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Netflix – Quality over Privacy?

World’s leading entertainment streaming service, Netflix is constantly aiming towards making better quality content for its users. However, this comes at the cost of default experiments that the company runs to ensure positive results.

Recent speculations have been made as users I have noticed Netflix asking for permission to access their physical activity data.

A recent Twitter debate sparked when a security researcher questioned Netflix on his Android device’s prompt on acquiring his physical activity data, without any prior permission.

The streaming giant previously launched a mobile-exclusive subscription plan in India. With more users being able to access and easily watch content on the go, Netflix is now testing a strange new feature, claiming to be for better playback quality.

“We are continually testing ways to give our members a better experience. This was part of a test to see how we can improve video playback quality when a member is on the go. Only some accounts are in the test, and we don’t currently have plans to roll it out.”

claimed one report quoting a Netflix spokesperson.

While we’re not particularly clear on how activity recognition can help a video streaming app, Netflix claims that it helps in the optimization of video viewing on handheld devices. Privacy concerns have been arising as some people believe the company to be taking advantage of Android Q, a runtime permission for apps that need to detect the user’s physical activity.

The platform’s Android application inclumanyless mobile device based features to improve the streaming experience on smartphones. With almost 150 million active users around the globe, the number of subscribers continues to grow. While the feature might sound quirky, there is definitely an exciting take behind it.

What is your take on the situation? Are you comfortable giving access to your activity?

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