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10 Best Halloween Trees You Can Buy

Who said trees are just meant for Christmas decoration? Candy cane and trinkets are accessories that go with trees, but what better way than to drag them out and make a Halloween tree from them? Bring out bats, ghost signs, and cobwebs to make your Halloween tree stand out amongst the lot. But before getting into the details of decoration, it is important to get your hands on the tree that can withstand all that you plan to do with it and more. 

We have listed the 10 best Halloween trees you can buy to bring a twist to your Halloween this year. You can use these small items to make the perfect Halloween village to showcase this spooky season!

The Best Halloween Trees You Can Find on the Internet

You do not have to spend time searching for the right items when you can easily choose from these options. They are some of the best ones in the market that you can surely get your hands on. 

1. Department 56 Halloween Tree

Department 56 Halloween Tree

Department 56 has been in the market for quite some time and has been producing some of the best traditional holiday items, their Halloween tree being one of them. This tree is the perfect item to add to your village scenes and can be a spooky addition to make the people in your surroundings feel like they are the ones walking beside it. 

It has intricate details with lights shining and pumpkins to give the perfect Halloween touch. You can add these to your homes, schools, and even Halloween-themed projects this season!

2. Village Autumn Trees

Village Autumn Trees

This pack of 3 is yet another perfect addition to your Halloween showcases. This item is ideal for your small village. The maple autumn trees add to the scene with their brown leaves and dark bark. The trees are made of good quality material, which will not get damaged easily and can be the perfect addition to showcase your Halloween village. Make any village even more spooky and Halloween-ready with these village autumn trees. 

3. Stormy Night Tree Figurine

Stormy Night Tree Figurine

Is it Halloween if your village does not have a scary-faced tree? Well, not really, and we know exactly what you need. The Department 56 stormy night figure can be the addition you need to make your Halloween village the right amount of scary. It comes in brown and is made of resin material, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged because it will not. The figure shows a scary tree with an open mouth and 5.91 inches. The details of the tree are quite intricate and look pretty natural. 

4. Halloween Kettle Sisals Trees Figurine Set

Halloween Kettle Sisals Trees Figurine Set

Who knew trees had so many kinds? Another addition to this list of Halloween trees is the Kettle Sisals figure set. It is a genuine village accessory and comes in a pack of two. One of them is 6inch while the other one has an 8inch size. The trees have intricate details and are carefully crafted for the use of the people to showcase their Halloween villages. The best part about getting these trees is that they have versatility, and you can use them for other settings too. 

5. Twinkle Bright Tree Lit Figurine

Twinkle Bright Tree Lit Figurine

This 11-inch beautiful-lit figure tree is something you do not want to miss out on. Your scary little Halloween can have a corner with purple lights, where you add your mini ghosts or make a graveyard to add to the spookiness. These require 2-C batteries and a D56 adapter that smoothen the process of lighting your Halloween village. These are crafted from wire and made with the right material that can last you longer for several Halloween villages. 

6. Candy Corn Halloween Tree 

The cutest Halloween tree on the list is this Candy Corn tree. These are the must-have item that you need for your indoor Halloween decoration. Add some cobwebs, spiders, and even a tissue paper roll, and it will make the perfect Halloween ornament for a spooky effect. The tree comes in three options, the 4-foot and the 3-foot size. You can get creative with the 4-foot one since it’s a little bigger. 

The candy corn tree is made of PVC and comes with a plastic stand, perfect for your Halloween and Christmas decor. You do not have to worry about the tree getting damaged; make sure to cover it with a plastic bag when storing it so you can bring it out on Christmas and next year too. Invest in this tree if you wish to show off your Halloween spirit differently!

7. Halloween Midnight Moss Trees Figurine 

Halloween Midnight Moss Trees Figurine

Here’s another addition to the village accessories, the Midnight Moss figurine is the tree you need this Halloween. It is a two-piece set made of moss and metal, so you do not have to worry about it getting ruined. The tree’s dimensions include 7 and 8 inches which is the perfect size for your Halloween-themed village. The accessory is made from the very own tested Department 56, who have crafted each detail intricately to ensure they provide you with the best Halloween tree that looks real as they do in the movies!

8. Black Tinsel Halloween Tree 

Black Tinsel Halloween Tree

Bring out all your Halloween ornaments or get your hands on the best ones in the market because this Black tinsel tree will need them all. The tree is 6 feet tall and has a 20-inch base diameter to balance the weight, so it doesn’t fall. The tree is designed to look and feel quite alike, with its individually created branches having the right space for your Halloween lights and ornament placement. The tree has hinged branches that you can set up and easily fold back to store conveniently. The moment you get it out of the box, keep it aside for 40-60 minutes, so it takes its original shape. 

The material used in the making is quite sturdy, it has fire-resistant needles, so you do not have to worry about it burning down your porch, and it’s hypo-allergenic, so it won’t cause a reaction for you, especially if you are prone to allergies. Bring this one for the perfect holiday cheer, and get creative this Halloween!

 9. Halloween Ghost Tree Lit Figurine

Halloween Ghost Tree Lit Figurine

Do you love Casper, the friendly ghost? Then you will surely love this Halloween Ghost Tree figure! It comes with cute lights that are covered by white ghosts which are wrapped around the tree. The tree is made out of resin and has differently shaped bark to give it a scary touch. You can illuminate the tree using a battery, and it can provide a spooky feel to your Halloween village. The height is 6.75 inches and is a perfect size. 

10. Artificial Full Halloween Tree

Artificial Full Halloween Tree

The Artificial full Halloween tree is undoubtedly one of the best. It is designed to fulfill the need for a massive tree that feels real. It comes in different shapes, including 4.5, 6.5ft,7ft, 7.5ft, and 9 ft tall, with differently shaped branches to make it as natural as possible. The branches are full-bodied, which makes hanging ornaments and lights relatively easy. It is made with suitable material and a durable base so the tree can easily stay balanced. Now transform your homes or create a spooky Halloween porch this season with this black tree!

Bottom Line

This Halloween, get creative with your miniature villages and create one of the best ones. These are made of good quality material that is not easily damaged, and some of these can be efficiently utilized in other seasons. So invest in some of the best Halloween trees this season, and you will not regret your purchase!

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