Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 Vol.1 Review

Una mattina mi sono alzato O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao!!! Oooh, dear, I can still feel those chants in my ears as I am trying to get back to life from the hangover of Money Heist. 

Well, the series is no doubt a masterpiece that shows the Professor’s incredible plan, remarkable character development, highlighted some social issues, and much more. And this legacy continues in the latest season of Money Heist – Season 5, Volume 1.

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So grab your snacks, sit tight because we’re just getting started.



While bingeing season 5, there were many points where my heart skipped a beat and especially at the end. Season 5 starts with the same excitement where season 4 ended where Professor and the gang celebrate the iconic stunt that they pulled together where they rescued Lisbon right under the nose of the government and drop her into the Royal Mint right under the nose of CNI and made the whole system a joke in front of the world, but what Profession didn’t know is, in those chants of “For Nairobi” there was a great misery which was approaching Professor under the face of Alicia Sierra and here comes the tale of tragedies which is far from ending.

From Professor’s refusal to turn his gang in, to Professor hanging from a chain with a bullet in him. From flashbacks of Berlin’s family reunion to the anticipation of Professor’s family falling apart.

From Tomayo calling the military intervention to the smooth escape of Marseille. Episode 1, “The End of the Road,” was a rollercoaster ride but surely felt like the end of the road.

The Hope

The Hope

In Professor’s absence, all the gang in the mint felt like a bunch of orphans, then came the much-appreciated turn where suddenly women took charge. With their masks off, Lisbon, Stockholm, Tokyo lead the hostages to negotiate with the government.

Moreover, they took the hard decision to release Gandia to buy some time as they anticipated that the government doesn’t have the Professor that only meant that Alicia Sierra was acting on her own. The game is not over yet, but to release Gandia was really the hard pill to swallow for the whole gang, which ignite the brawl among them that ended up in the form of revolt by the hostages.

revolt by the hostages

Well, there were some logic-defying moments in that revolt, but that didn’t feel a lot as Stockholm ended that rebellion by aiming her Glock at Arturo, but back at the Professor’s hideout scenes were pretty intense when Professor was just a notch close be back in-game, and he was using his best things brain and talk for his come back, and all the fingers were crossed as if the moment was happening with us.

Giving Birth

However, the real twist came out when Alicia’s water broke out, and she was about to give birth; the scene was pretty emotional as Alicia thought that the only way out for her and the life inside her is knowing the Professor’s complete plan and sabotage it, but being a mother her priority was to give birth safely and here the viewer witness the misery and powerlessness a woman faces while doing one of the most powerful and greatest thing in this world “Giving Birth.”

Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans

While Professor offered his help to Alicia, the military in command of commander Sagasta entered in the mint with their wrath, and believe me, when the reds came, it was nothing but war. Granates, rockets, machine guns, snipers, you name it was not Afghanistan or Iraq. It was the Royal Mint of Spain.

Royal Mint of Spain

While the gang in red jumpsuits faced hell, Berlin, on flashback, teaches his son the art of heist that thief’s blood runs in him by stealing some artifacts from Copenhagen. He made him feel how much satisfaction and peace he will find while doing what he was born for.

Goodbye Beautiful

The end starts with the tragic scene when Tokyo tells the story of her ex-boyfriend Rene, who died during the heist, which made her say the big yes to the Professor (if you know, you know).

But there was some fun part as well when Tokyo teased Gandia, who came back under Sagasta’s command and pushed him to the extent that he threw a grenade which ended up in killing one of the Sagasta’s team members, and Gandia almost died with the hands of his own team.

When only Tokyo, Denver, and Manila were defending against the military might, the remaining team was stuck in the artifacts room. Rio is furiously hammering the jackhammer on the roof to put a hole in the hope of rescuing his teammates, especially Tokyo. We all knew where it was heading.

Tokyo killed Gandia

The end was maybe not as we desired, but the only positive thing we can extract is that Tokyo killed Gandia. Oopsy daisy. Did I just give a major spoiler?

My Verdict

Well, maybe there were not many satisfying moments, but it was not bad. Although there were some logic-defying moments, and the season followed the previous plotting track, it was overall a good half of the season, which really creates a curiosity for the other half. I would rate it 7 out of 10. Adiós!

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