Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

We are huge fans of gaming chairs because they make the long hours we spend in front of the computer more comfortable and easier on our back, shoulders, and neck. We are always on the lookout for the next best ergonomically designed gaming chair that provides excellent comfort for an affordable price.

Kinsal High-Back Gaming Chair offers some enticing features and claims of comfort for an incredible price, so if you are looking for a chair that wouldn’t break the budget, the chances are that you have come across Kinsal High-Back Gaming Chair.

At first glance, the Kinsal chair looks comfortable with a pleasing racing style high back look and a price below $150 that seems too good to be true. However, is there more than to chair than what meets the eye?

In this review, we give you a breakdown of all the specs, the features and the good and bad aspects of the chair’s design, comfort, and functionality, and we hope that the information we provide in this Kinsal Gaming Chair Review will help you save money and get the best gaming chair possible:

Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent quality upholstery
  • Fantastic back and neck support
  • Up to 280 Lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable armrest and height
  • Outstanding Support for long-time gaming sessions
  • Solid built quality 
  • Silent and smooth wheels
  • Comes with an ID card that allows easy replacement
  • Easy to assemble
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Can struggle to move on thick carpet
  • Does not offer great breathability 
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Complains about the unstable armrest

Specifications and Features



High-Back Large Race Seat, Bucket Seat

Sitting Dimensions

18’’ x 10’’

Backrest Dimensions

22.4’’ x 34.6’’

Max Capacity

280 LB


Black, Blue, Red, White, Blue/WHite

Build Materials

Steel, PU Leather, High-Density Shaping Foam, Plastic

Price Range


With excellent specifications, Kinsal Gaming chair also comes with a range of impressive features, including:

  • Adjustable height
  • Bucket Seat
  • High level back
  • ID Cards
  • Premium quality, fade resistant PU covers
  • Removable head and lumbar pillows
  • Smooth racing caster wheels
  • Tool-free assembly process
  • Tubular steel frame
  • 90 to 180 degrees tilt mechanism

Design And Upholstery

kinsal gaming chair Design

The Kinsal High Back Gaming Chair has the trendy high back racing style design that was made popular by higher-end chairs. It is now prevalent among gaming chairs foe example Merax Gaming Chair because of the design’s ability to distribute the user’s weight evenly, which increases comfort and provides better support.

The steel frame that acts as the backbone of the design isn’t as high quality as you would find in higher-end and leaves much to desire due to poor built quality, which affects the durability. Over time, with repeated use, it is highly likely that the steel frame will lose its shape, which will reduce comfort.

To cater to different tastes, the chair comes in a selection of different color accents, which looks pleasant to the eye, especially with the diamond pattern stitching on the back of the chair. As you would expect from a gaming chair from this budget range, Kinsal gaming chair has PU leather upholstery, which on closer inspection, also fails to impress due to its thinness and low quality. The quality material used is prone to tearing.

Comfort And Support

kinsal gaming chair Comfort

Although the Kinsal Gaming Chair claims to be designed for heavy users, it fails to deliver to its promise. It is suitable for users under 250 lbs. Having said that, users that weigh on the lighter side, 150lbs or less, won’t also have a pleasurable experience when using the chair for extended periods due to the inadequate padding of the chair.

The Kinsal gaming chair has a high back, headrest and lumbar support that is suitable for users that are tall or have taller torsos. The combination of these features should make comfortable, but the seat of the chair tips forward, which counteracts the comfort the high back, is supposed to provide.

The adjustable lumbar support cushion is also made from low-quality padding that is prone to collapse. Although the extendable footrest is a nice touch that adds comfort to the chair, it is made with the same low-quality material as the rest of the chair. The low-quality materials are a running theme.

The most enticing feature of the chair is its massage function. However, it does not perform as well as we had hoped for, but some people will enjoy the gentle massage vibrations.


If you do not have exceptional DIY skills or you are not good with tools, you do not have to worry! Kinsal Gaming Chair offers a tool-free easy to assemble design.

However, reading the instruction manual can be a bit of a struggle because the instructional manual has been poorly translated. So, you may have a difficult time making sense of the instructions.


Kinsal gaming chair does offer excellent value for money. However, you cannot expect the same level of quality as a high-end gaming chair. Kinsal builds trust and confidence in its customers not only by delivering reliable quality gaming chairs but a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

That’s not it because you also get a 1-year warranty that allows you to replace/fix non-artificial damaged or defective parts without any hassle. We are overall satisfied with Kinsal’s guarantee and warranty policy.

Customer Support

kinsal Customer Support​ When it comes to customer support, prepare yourself for a disappointment! Because according to buyers’ reviews, Kinsal’s customer service is highly unresponsive! If you face any issues regarding the shipment, refund, damage claim, or any other related problems – you will most probably have a difficult time contacting the customer service. However, it is all not that bad; most customers have received their Kinsal Gaming Chair within the due shipment duration. Kinsal Gaming chair also comes with:
  • 30-day no questions asked refund/exchange policy
  • The 1-year free replacement warranty for non-artificial defective or damaged parts.

Kinsal Gaming Chair – FAQs

Question: Why choose the Kinsal gaming chair over others?

Answer: For an affordable price, you will get a gaming chair with multiple high-end features, plus the build is quite robust and will last you some years. The Kinsal gaming chair also includes some unique features that have been incorporated in the design to increase comfort, durability, and longevity necessary for everyday use. A quick glance at the reviews of the chair will give you an idea of its popularity.

Why is the Kinsal Gaming Chair so popular? 

Answer: Kinsal gaming chair is a widely recommended and popular gaming chair. The chair offers excellent value for its small price and makes finding it’s alternative at the same price tag an impossible challenge. 

Although it is not the best gaming chair for pro gamers or long hour gaming sessions; however, it is an ideal pick for beginners or gamers with a small budget and high expectations. The Kinsal gaming chair is a reliable choice, but if you are expecting a luxurious gaming chair, you would either have to readjust your expectations or your budget.

Question: Where can I buy the chair?

Answer: The original Kinsal gaming chair is available at authorized retailers online and in physical stores. The biggest advantage of buying your chair from a brick and mortar store is that you will be able to physically test it out to get a feel of the features before you pay. 

On the contrary, online buying allows you to compare prices, read reviews, and learn about the various features in greater detail and weigh other options from the comfort of your home or office.

Question: What are its shipping regions?

Answer: Unfortunately, the gaming chair is only shipped to locations within the US countries, for now.

Question: Does the chair design feature a footrest?

Answer: Yes, the Kinsal gaming chair features a retractable footrest.

Question: Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, a new Kinsal gaming chair comes with a one-year warranty period and a 30-day return or replacement policy. 

Whereas the one-year warranty period permits replacements for non-artificial damage.


Answer: We love specialized gaming seats. They look fantastic. The most effective models are designed to promote good posture and can help avoid aches and pains caused by hours of gameplay. They are an excellent purchase.

We also realize they are more expensive than most gamers can afford out of pocket. There could be budget seats that are worthwhile. Kinsal seats cost less than $200 each. They are aimed at players on a tight budget. There needs to be a dedicated website for the business. Instead, they sell their goods on Amazon. Although it appears they had an online store at one time, it is no longer operational. They are present on Twitter as well as other social media platforms.

If you don’t have the money to buy a Kinsal gaming chair, we suggest the following alternatives:

  • Purchasing a good second-hand office chair online.
  • Looking for good deals on gaming seats.
  • Thinking about financing alternatives.
  • Selling used video games or putting in additional hours at work
  • Buying a preloved gaming chair

Final Verdict


Every gamer deserves an excellent gaming chair that does not only provide optimum comfort but is also adaptable to the gamer’s gaming environment. So does Kinsal Gaming Chair ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best affordable gaming chairs?

Well, yes! It does live up to expectations! With a ton of amazing features and pros, this gaming chair is most definitely a winner. Kinsal Gaming Chair is highly ergonomic that will impress you with both its price and its functionality.

Overall, Kinsal Leather Gaming Chair is an excellent option for new gamers and experienced gamers of all age groups that do not want to splurge on a gaming chair.

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