wish to get the perfect nails for the season. With our comprehensive buying guide and different options in the market, you can get nails that can last you during the month and compliment your costumes perfectly. Get yours now before they run out. 

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