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15 Best Free VPN Services

With online barriers and mass scale censorship, everyone requires an escape for which they opt for online solutions. Among these, good free VPN services are recommended. Why? VPN services, in general, give you a taste for foreign content, whether it’s the US Netflix Library or geo-restricted shows such as the Grammys or if you are looking to evade online spying.

On the contrary, free VPNs are opted by millions daily to do the tasks mentioned above. There are numerous free VPN services available to encrypt your traffic and give access to blocked sites as well.

Anything and everything achieved free of cost appeals to users, and the same applies to free VPNs. The only drawback is to know how safe they are? These services can retain logs, sell them to the highest bidder. Provide limited servers and can be very frustrating to use when data is capped.

We don’t vouch for free VPNs, but you can cross check VPN reviews to understand their pros and cons. Besides, considering high demand, we have selected the 15 best free VPN services you can avail in 2023. These are logless, trustable, and fast free services ready to be used without glitches or lags. You can expect some speed lags, but for free, it’s more than enough.

15 Best Free VPN Services

  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • PrivateTunnel
  • Betternet
  • SurfEasy
  • Speedify Free VPN
  • VPNBook
  • TunnelBear
  • ZoogVPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Ivacy
  • VPNGate
  • Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN


Among the free good VPNs, is an ideal choice if you are low on budget. The VPN service provides free and paid services catering to all who want to secure their IPs. The service is a no-log provider, unlike other free VPNs, that snatch your personal details.

On the free version, the software allows for server connections in Germany, Canada, Netherlands, US East and US West. It does have one minor con that is having only one device connected, so make sure you use it on your most-used device.

But the upside is you don’t have to register to avail the free service. Download the app and click connect. That is all it takes.

Also, the top free VPN gives doesn’t limit or throttle speed for free users making it an effective service. Plus, it supports IPv6, not seen on many free VPNs, giving us more options to like this free VPN. Overall its an excellent choice considering free of charge privacy.


2. Windscribe


Windscribe is another totally free VPN that gives users the edge to avail an extra 5GB worth of limit, and 1GB every time you invite a friend to join. With Windscribe, you get server connections in the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, and the US.

No hassle for sign up, a simple username and password is required, and you are good to go. The service has a built-in protocol that erases the username and data files as soon as the session ends.

For all privacy natives, download free VPN and get started with your secure online endeavours.


3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a superior free VPN for android that comes with a basic VPN plan for all free users. It allows 15GB of data per month, which means unlimited privacy and security for your online identity.

The only hiccup is you have to sign up for the premium to try the free version till the set time duration, after which you can call it a quits. The service is pivotal for your online browsing giving you access to loads of blocked sites. It’s easy to register and simple to connect to your desired server.

In case you fall in love with the free trial, you can get the premium version with a cheap package.


4. ProtonVPN Free


ProtonVPN is a free VPN service developed by the famous ProtonMail, your trusted email software. It is one of the safest free VPN to use at the moment considering the cybercrime ratio. Users can use the service free of charge with a slight loss of speed as the software caps speed for free users when the servers are down due to intensive user connections.

To avoid online barriers and restrictions, ProtonVPN is the best in the free VPN category giving online security without hurting your wallet. Users can avail server access in Japan, the US, and the Netherlands, which is sufficient for most users and ideal for binge-watchers.


5. PrivateTunnel


When it comes to multiple device compatibility, PrivateTunnel VPN is the best free VPN for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. The software has a paid package and a free package as well that is limited but worth every data it provides.

Using the service, you get a complete 200MB bundle that doesn’t expire. In case you used it all up, you can buy different data bundles that come in 20 GB and 100 GB depending on your needs.

It’s easy to use, provides online privacy, and is clear about its logging policy. Give it a try and find out its super-fast browsing performance.


6. Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN will disappoint binge watchers because it’s not for streaming with its 500 MB worth data available only for a few minutes. Instead, the free VPN software is a premium VPN for its ultimate IP protection.

It covers foolproof encryption, faster browsing, and maintains identity as well. The free VPN comes with some loopholes as your secure connection would break in case the VPN server disconnects. Then again, that hardly happens, giving you a secure connection for utmost anonymity.

Betternet does collect user information but only limited, which can be shared to third party vendors as well. Nothing to be alarmed about. You will experience a handful of ads directed at you, but that’s the cost you will have to bear for a free service.


7. SurfEasy (Opera Free VPN)


SurfEasy is an excellent free VPN based in Canada falling under the same umbrella of the company that owns popular web browser Opera. Combining resources with Opera, SurfEasy is a secure free VPN service.

It is a paid and free service where free users can utilize up to 5 simultaneous connections at the same time, similar to the paid users. SurfEasy doesn’t differentiate between its users, making it an unbiased security service.

Unlike other VPNs, the service doesn’t cap any data speed regardless and gives 1000 servers across 25 countries, which is ideal for a free subscription.


8. Speedify Free VPN


Speedify is a great VPN that aids in internet security and breaks censorship. It has an excellent performance history with providing 1000 + servers in 50 countries, giving you a taste for foreign entertainment.

The service has a unique turbo-boosting feature that ensures speeds are not compromised. With full encrypted servers, it has a smart software that lets you connect to multiple servers at the same time to avoid any connection disturbance. The free service has a 5GB monthly limit that refreshes every month, giving you unlimited 5GB data every month.


9. VPNBook Free VPN


This VPN service provides unlimited all you can get free data with an encryption option through AES, PPTP, and OpenVPN making this fall in the superior best free VPNs. Being a Romanian based company, the service does not collect any user information apart from a few necessary details. However, the service lacks a dedicated app making it only accessible online.

The service claims to unblock Hulu and Netflix, which is tricky as Netflix keeps blocking IPs. It provides servers in Canada, France, the UK, and the US giving you a good variety of servers to hide your IP.

In case you want the app, you can manually configure it for OpenVPN with a simple installation guide.


10. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a trusted service being run by the McAfee company giving a great user experience. The service offers both paid and free utilization, with the only restriction in the data plan for the free subscription.

500MB allowed, which is sufficient for keeping away cybercriminals and spying government officials. The paid service has unlimited benefits giving you a fully optimized secure web browsing experience along with their alternation in the privacy policy, retaining fewer user data.


11. ZoogVPN


Customers of ZoogVPN have a choice between premium and free VPN services; this allows individuals concerned about costs to continue reaping the benefits of increased online security, while subscribers willing to pay for the service can unlock access to extra features.

ZoogVPN, much like many other providers of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), has a no-logs policy to ensure the privacy of your data and a kill switch function to prevent your actual IP address from being exposed in the event of an unexpected disconnection. It is torrent-friendly, allowing you to download a large number of files quickly.

Users are able to access the internet even when using banned networks because of the shadowing feature offered by ZoogVPN. This feature is especially helpful in countries with strict internet censorship, such as China, Iran, and Turkey. It is important to note that the unlimited devices function is only available with paid plans. Still, a single subscription to ZoogVPN can be utilized on many devices so that consumers may browse the internet safely from a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer, all with the same account. However, it is essential to note that the unlimited devices feature is exclusively available with premium plans.


12. Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira, as a whole, provides a wide-ranging cybersecurity package that can shield you from theft of identity and keep your computer clear of unwanted files that might be slowing down its operation. This package includes antivirus software as well as extra security features with the goal of protecting you from identity theft.

This comprehensive security bundle includes the Avira Phantom VPN, which can be downloaded for free on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The company claims that its Virtual Private Network service allows its users to browse the internet anonymously, connect securely to individual sites by utilizing various encryption schemes, and unblock websites that may employ firewalls. The free edition of Avira Phantom VPN does not come equipped with a kill switch; the paid Pro version is the only one that does.

Phantom VPN is available at two different price points: free, with a data cap of 500 MB per month (which is very typical among VPN providers), or $10 monthly for Phantom VPN Pro, which enables users to access an infinite amount of data.

Nevertheless, since the most basic features are free, wavering clients can enlist for free and then simply upgrade to Pro later if they’re satisfied with the free version of the service. This is one of the drawbacks of Avira Phantom VPN, which does not provide a free trial.


13. Ivacy


Ivacy provides a user-friendly interface for its Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, which enable clients to discreetly browse the web as well as download anything securely without the risk of their activity being monitored by a third party. Ivacy VPN allows users to overcome geo-restrictions generally in place for accessing particular websites. Additionally, Ivacy VPN will enable clients to use its services on a maximum of five devices simultaneously, which means that various mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers can securely browse the internet.

Plans are adaptable and can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the requirements of the individual or business and the available funds. When clients sign up for a two-year subscription, for example, they wind up saving a greater amount in the long term because the charge comes out to $2.25 per month rather than the typical $9.95 per month subscription fee. This allows them to pay less overall for the service.

Ivacy VPN also features a stringent no-logs policy. This instant kill switch practically removes the danger of your IP address being exposed in the event that your connection is unexpectedly severed, and the company employs 256-bit AES encryption to keep its members’ data safe.


14. VPNGate 


VPNGate is just one more free VPN service that does not necessitate the use of an email address in order to sign up. This open-source academic project got its start as an educational research project by the students at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Users can access websites that may be blocked in their own country, conceal their IP address, and browse the internet safely, which is particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi networks because it adds a further protective layer.

The website for the company provides a comprehensive guide that describes in great detail how VPNGate reroutes internet traffic. Similar to VPNBook, individuals might require pre-existing technical knowledge in order to be able to install and configure the service on their personal computers. However, the free availability of the service is the trade-off for this requirement.

This particular kind of free VPN is helpful for people who travel all over the world and frequently run into geo-restrictions when trying to access specific websites. The company runs a user forum where users can post their own threads and seek support from other users. The site is available in various languages, notably English, Japanese, and Chinese.


15. Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN

Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN

Since Kaspersky offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to consumers at home and in companies, the company has a wealth of experience delivering a secure browsing experience to its customers.

When users access public Wi-Fi hotspots, they are protected by Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, which also ensures that their communications remain confidential. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection claims that it will protect users’ private information and data whenever they use the internet for activities such as streaming media, making online purchases, or interacting with friends and family.

It provides three different levels of subscriptions for individuals to choose from, depending on the services they require and the billing method they like. The primary options are either free or paid, while the paid version has the option of either monthly or annual billing. The free version of the VPN service has a daily data transfer restriction of up to 200 megabytes, while the commercial versions offer limitless data transfer capacity. In addition, while using Kaspersky’s free VPN service, the user’s virtual location, also known as the nation in which the server is located, is chosen for them automatically. In contrast, when using the company’s subscription plans, the user has a vast selection of countries from which to choose.

It is interesting to note that, similar to other VPN services, the number of devices that can be used with the commercial versions of the VPN is restricted to five. However, the number of devices that can be used with Kaspersky’s free VPN service is not limited in any way.


Kinds of free VPN services

Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) services can be divided into two distinct categories: limitless free VPN access and freemium VPN access.

Free VPNs with no bandwidth limits

You will have unrestricted access to the free VPN service server network if you use one of these VPNs. Extensive analysis and investigation have concluded that this category is, on the whole, hazardous (read: malicious) and that it ought to be avoided. Below, we will continue our discussion of the dangers posed by unlimited free VPNs and look at some problematic figures.

Who picks up the tab? The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service in question typically generates revenue from the user in some form. This is accomplished chiefly through the collection of user data and the subsequent sale of that data to other parties. Therefore, you still have to pay for the free VPN service using your personal information, which has been intentionally sold to third parties to generate revenue.  

Free Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) With Data Limits (Freemium VPNs)

These Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are providing you with a limited “free sample” with the expectation that you will eventually switch to a paid VPN service. In most cases, this indicates that the Virtual Private Network (VPN) in question will only provide a certain quantity of bandwidth for a predetermined amount of time. This is typically the situation with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that offer a free trial.

Who picks up the tab? Freemium Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) require consumers who pay for VPN service to subsidize those who access the web for free. If you are a paying client, you will be responsible for paying the bill for all the free riders and those who share the network resources you agreed to pay for. This is a disadvantage. The free users may also pressure the speeds, server network, and support staff. This is a possibility.

As you can see from the previous section, the two different business models for free VPNs each have their own set of flaws.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) RiskFree Free Trial

In the end, if you want a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that is safe, secure, and quick, you are going to have to pay for it.

Even if the VPN service offers a free trial, you will quickly use up all of the allotted free bandwidth, which will require you to either cease using the VPN service or pay for it. To put it another way, you will still find yourself in the same position: using the use of a paid VPN service.

In light of this, I believe that your best bet is to go with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with a lengthy trial period during which no risk is involved. This will enable you to terminate your account and receive a refund if you discover the VPN does not fulfill your requirements.

The two best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that provide a risk-free trial period of 30 days are detailed here. If you choose this option, you will pay for your subscription upfront, but if you have any problems or questions within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can cancel it and receive a full and complete refund.

  • Discount coupons make NordVPN an attractive choice. In addition to being a solid service provider, the service can be obtained for a reasonable price. 
  • Surfshark is among the most affordable Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) currently available, yet it performs and offers capabilities that are comparable to those of NordVPN.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free VPNs

Advantages Of Free VPN

  1. Hides Your IP Address – Similar to a paid VPN, a free VPN can hide the IP address of the user and make it invisible to protect their identity from online thrift parties. By concealing the user’s IP address, your online activities remain unseen, and more importantly, untraceable, which ensures that your private data is protected from prying eyes looking for any information about you. 
  2. Unblocks Banned Apps And Websites – There are many apps and websites that are geo-restricted and can’t be accessed in certain countries due to censorship or other laws. A free VPN can allow you to access such sites and enjoy surfing their content while remaining anonymous and safe. 
  3. Guaranteed Security – Much like a premium VPN (paid) service, free VPNs also provide privacy and security to the user using the same methods of security protocol and encryption as the paid service. With a free VPN, you’ll be able to keep your personal data such as a home address, contact numbers, credit card details, online payment, and banking information completely hidden.

Disadvantages Of Free VPN

  1. May Have Several Ads – Unfortunately, nothing in life is actually free. Since free VPN services also have to earn to keep the service running, they might bombard users with ads to earn revenue and generate income for a service that charges users nothing.
  2. Speed And Performance Issues – A prominent drawback of free VPN is that users may face reduced speed and device performance issues due to the encryption process. Usual activities such as streaming, file sharing, and browsing may slow down. Whereas premium paid VPN services may not face this issue as much.
  3. Users’ data Might Be Given To The Government – There is no guarantee that free VPNs may track and log the users’ online data and activities to give to the Government. This is common in 5-9-14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance countries, where internet user records are collected and recorded. Internet users that use a free VPN or don’t use a VPN service are not protected or safe from the prying eyes of the Government.

In contrast, most premium VPNs guarantee that data logs of users are not kept, so they have nothing that can be handed to a third party or leaked in case of a breach.

4. Limited duration – Most reliable/popular free VPNs offer VPN protection for limited hours only. Some VPNs allow you to restart the VPN after the limited period ends. If not, you either have to purchase their premium package or use another free VPN from this list. 

5. Limited server location – Free VPNs only offer limited (5 to 10) server locations. So, there are chances that you may not be able to find the server location you wanted to connect to.

Need for a Free VPN?

We download free VPNs, test them, and then base our unanimous decision. The best free VPNs are carefully selected by team of experts who individually check the service. We have a prominent Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to choose the free VPN, which includes the privacy policy, server location, and number, encryption, performance, and reputation.

If a VPN ticks all of these, then we state it to be transparent and trustworthy. Your IP address is visible to any person on the internet, making your identity and location insecure. A free VPN allows for a secure online presence where no one can trace you back.

That being said, majority users pick free VPN services to unblock geo-restricted sites.

Are free VPNs safe?


The moment you are connected to the internet is when your privacy and online activities come into play, making your presence vulnerable for any cybercriminal to take advantage of. Hence there is a lot of hearsay regarding free VPNs where a big chunk of the society advises not to get involved with free VPN services.

However, we do not do so, and we recommend using them only after carefully analyzing them through reviews and reading their policies. More than half of the free VPNs are a disgrace because they retain user data without their permission making their online activities at stake.

We guarantee the services we mentioned are free VPN for PC, smartphones, and tablets, which you can easily attain and download without worrying about any privacy loss. Then again, premium VPNs at the end of the day remain superior due to its endless encryption options and capabilities. We recommend NordVPN free trial.

It is a premium VPN service that needs no introduction working to provide secure internet access for years now. To be 100% sure of its service, you can try the NordVPN free trial that lasts for 30 days before you become a premium account member. Check it, be satisfied and enjoy unlimited online privacy.

If you want to look at unbiased VPN reviews and stay updated with the latest tech products, feel free to check out for all VPN reviews.

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