Major Tech Innovations Till 20th Century Infographic

6 Major Tech Innovations Till 20th Century [Infographic]

There is no denying that fact that technology has completely evolved during the past few decades. From our home appliances to our sources of gathering information about anything to everything about the world – a lot has been changed, improved, and replaced.

The early ’50s marked the invention of some of the most spectacular innovations like the Microwave Oven in 1954 by an American engineer Percy Spencer. The late ’70s was the era that unveiled the term “Personal Computer” for the first time by Ed Roberts.

Late 80’s redefined the meaning information-sharing with the introduction of the World Wide Web by a British scientist – Tim Berners-Lee. In the early ’90s, IBM Simon gave us a glimpse of the future of communication devices “Smartphones.”

The late ’90s gave us the hope for future without wired connectivity with the introduction of Bluetooth 1.0 and left everyone amazed by the possibilities of wireless connectivity. In the Early ’20s, the first free online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” made it easier to find answers online without any ad interruption.

Major Tech Innovations Till 20 Century

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