PreMarkets Review

Is PreMarkets the best choice for online brokers- and if so, why? Read this review to find out!

The Must-Know Details Summed Up

In short, PreMarkets is a top-level, general online broker designed to streamline the digital trading experience and make it more accessible for anyone who wants to join. It is a legitimate service with a great reputation and can genuinely make a difference to someone looking for a better way to manage investments

What Are the Pros and Cons of PreMarkets?


  • Professional broker services
  • Flexible access through multiple devices
  • Support for learners
  • Excellent design
  • Fast, reliable performance
  • Low cost
  • Easy deposits with various accepted payment methods (standard currency and cryptocurrency)


  • It doesn’t work in some countries (see terms and conditions).
  • Slow registration process.
  • Further development is required on the mobile platform.

Core Features

Core Features

Access to Professional Broker Services

Some people think online trading apps are there to replace brokers, but this is not the case. The best platforms connect people to the professional broker services they need to manage their activities- and PreMarkets ticks that box. 

Users love having the option to trade independently using the platform or work directly with the brokers to facilitate transactions. Either way, the level of professionalism earns PreMarkets a big green tick. 

Flexible Investment Options

PreMarkets works in several markets, including foreign currency exchange (FOREX), cryptocurrency trading, stock investments, and CFDs (Contracts for Difference). These general broker services offer versatility and diversification- something most investors view as a major positive. 

Each market has its own portal and set of tools- including tailored reports, strategy advice, and expert tutorials. 

Mobile Trading On the Go

The mobile app may still be developing, but it is already a valuable tool with plenty of benefits. It is the perfect way to stay connected and in control throughout the day without being glued to the desk. Sign in through the downloadable app (available in the relevant app stores) on a smartphone or tablet and monitor trading activities from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Just be sure to log out from the desktop before heading out, as each account can only be active on one device at a time for security reasons. The same credentials apply to all devices.

Helpful Analysis Tools

Analyzing market data effectively is essential for successful trading, and the tools provided by PreMarkets make it much easier to do. Users can streamline their reports based on personal parameters- or they can choose from pre-set reports that cover all the essentials. 

Live trackers and real-time updates make currency trading much easier- especially in the FOREX portal. There are plenty of tutorials available for mastering these tools and understanding how to interpret the information to use when making investment choices.

How Good Is the User Experience Overall?

How Good Is the User Experience Overall?

Platform Design

The design is hard to fault. Other than some very small details that are still under development, the whole thing looks extremely professional and well thought out. Each trading portal is perfectly tailored for optimal user experience and ease- and the main dashboard is streamlined for convenience and efficiency. 

Across the board, the design is paired back and minimalistic- so it doesn’t get confusing trying to find the way around. Even first-time traders can find their footing quickly on the PreMarkets platform. 

Customer Support

PreMarkets’s customer support team is excellent. The team works 24/7, primarily through email and chat, but phone calls can be arranged when needed. There is also an extensive FAQ base for fast answers. Response times are short, and the help provided is highly knowledgeable and professional. 

Ease of Use

Again, convenience is king on the PreMarkets platform. Everything seems to have been designed with ease of use in mind, and the execution is exceptional. From the account dashboard to specialist tools- everything is intuitive and makes sense. 

PreMarkets Review In a Nutshell

Anyone looking for a streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable approach to online trading should consider joining the PreMarkets platform. The investment options are varied, the support is top-notch, and there is very little to fault in the way of design. 

Head to the official website now for further information about how to get started!

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