Ganyu Build Guide For Genshin Impact

Ganyu Build Guide For Genshin Impact

Ganyu is considered the most robust DPS character in Genshin Impact. But unlike other characters, she can serve as top-tier support because of her unparalleled adjustability. With that being said, keep in mind to bring out her best, you need to adapt to a specific playstyle that requires you to have an excellent aim. As difficult as this is, it can be the best way to cause all the destruction Ganyu Genshin is capable of.

But to get the most out of her character, you need to build her properly, which can only happen if you know details about her. Here, we have a guide that tells you all about Ganyu weapons, ganyu constellations, her skillset, ganyu artifacts, ganyu build, and ganyu Kenshin impact. Make use of it and let Ganyu help you ace through the game.

About Ganyu 


Ganyu is the workaholic assistant of Liyue Qixing. Ganyu is a half-human and half-Adeptus hybrid who gets done with all her tasks. Being half-Adeptus is quite advantageous because it increases her life but also has disadvantages. Standing at almost a thousand years old, she is prone to be forgetful. 

Ganyu is quite shy, but at the same, she is very hardworking. Ganyu is a young woman who has blue hair and goat horns in terms of appearance. Sometimes people assume it is a headdress. 

She is known to be an excellent character with a 5-star rating. She’s a prized possession and can deliver massive damage to your opponent. Ganyu made a debut in her banner, known as “Adrift in the Harbor.” So if you are looking for a dangerous character, then Ganyu will be perfect for you. 

Ginyu’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Ganyu has multiple AoE Skills.
  2. She has a high-base CRIT DMG.
  3. Ganyu provides users with Cryo DMG Bonus support.
  4. She deals with massive damage even at C0.


  1. Her charge levels take a little bit of time to build without C6.
  2. She has Low HP
  3. She has additional party support locked behind C1.

Ganyu Genshin Impact and Combat Details 

Ganyu is classified as Liyue’s Big Three, making her very important. Ganyu Genshin is known to have the best DPS in the game. Her cryo bow unit ensures her focus remains on her charged attacks rather than using the rest of her combat kit. So if you are playing as Ganyu, it is recommended that your aim is decent to play to the fullest. 

Ganyu Genshins Skills 

Ginyu’s destructive side comes out when you use her for her charged attacks rather than regular attacks. Ginyu’s element burst results in quite a few setups. Still, if you want added damage with her elemental reactions, you should know about her Normal attack, elemental burst, and elemental skill.  

Type NameOutcome 
Normal AttackLiutian archeryNormal Attack:It shoots about 6 consecutive times using a bow. 
Charged Attack:In this attack Ganyu has a precise shot aimed with an increased level of DMG. As soon as she aims an icy aura appears on the head of the arrow before it is fired. The shots have different effects based on how long it has been charged with energy. In charge level 1, an icy arrow deals using Cryo DMGIn charge level 2, a frostflake arrow is fired which deals the Cryo DMG. As soon as it hits its target it deals with AoE Cryo DMG. 
Plunging Attack:In this attack, a series of arrows are fired mid-air before they fall towards the ground and then upon impact they deal with AoE DMG.
Elemental SkillTrail of QilinGanyu leaves an icy lotus and dashes backwards. This evades any impurity and then deals with AoE Cryo DMG
Ice Lotus:It provokes the opponents and attracts them towards attacking. It has an endurance scale based on Ganyu’s MAX HP.It blooms completely until it is destroyed or as the time is over and then it deals with AoE Cryo DMG.
Elemental BurstCelestial Shower It uses frost and snow to summon the Sacred Cryo Pearl that cleans out all the evil. The Sacred Pearl rains down shards of ice, and strikes its opponents in range of AoE and then deals with Cryo DMG. 
First Ascension Passive Undivided Heart As soon as the Frostflake arrow is shot, the CRIT rate of following arros results in bloom effects which is increased for 20% for 5 seconds. 
Fourth Ascension Passive It is the harmony between Earth and HeavenIn this the celestial shower grants a 20% of Cryo DMG Bonus to the active party members of the AoE. 
Passive Talent It is Preserved for the HuntIn this, 15% of the ores is refunded when the Bow-type weapons are created. 

Ganyu Constellations

From the Ganyu constellations you find about the offensive side of events. The best of all include C1, C4 and C6. 

Name of the constellationDescription 
C1= Dew Drinker It takes the DMG from the level 2 charge frostflake arrow bloom and decreases the opponents Cryo RES for 6 seconds by 15%
C2= The Auspicious It gains 1 added charge of the Train of the Qilin 
C3= The Cloud-Striker It increases the level of the celestial shwer by 3 times. It has a maximum upgrade level of 5. 
C4= The Westward SojournAll the opponents standing within the range of the AoE celestial shower take the increased DMG. The effect increases and strengthens over time. The increase of DMG begins at 5% and increases every 3 seconds by 5%. It has a maximum level of 25%. As soon as the opponent leaves, the effect of this lingers for upto 3 seconds. 
C5= The MercifulIn this the level of the Trail of the Qilin is 3 times more. It has a maximum upgrade level of 15. 
C6= The Clement You can use the Trail of the Quilin to shoot your Frostflake arrow in 30 seconds without requiring any charge. 

Best Genshin Impact Ganyu Build 

You will find Ganyu on the field up to 99% of the time. It only switches out to the sub DPS and the supports when she requires anything from them. Apart from that, you will be sniping from a distance using her. 

Ganyu Artifact Build 

The Ganyu Artifact Build generally has the Wanderer’s Troupe set recommendation. But the game does allow other options to be used for her. You can mix and match accordingly. Keep in mind that you can mix even up to 3 artifacts, but there should be an equal amount of pieces from each. Go through the given sub statistics and determine which one is good for your usage. But those who want melt reactions can surely go for the Wanderer’s Troupe. 

Wanderer’s Troupe:

  • The 2 piece effect increases the elemental mastery by 80. 
  • Whereas the 4 piece effect increases the DMG of the Charged attack by 35% only if the character is using a Bow or Catalyst. 

Gladiator’s Finale:

  • The 2 piece effect increases the ATK by 18%
  • In the 4 piece effect, if the wielder who has this Artifact uses a sword, a claymore, or even a polearm, then the normal attack DMG goes to 35%. 

Blizzard Strayer:

  • The P2piece effect increases the Cryo DMG bonus by 15%
  • Whereas in the 4-piece effect, when a character attacks the enemy affected by Cryo, the CRIT rate increases by 20%. If in case the enemy/opponent is frozen, then the CRIT rate increases by an additional 20%

Ganyu Weapons 

Ganyu Weapons

When it comes to Genius weapons, the Amos’ Bow takes the win. She also has F2P options for its users, including Hamayumi and the Prototype Crescent. But for the users who do not have Amos’ Bow yet, then the 5 bows also get the job done. 

Amos’ Bow:

The Amos’ Bow increases the impact of the Normal Attack and the Charged attack by 12%. After you fire the Charged or Normal attack, the DMG dealt is increased by an added 8%every 0.1 seconds; the arrow goes up in the air, which happens 5 times. This is the best bow for Ganyu. 


Hamayumi increases the Normal attack DMG by 16% and the Charged attack DMG by 12%. As soon as the character’s energy reaches 100%, the effect also increases by 100%. 

Prototype Crescent:

The prototype crescent charge type hits on the weak points and increases the movement SPD by 10%. The ATK has risen by 36%. 

Best Ganyu Artifacts in Genshin Impact

We are stuck between two artifact collections for Ganyu, so please bear with me. The first recommendation is the Glacier plus Snowfield, which increases cryo damage by 15% using two pieces of the set and can enhance Superconduct damage by 100% (! ), Melt by 15%, and activate a Burst raises Cryo damage by 30% for a period of ten seconds. Truly outrageous numbers, with great consequences if your party includes Electro and Pyro members. Here are the necessary components.

  • Goblet of the North Wind
  • Glacial Crown
  • Snowy Feather Accessory
  • Ice Hourglass
  • Glacial Heart

The Noblesse Oblige is another set we recommend. It’s less specific, but two pieces will provide your party a 20% burst damage buff, while four pieces will grant your team an additional twenty percent of attack for a duration of twelve seconds. Not bad; however, if you want elemental reactions, then Glacier, as well as Snowfield, are preferable. Here are the components that comprise Noblesse Oblige.

  • Royal Silver Urn
  • Royal Plume
  • Royal Masque
  • Royal Pocket Watch
  • Royal Flora

Arm your Ganyu with the correct goods, and you’ll be ready for any battles that come your way.


  1. Is Ganyu a good character for the Genshin Impact?

Yes, Ganyu is one of the best DPS characters in the Genshin Impact. She has versatility and is easy to use, classifying her as one of the most favored units in Genshin Impact. 

  1. Which set is best for Ganyu?

The Blizzard Strayer set is the top pick for Ganyu Genshin Impact. 

  1. Is Ganyu the strongest in DPS?

Zhongli and Ganyu have strong suits, whereas Zhongli has the strongest shields in Genshin Impact. At the same time, Ganyu has the highest DPS in Genshin Impact. 


When playing the game Genshin Impact it is crucial to know all there is about the famous Ganyu Genshin. She is known for her DPS, and having all the information that we have provided; you understand how she can be used to create the destruction. We have listed her artifacts, weapons, and everything that can help you make use at a maximum rate.  

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