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A New Crash Bandicoot Game Reveal May Be Planned for the Game Awards 2022

There seems to be a new Crash Bandicoot game announcement planned for The Game Awards 2022, which are set to take place in December. Although the announcement is not explicit, a lot of evidence points to it. 

Fans are less concerned about whether or not the announcement will come at the award show as they are about the kind of game Activision will be announcing. As soon as the news about the new game started making rounds on the internet, many theories came forward. 

The teaser of the new game was quite obvious, as Activision delivered a package to a few influencers shaped like a stack of pizza boxes. A receipt came along with the boxes stating that Crash Bandicoot 4 would release on October 18 on Steam. The game was already available via Activision Blizzard’s, but a release on Steam made the game available to a lot more people. 

However, another message was hidden on the pizza boxes’ side. It read, “Hungry for more? Try out our new Wumpa Pizza for $12.08.” Fans believe this is Activision hinting at something exciting coming on December 8, the day of The Game Awards.

Even though there is no clear implication, many believe that Activision will be announcing something related to Crash Bandicoot on the show. Fans have speculated that Wumpa Pizza may mean something and maybe a hint. Some suspect that it could be hinting at Wumpa League. Wumpa League is a rumored Crash Bandicoot project that is a free-to-play party game and is similar to Fall Guys. 

In August, Activision studio Toys for Bob posted a picture of all the games they had ever made, and for the eighteenth game, there was a blank frame. Fans believe this is another hint that there is a new Crash Bandicoot game in development since Toys for Bob was the developer of Crash Bandicoot 4. 

Nevertheless, Crash Bandicoot fans don’t have to wait too long to find out since The Game Award show is only two months away.

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