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Whoer VPN Review

Sometimes, to avail of different facilities online, you need VPNs to help you access websites or applications that may not be available in your area. Not just that, VPN also makes browsing and downloading faster without revealing your true identity. 

Cyprus-based VPN provider Whoer VPN is relatively new to the VPN market. With this VPN, you can browse the web, stream video, and more without worrying about security and privacy.

In this article, I will give you an overview of the advantages you will get from the application, besides some drawbacks. I will tell you my experience using the application so you won’t have to go through the whole process independently.

What is Whoer.net?

Whoer is a VPN-providing application. The best way to hide your identity while surfing the internet is with Whoer VPN. In this article, you will learn how to hide your IP address, protect your data while using public wi-fi points, and unblock blocked websites in your country using the whoer VPN.

It’s a decent VPN provider that allows torrenting, streaming popular services, and browsing under robust privacy protection. It has many additional features outside of the handy Double VPN and VPN hiding on its desktop clients.

Whoer VPN provides free access to a working free VPN with all the functions, without traffic or time restrictions and advertisements. The free version allows users to connect to some of the servers at the speed of some Mbps.

Step-by-step guide to use Whoer.net VPN

You need to install it on your device, either android, iOS or windows. You can get it on chrome through its website by adding it as an extension; you can use it for free on the Netherlands server and block sites needed to be discovered.

install it on your device

If you want to connect to other servers, you’d require a premium subscription.

premium subscription

You can opt for any mode of subscription as per your requirement and budget. After you have paid for the premium services, you’ll get key code access, and you get facilitated with premium facilities.

Once you’ve installed the application, opened it, and connected to a server, it would activate your VPN, and you can browse different websites.

activate your VPN

You can disconnect when you don’t need the service anymore.

You can manage your privacy concerns in the settings section, such as setting up a suitable language, running DNS queries, hiding your IP address from third parties, etc.


If you need any customer support services, you can send feedback on the website or direct message the customer support services to get instant services.

 customer support

Facilities Whoer VPN provides

Secure surfing

VPNs need to provide solid privacy policies to get their job done. Whoer VPN delivers in that respect. Whoer IP provides you to surf securely on the internet. As far as security features are concerned, Whoer offers Industry-standard OpenVPN protocol, Kill switch, and Double VPN features.

Secure surfing

The application does not even keep logs on your searches. Cyprus-based Whoer VPN has strict no-logs policies and is registered in Cyprus. So I think your personal information is likely to remain safe, and Whoer’s no-logs policy seems to be here to stay, at least what their policy states. These are quite a few features in this VPN security package that cover the basics for people who want to protect their browsing habits.


Easy to use

This VPN provider is an easy-to-use application with no complexities; you can use it on your own, not needing a guide or something. It can be used by anyone easily.

You can download the applications from the website or the corresponding application store that the website guides you to. Each has its page where you can find detailed step-by-step setup instructions; pictures for better understanding accompany all instructions.

In other words, you may not even need to look at the instructions because the installation process is very simple and intuitive.

Vast coverage

There are millions of publicly available IP addresses, whether they belong to a website or a user. You can quickly find out anything you want to about an IP address or domain by typing the information into the service.

Also, you can connect to any server in whoer, net service for better services and connectivity. So if a server is overloaded, you can connect to any other available server.

Payment plans

Payment plans

According to the length of a subscription, Whoer offers us three packages. Currently, the shortest subscription period includes a $9.90 per month subscription fee (cheapest option), followed by the 6-month subscription, which receives a 35% discount for availing of the long-term plan.

You can pay $39.00 in one lump sum, which probably costs $6.50 per month compared to a monthly subscription where you have to pay $9.90 for a month. If you sign up for a 1-year subscription, you will pay even less for the long-term, just $46.90 ($3.90 per month), which is a 60% savings compared with a monthly subscription.

If you want to use it free of cost, then that is also available in this application. However, there are few features in the free version, and you can only have limited services.

Different servers

If you’re choosing a VPN, it’s important to look at its server distribution across countries. . As a rule of thumb, faster speeds come with more servers, but eventually, it all depends on if the people are using the same server at the same time so the server with more users connected to it will normally have slower speeds.

It would be best to look for a VPN provider with many servers spread across several countries so you won’t have to worry about overburdened servers or slow countries.

Unblocking several sites

You can use Whoer VPN to bypass geo-restriction policies implemented by streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and others. The Whoer VPN website explicitly states that you can use the VPN to unblock streaming services with geo-restriction practices in place.

There is, however, a constant change in policies regarding streaming, as mentioned earlier, services that prevent people from circumventing them. It remains to be seen whether Whoer VPN will stop operating in this manner at some point in the future.

In terms of torrent downloading, it is necessary to use a VPN. Without using one, you will put yourself in a very vulnerable position. Ultimately, this may cause your ISP to issue a warning letter, fines, or even legal prosecution.

Speed test

You can run a speed test on your network connectivity in a whoer, net server. I ran a speed test, and the results were as follows:

Speed test

These speed test results show that the performance of Whoer VPN is understandable. If you connect to a nearby location, it should be sufficient for general browsing and medium-quality streaming, and just the right server is needed for a fast speed. Sometimes the app tends to guide for the fastest server in your area.

It is clearly stated on the Whoer VPN website that their service can be safely used for torrent downloading. However, this is only allowed when connecting to the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine servers.

Customer services

Customer Support

Whoer VPN customer support is available for several hours of the day. The company offers two options for contacting it, namely: Live Email Chat. You have probably read the reviews of Whoer VPN users regarding its customer support; the reviews are full of praise.

I tested the customer service staff twice on different days. I have mixed feelings about this. The first time I interacted with Whoer’s customer service, it was just amazing. I asked them a few questions. Not only did they give me satisfactory answers, but they were very willing to clarify the information.

Drawbacks that come along provided services 

Not many servers

Who provides a small network of servers in comparison to other VPN apps. Only a few of the servers are available, restricting facilities for their customers.

Connectivity issues

One of the major issues whoer net has is that you face connection issues. You are having fewer servers causing some connecting issues for IP addresses, so that you may experience some difficulty.

No money-back guarantee

Even though the company states a 30 days money-back guarantee but giving an honest review, I won’t say that you will get your money back if you have paid and used the application.

Ads in application

The free cost user’s experience unwanted ads in the application. However, the company hasn’t solved this issue, and there is no ad blocker provided.

Bottom line

Whoer.net VPN is an application that suits your pocket and provides you with many services but lacks some major factors. But we have to admit that if something has some plus points, it is understandable to have some drawbacks. I’ll recommend using this app if you want secure surfing.

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