Apple Is Planning a Name Change for the iPhone 15

Apple Is Planning a Name Change for the iPhone 15 Pro Series

After the release of Apple’s iPhone 14 series a few weeks ago, fans have already started speculating about the release of the next iPhone series. However, this time, rumors have begun about the names of these new phones instead of the specs of the new phone.

According to Mark Gurman, an Apple tracker, Apple may introduce a new naming scheme for their iPhone 15 that will replace the current Pro Max branding in favor of the name Ultra. The Pro Max name first appeared in the iPhone lineup in 2019, when Apple introduced a larger version of the iPhone 11 and named it iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

The name Ultra will not come as a surprise to fans of the brand since Apple has already started using that name with other products, namely the Watch Ultra, which launched alongside the Apple 14 lineup, and the M1 Ultra Processor. Additionally, Apple has been open to changing their naming scheme as earlier this month; they brought back the old naming scheme that they had retired, called the Plus, with their iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 Plus is simply a larger version of the iPhone 14, a tactic they had previously employed with the iPhone 6, 7, and 8.

Even though the iPhone 14 is not even a month old, iPhone 15 rumors are coming in at full force. Ross Young, a supply chain analyst, predicts that the new Dynamic Island introduced will become a standard on all iPhone 15 models and will not be limited to the Pro, Pro Max, or Ultra models. 

Another popular rumor states that the iPhone 15 will replace Apple’s lightning port with a USB-C port. According to Gurman, Apple has already been testing this new feature due to the EU’s implementation of a law requiring all new phones to have the same USB-C port by fall 2024, which will be just in time for the iPhone 15.

Apple’s new name change will probably be a sigh of relief for fans and customers who have complained about the name Pro Max being a mouth full. Many also expect Apple to change the naming scheme consistently across other devices, including the AirPods.

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