Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

11 Best Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

Halloween is an occasion of celebration. Throughout history, certain traditions have been associated with Halloween. For example, dressing up in costume, trick or treating, lighting bonfires, decorating and sometimes watching horror movies together.

Since the launch of Netflix, no Halloween is complete without good Halloween movies on Netflix. However, there is always a dilemma of what to watch. Nobody wants to waste their time searching for good Halloween movies on Netflix that can complete their day on a good note.

But, do not worry, we got you! Here are the 11 best horror movies to watch on Halloween. Get ready for some scary stuff ahead.

Note: Maybe some movies are not available in your country’s Netflix library, So to access those movies opt for Netflix VPN.

1. Sinister II

Among many other Halloween movies Netflix, Sinister II stands apart. In the movie, there is a story of a woman who escaped her abusive husband. She went on to live in a rural area with her twins. Little does she know that house was cursed by an evil spirit named Bughuul.

One of the children named Dylan received visits from ghoulish children who would encourage him to murder his family. They would show him photographs of slaughtered families. Watch the movie to know how the family got rid of that curse. 

2. Insidious 

The all-time hit horror movie Insidious is now on Netflix. Arguably, It is one of the best Halloween Netflix movies. If you haven’t watched it yet, hurry up before it gets removed. 

Here, the story is about a child that is being pulled up into the world of ghosts. The father hires an expert who takes him in that world to rescue his child. They find him by following the clues that the child left behind. The movie is filled with horror, suspense, and unexpected twists. 

3. Child’s Play 2

The classic killer doll Chucky is now back and is most eligible to get on the list of Netflix Halloween movies. You have seen people dress up as Chucky on Halloween as well, which tells the impact and success of this movie. 

The story of the movie revolves around a cursed doll that goes to a family as an innocent doll. Later, when the guards are down, it starts to show its true colours and starts to murder the family members one by one. There is an extreme thriller when the family members try to escape the bloody claws of this doll. 

4. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Netflix original “I am the pretty thing that lives in the house” is a part of the Halloween Netflix theme. Throughout the movie, there is a sustained fear and atmosphere of discomfort. 

In the movie, there is a nurse who went into a haunted house to take care of an elderly patient. There she is met with a ghost of past tragic events. 

5. His House 

If you want to see a family Halloween movie on Netflix, His house would be the best choice. It is shown in the movie how a family from South Sudan comes as a refugee to the United Kingdom.

As much they want to leave their past behind, the past comes back and haunts them. An evil spirit from their homeland follows them to their new home. In addition, there is a blend of trauma, ghosts, and all sorts of scary things with a new twist. 

6. Little Evil

Another child-related horror movie that has become the signature of Halloween movies Netflix. This time, the story is about an evil child named Lucas. 

Gary marries a woman with a child in the hope to become a happy family. In the efforts to try to connect with his new stepson, Gary began to see a pattern of unusual stuff. As his suspicions grew, he began to think that his child might be Antichrist. Follow the movie to the end to know what he does next. 

7. Veronica

A Spanish movie with many awards to its name, Veronica, is regarded as impossible to watch alone. If you are up for a challenge, this movie would be the best to test your limits.

The movie starts with two friends trying to summon a ghost using an Ouija board on the night of an eclipse. Starting as a joke, the game attracted an evil spirit as, during the game, one of the girls became unconscious. As this happened, they knew they had a visitor, a supernatural one.

8. The Ritual

Under the banner of Netflix original, The Ritual is a story about a group of four friends hiking in the wilderness of Sweden. Halfway in their hike, they began to see animal remains and bones along the path. First, they ignored it. However, that ignorance turns out to be a mistake. 

If you are sick of vampires, ghost possessions, and haunted houses, this movie is perfect for you. Here, there is an unusual creature in the wilderness that makes the lives of these friends hell. Tune in to the movie to see how they escaped out or were not able to escape at all. 

9. Sinister (2012)

  • Duration: 1h 50m
  • IMDb rating: 6.8

The true-crime author Ellison Oswald, also known as Ethan Hawke, finds himself in a creative rut. He is desperate for a hit as he has yet to achieve a bestseller in over a decade. Therefore, discovering a snuff film picturing a family’s tragic demise, he unravels the mystery. He and his family relocate to the victim’s residence, and he begins his investigation. Nevertheless, as he stumbles upon old film footage and other clues suggesting the presence of a supernatural force, Ellison realizes that residing in the house could be a life-threatening decision. The unsettling final scenes are compelling, not only because Bughuul is regarded as one of Blumhouse’s most captivating horror movie villains but also because it strays from the traditional concept of a joyful conclusion. One might assume that Ellison will discover a way to protect himself and his family from evil and come out alive. However, the unexpected turn of events shows us that it’s Ashley who ends up being responsible for taking everyone’s lives.

10. A Quiet Place (2018)

  • Duration: 1h 30m
  • IMDb rating: 7.5

This movie depicts the story of a small family: a father, portrayed by John Krasinski, and a mother, played by Emily Blunt, as they strive to make sure that their two children, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupethe, are protected, and they survive in a post-apocalyptic realm where blind extraterrestrial creatures with extraordinarily acute hearing dominate. “If they hear you, they hunt you.” In this terrifying, nail-biting thriller, a family must live in complete silence to avoid enigmatic creatures that hunt and kill solely through sound. Being aware that even the faintest whisper or sound could lead to one of them being dead, Evelyn and Lee Abbott are committed to protecting their children under any circumstances while discovering a way to fight back. Nonetheless, their challenge takes a complex turn when Evelyn welcomes a baby into their world.

11. The Ritual (2017)

  • Duration: 1h 34m
  • IMDb rating: 6.3

This fascinating thriller begins with five friends, Luke, Hutch, Dom, Phil, and Robert, having drinks at a pub to discuss their vacation plans. Rob proposes an idea of a hiking adventure in Sweden, but his friends turn down his suggestion. Later, Luke and Rob make an alcohol run where they interrupt a robbery, resulting in a tragic event in which Rob is no longer alive. Half a year later, the four remaining friends take that hiking trip in Sweden, where they find themselves on a path that takes a dark and dangerous twist in the events. They are welcomed into a mysterious forest with eerie symbols and experience disturbing signs. Their horrifying nightmares come to life while taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, and they find themselves haunted by an unstoppable evil. They live in a literal nightmare where fighting for survival becomes tough with ancient cults and supernatural forces.

Final Words

Halloween is the time of the year when we all dress up in spooky costumes with the intention of scaring out everyone around. In the crisp air of autumn, when kids are stopping at your doorstep for candies, and you are enjoying a night with your family or even friends, everything looks at its place, but there’s still a feeling like something’s missing, Halloween movies on Netflix will fill that emptiness. 

We have listed some of the best movies above in the article that will help you a great deal in choosing which one to watch on a Halloween night. Because, of course, a Halloween movie is what you should watch. 

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