What Could Happen In Money Heist Season 5 Vol.2

What Could Happen In Money Heist Season 5 Vol.2

Vol.1 Synopsis

Cecilia Krull (The writer of money heist’s theme song “My Life is Going On”) said, “If I am losing now, but I’m winning late” now we all hope it comes true after what happened in the last season’s vol.1.

Well, one of the most successful and award-winning Netflix series, Money Heist, is possibly coming to an end.

Vol.1 Synopsis

It all started when the Professor recruited Tokyo and other gang members to execute his master plan to rob and humiliate the whole Spanish system by entering into the Royal Mint of Spain and coming out with 2.4 billion euros after printing the cash by themselves. Although it cost them Moscow’s, Oslo’s, and Berlin’s lives, but it was so slick that everybody, including the chief inspector of police at that time or should I say Lisbon, hmmm!? Ended up living tales they never believed would come true.

damn phone call

It was nothing less than a fairy tale until Rio made that damn phone call, and here we go again masks, red jumpers, and chaos, but this time it was the bank of Spain which continues with the tragic death of “The Maserati” Tokyo.

The Maserati

If I say Tokyo took the limelight of season 5 vol.1, then I wouldn’t be exaggerating it. Flashbacks of her moments with Rene and Rio made all of our hearts numb. Oh! That death of Rene and the last dance with Rio. We all knew things were going to get nasty.

Season 5 Vol.2

Creators Thoughts:


Due to the pandemic, every single business worldwide suffered losses, so did the creators for Money Heist. It put the whole production of season 5 in total jeopardy, but the creators felt the other way around. As J.F.Kennedy said:

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize the opportunity.” Quote is taken from goodreads.com

They saw the opportunity to make this masterpiece even better. The creator of this series Alex Pina and his team believe that the pandemic made them think unthinkable. According to Alex Pina.

“In Volume 2, we focus more on the emotional situation of the characters. It is a journey across their sentimental map that connects us directly to their departure.” Quote is taken from bustle.com

This only means one thing, that the finale is going to be far beyond our expectations, and this season is going to end with a bang. 


Let’s think about what could be the possible bang we are expecting. Many theories are roaming around regarding characters’ deaths since it has become this series’s pattern to depart some characters from each season.


Well, some of our facts indicate the same. After Professor lost Tokyo, for whom Professor has the most affection after Lisbon and Lisbon took charge inside the bank, we feel that the next turn is of Lisbon’s to say goodbye. And Professor ends up being alone again as he was the lone and shy guy before the heists.


And she may not be the only one who is going to say goodbye. Rio may follow her lead as he is also a potential contender to be departed; after Tokyo’s death, Rio may feel that it is on him. After all, he was the reason to get into the bank of Spain, and with all the trauma he is going through, he may end up as a hero, and what better way to become a hero than to die for a cause.


We can expect a new gang member as well, as Berlin’s son, a Cybersecurity expert’s story is going in the flashbacks of how he managed to decode the security locks at Copenhagen and felt the satisfaction in doing what is in his family’s blood “the heist.” He may join the gang to rescue them from the possible danger of being totally wiped out. 

Berlin’s son

Yes, the whole gang can die as the army is still in the bank and the Spanish government gets overthrown by the Professor. It is Money Heist who knows what will happen the next moment. You expect Tokyo to say, “Rio, I don’t want to lose you as I lost Rene.” Instead, you hear Denver saying, “My dad died in a heist. I won’t let my sister die.”

bye tokyo

But all of these are assumptions; after all, only creators know what is going to happen and when. And why would I try to give the spoilers after I know what Netflix did with the spoiler makers, lol

The Cautious Kidnapping:

The Cautious Kidnapping:

When hundreds of millions of people at a time are waiting for a series to get released, you cannot imagine the magnitude of the demand. The same thing happened with the money heist, so the opportunist fans started ruining the content by giving spoilers right after the release.

Witnessing the hype being fizzled out, the administration came up with a dramatic strategy; they invited all the top 100 fans worldwide to be a part of the mega stream in Madrid. All fans boarded the plane, unaware of what’s coming for them. Money heist season 5 vol. 1’s official duration was 5 hrs, so was the flight’s.

It may have helped some of us in enjoying Vol.1, but those 100s wouldn’t be really happy.



If the heist becomes successful or not, whatever happens, one thing is for sure there will be action everywhere, as the Professor is going to unleash his wrath to avenge Tokyo. We are all going to witness something exceptional on 3rd December 2021. Just hope Vol.2 won’t ruin our experience, our bond, our feelings for this series, like the last season of Game of Thrones did with their fans (fingers crossed).

Note: If Netflix is Geo Restricted in your region or Money Heist is not available in your Netflix library, you can opt for Netflix VPN to watch Money Heist Season 5 Vol.1.

Money Heist: Part 5 | Volume 2 Teaser | Netflix

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