Chiori to be Introduced as a New Genshin Impact Character

Chiori to be Introduced as a New Genshin Impact Character

A sneak peek at Chiori, a forthcoming character that is anticipated to be published shortly, was provided to Genshin Impact players during an event specifically designed for version 4.3. Players can look forward to the addition of new characters and weapons with the release of version 4.3, which will help Travelers build more adaptable teams. 

Genshin Impact is preparing for the launch of version 4.3, which will feature Chevreuse, Fontaine’s surveillance patrol member. The second portion of the update will include the much-awaited rerun banners with Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya, along with the four-star Polearm wielding. In keeping with tradition, the game will feature improvements to the quality of life and take users to a new teapot realm where they can build their own customized home from the ground up using a variety of recipes. Verdict and Mistsplitter Reforged are the other two new weapons that will be available in release 4.3.

The Genshin Impact update 4.3 program confirmed Chiori’s arrival in the Fontaine region and gave gamers a sneak peek at upcoming features. Chiori has been the focus of leaks ever since Kirara made a passing reference to her in version 3.7; some claim she will be a playable character in the next 4.5 release in 2024. The voice actor for the character has been revealed as Ayana Taketatsu, who gained notoriety for her portrayal of Suguha Kirigaya in the Sword Art Online series. Players also got to see Chiori’s model for the first time, which has received favorable feedback on Reddit. People have praised her chic outfit, which includes black gloves, an orange jacket, a hair ribbon, and a little tie.

Players of Genshin Impact know very little about Chiori, an NPC from Inazuma who is currently living near Fontaine. Her participation in a headline event alongside Kamisato Ayaka and Ayato was confirmed by the version 4.3 program. Although there is currently little information regarding her debut date, gamers should expect her to be available on the present-day banner in March 2024.

Early leaks indicate that Chiori will likely use Geo in Genshin Impact, implying that since elemental reactions aren’t present, she’ll require extra help to increase her damage output. Rumors also suggest that she may play the part of a fashion designer equipped with a healing kit and significant boosts.

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