Where Was Ozark Filmed?

Where Was Ozark Filmed?

Ozark fans! Are you wondering where Ozark was filmed? We bring you a little twist. The Netflix original show wasn’t filmed in Ozark, Missouri; instead, it has been filmed in multiple locations. We advise you to stay till the end to learn about the Ozark locations in all the seasons!

About Ozark

About Ozark

Ozark is a crime drama series created by Bill Dubuque and starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and Julia Garner. It follows the lives of the Byrde family. After relocating to a small town in Missouri from Chicago, they discover that their new home is a money-laundering centre for Mexican drug cartels. The Netflix original show broke the trends of the previous slow-burn crime tv shows and came out as one of the most fast-paced shows, creating quite the narrative whiplash. 

Ozark features four seasons, which gets crazier as the season gets ahead! 

Where is Ozark Filmed?

Where is Ozark Filmed

The TV series Ozark filming location isn’t Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, or Oklahoma, for all curious people. Instead, the Netflix original is primarily based around Atlanta, GA, specifically in Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. Later onwards in the year 2017, it was revealed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the series was filmed in Canton, Norcross, Duluth, Peachtree, Lawrenceville, and Gwinnett County. 

You can even explore a few spots in Atlanta, such as the Westview Cemetery Mausoleum and Abbey. The place has been used excessively throughout the series as an eerie backdrop. You can find the Missouri Belle at Stone Mountain Park. There are also a couple of flowery spots that you can visit and take pictures around like a memory. The Moonie’s Texas Barbeque and the Gaines Ferry Road appear in the series. 

But if you are searching for the real deal, we advise you to check out the Ozarks yourself. If you wish to feel the series, we recommend checking out the Ozark location, which is Alhonna Resort & Marina in Missouri, because the series is based on it. This is the same cabin-filled resort where the co-creator Bill DubDuboque worked when he was studying back in his college days. Since the tv series wasn’t filmed in Missouri and Georgia, the production house had to create a version of the Alhonna for the show. But the real deal is up and can be viewed by all of them on Netflix!

Why Was Ozark Filmed In Georgia?

Why Was Ozark Filmed In Georgia

For the curious minds, there is a reason why Ozark was filmed in Georgia. It is all because of the Tax Incentives! All of this happened after the award-winning Ray, a biopic, lost the production to Louisiana. This resulted in the governor of Georgia signing legislation that told the people that his state was the real deal and the right place in the south for Hollywood Productions. 

We can’t deny the number the state has put forward. But in 2018, Georgia offered 20% incentives for all the productions that cost about $500,000 and an even further 10% incentive for those who added a peach logo to their credits. So if you are wondering why the ‘Made in Georgia’ title is so loud, it’s all the money that’s doing it!

In Times magazine, it is also mentioned how Georgia has now become the second Hollywood. But amid all the tax breaks, we can surely agree how Georgia and its natural greenery match Ozark. It is unlike anything California can offer, so moving to Atlanta made sense.

The Ozark House

The Ozark House

The Byrde family home is located in the Flower Branch by Lake Lanier in Georgia. It is just off the Gaines Ferry Road with Bailey Drive. The house’s dock can be seen from the Van Pugh North Park. Did you know that because of this becoming an Ozark location, some of the mansions in the area have been estimated at around half a million dollars? Which is massive! Since all of this is a private residential area, be sure not to invade anyone’s privacy whenever you visit. 

Ozark Locations

Ozark Locations

Another Ozark location throughout Season 1 and 2 is the Blue Cat Lodge. The set was built by the crew using the old restaurant, which is near Canton on Lake Allatoona. The Alhonna Resort and Marina in the Ozarks took all of the inspiration for these sets. The dockyard where Langmore family members work is right across the street from the Blue Cat and is popularly known as the Little River Marine. 

Alhonna Resort and Marina

For those who are wondering about the motel scene. It is filmed at the Pine Crest Motor Lodge, which is in Holly Springs, Cherokee County.

Holly Springs, Cherokee County

If you want to check out Darlene Snell’s House, you can check out 777 Rivendell Lane near Alpharetta.

777 Rivendell Lane near Alpharetta

About the strip club Lickety Splitz exterior, it was filmed at an abandoned location near the Motel 6 in Norcross, Oakbrook Parkway. At the same time, the interior was filmed at the soundstage of the Eagle Rock Studios in Norcross.

Motel 6 in Norcross, Oakbrook Parkway

Ozark Location: Season 3

Ozark Location: Season 3

If you are wondering about all the new Ozark filming locations in Season 3. Here’s what you need to know:

Missouri Belle Casino, located in Osage Beach

The Missouri Belle Casino, located in Osage Beach, was initially filmed near Stone Mountain in Atlanta. The old boat is tied up to the REI Boathouse at the pier and can still be checked out. 

old boat is tied up to the REI Boathous

Then comes the Big Muddy Casino, which was filmed in Savannah. The ship itself is docked in front of River Street and Joe’s Crab Shack Seafood. The massive building across the river is the famous Westin Savannah Harbour Golf Resort and Spa. You can find the location through google maps and drive by to check out. 

The Spanish Revival mansion of Navvaro is shown in Michoacan and was initially filmed in Atlanta. The Westview Abbey you see throughout the series is the Westview Cemetery’s Mausoleum. This was built in 1943 and in the chapel of this hidden gem which shows 27 ornate glasses.

Spanish Revival mansion of Navvaro is shown in Michoacan

The Ozark series motel, featured in Season Three, is the Cheshire Motor Inn located at the 1865 Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta. The Kentucky Horse Farm that we get to see in episode five is the Serenity farm which is located in the heart of Georgia’s Horse Country at 1162 Gantt Road in Alpharetta. 

Georgia's Horse Country at 1162 Gantt Road in Alpharetta

The police office in episode six is the Doraville City Municipal Court which is at 3765 Park Avenue. Dollar General store is at Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross.

Doraville City Municipal Court which is at 3765 Park Avenue

Last but not least, the Starlight Drive-In Theatre, where Ben Davis and his nephew Jonah track Langmore who drops cash, is filmed at the theatre and Flea Market at the Moreland Avenue SE in Atlanta. 

Flea Market at the Moreland Avenue SE in Atlanta

Ozark Location: Season 4

Season four features all of the following Ozark locations that we are just about to dive into. 

The Lazy-O Motel is the Americas Best Value Inn in Conveyors at West Avenue and Interstate 20. This is the same place the Byrde family is staying when they arrive in Ozark in season 2. The missing person billboard appears for the first time in episode two, which is located near Gerald’s Auto Repair, which is on the Atlanta Highway in Cumming. In Chicago, the Shaw Medical Solutions building is the actual PNC Bank branch at 1075 Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta. 

1075 Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta

The scene, set in Chicago, was filmed in the Peachtree Tower in Downtown Atlanta. At Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Charlotte meets Erin Pierce with Chicago’s diamond-shaped Crain Communications Building. The dinner scene with Javi Elizonndro Navarro was filmed at the elegant St. Cecilia Italian Restaurant at Peachtree Road NE in Buckhead. 

St. Cecilia Italian Restaurant at Peachtree Road NE in Buckhead

The Morrow High School in episode four is the actual school located in Morrow, GA. All the local press scenes were filmed on the Main street in the Historic Downtown Buford. Frank Jr’s Northside Tavern is a pub which is located at 1058 Howell Mill Road NW in Atlanta. 

1058 Howell Mill Road NW in Atlanta

The speedway was filmed at the Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, which is about 30 miles north of Atlanta. For all those wondering about the abandoned mall, the famous Starcourt Mall is also used in stranger things. Ruth Langmore drinks coffee and meets the rapper at the Landmark Diner in Downtown Atlanta in episode eight. Clare Shaw’s mansion, shown in episode nine, is the seven-bedroom residence at 981 Davis Drive in the Northside Woods. The country restaurant is Curt’s Restaurant in Oakwood at 34440 Branch Road. Then comes the last location, the fictional Camden County courtroom shot at the Doraville City Hall. 

Curt's Restaurant in Oakwood at 34440 Branch Road

Where are the Ozarks located?

Where are the Ozarks locate

The Ozarks are heavily forested highlands located in the South-central US and extend southwestward from St. Louis, Missouri, to the Arkansas River. 

In Ozark, where is the Langmore cabin?

The resort is really located within the Little River Marina on Lake Allatoona. At the start of production, the Little River Grill existed as a closed business. It was bought for filming purposes and is still in place.

What is the significance of filming Ozark in Georgia?

Georgia granted considerable tax benefits that Missouri did not. The event used precisely crafted sets and sound stages to simulate Missouri’s Lakes of the Ozarks in Georgia.

Who is the cast of Ozark?

Ozark’s cast includes:

  • Marty Byrde is played by Jason Bateman.
  • Wendy Byrde is played by Laura Linney.
  • Charlotte Byrde is played by Sofia Hublitz.
  • Jonah Byrde is played by Skylar Gaertner.
  • Ruth Langmore is played by Julia Garner.
  • Helen Pierce is played by Janet McTeer.

Esai Morales, Lisa Emery, Jordana Spiro, and Peter Mullan are among the other cast members.

Who is the Director of Ozark?

Jason Bateman and Andrew Bernstein directed Ozark’s first two seasons. Ellen Kuras, Alik Sakharov, and Anthony Hemingway are among the other directors of the show. 

Has Ozark won any awards?

Ozark has received a slew of honors and nominations. It received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: one for Andrew Bernstein’s episode “Tonight We Improvise” in 2018 and another for Jason Bateman’s episode “The Precious Blood of Jesus” in 2019. In addition, the show won a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Drama in 2020 as well as was nominated for two more.


1. How far is Chicago from the Ozarks?

How far is Chicago from the Ozarks

It takes about 8 hours and 11 minutes to reach Chicago from the Ozarks if driving 558.4 miles. 

2. Where are the lake scenes in Ozark filmed?

They are filmed at Lake Allatoona. 

3. Where is the house in Ozark filmed?

Flowery branch, at the south edge of Lake Lanier

It is filmed at the Flowery branch, at the south edge of Lake Lanier. 

Can Anyone Visit the Ozark Set?

You may be sad that you cannot visit the different sets of Ozarks. However, some locations were used in the series production that you may see, such as:

  • The Silver Skillet, located in Atlanta’s midtown district, appeared in Season 2 and continues to be open today. 
  • One of the few remaining drive-ins is the Starlight Drive-In in southeast Atlanta.
  • At Stone Mountain Park, the Missouri Bell Casino employed an authentic riverboat. 

These are merely a few spots that may offer you that Ozark vibe you’re looking for. 

Ozark Fun Facts

  • The FBI taught the Ozarks production team how to launder money.
  • Julia Garner (Ruth Langmore) needed a hand duplicate for a sequence in which she picked up a mouse and placed it in a glass. She despises mice, so she is on the edge of a panic attack while doing the sequence.
  • In the Ozarks, a real-life robber was hiding out.
  • Money laundering strategies, according to experts, are both realistic and inventive.
  • When the script was first presented to Jason Bateman as well as Laura Linney, neither of them expressed an interest in doing a series.

Bottom Line:

So for those who have been die-hard fans of Ozark, we have provided you with all the Ozark locations. You can go and check out and relive the scenes on your own.

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