1883 in canada on paramount plus

How to Watch 1883 in Canada on Paramount+?

Will 1833 be on the Paramount network? Hell Yes! The Yellowstone prequel, American drama limited series, 1833, which concluded in February 2022, took a lot of Canadian people in its spellbound. The show revolves around the story of Duttons, who came to own the land of Yellowstone Ranch. It is set in Montana, to establish the Yellowstone National Park, and features tons of drama, action, and intrigue. The good news for the watchers, the show has been renewed for season two, so there is a lot more content on its way. 

If you’re wondering how many 1883 episodes have aired, let us tell you that its first season has only ten episodes, so you can easily binge-watch them in one sitting or two (if someone interrupts you). 

How to Watch 1883 in Canada on Paramount+?

The famous show is not available on regular Canadian TV channels. Paramount plus has bought all the streaming rights, but this platform is only available in the US. However, to watch 1833 in Canada, you have to use a Paramount+ VPN and virtually connect to a US server, while physically being in Canada. Therefore, as a Canadian, you can only exclusively watch the show on this platform. So, if you’re looking for ways to watch 1833 on Paramount+, read till the end of this guide, and you’ll know how! 

Now coming to the main topic, follow these three easy steps to watch 1833 in Canada on Paramount+, 

  • Subscribe to Paramount+ VPN
  • Download the app and then log in to the VPN with all of your required credentials
  • Head over to Paramount+ website or application and enjoy streaming 1883 in Canada

How to Subscribe to Paramount+ in Canada 

How to Subscribe to Paramount+ in Canada

As a new Paramount subscriber, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial at paramountplus.com. Then you need to install the all from the app store on your Telstra TV for a smooth streaming experience in Paramount+ today. 

The subscription fee of one month is $8.99 and applies only after your free trial ends, unless or until you cancel the subscription.

How to Watch 1833 with Paramount+ 7-Day Free Trial

Paramount+ 7-Day Free Trial

After getting your hands on the Paramount + VPN, if you’re not in the mood to spend a hefty amount of subscription fee, here’s a catch. The seven-day free trial of Paramount plus can save you money. Take out your free days, when you can easily binge-watch the show, and apply for the free trial of seven days. Seven days are more than enough to watch 10 episodes, with each episode, not more than 50 minutes or one hour. Follow these easy steps and sign yourself up for a Paramount+’ free trial of seven days.

  • Visit the Paramount +’ website.
  • Click on the option Try it free. 
  • Then go for the option, Continue and from a list of different affordable plans, take your pick. The most famous ones are,
  1. The essential advertisement-supported plan that comes with a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 and an yearly subscription fee of $49.99.( saving $10)
  2. The Premium plan with no advertisements, which comes with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 and a yearly subscription fee of $9.99. (saving $20)
  • Enter the required information and a feasible payment method.
  • Now, you can easily watch your favorite period show, 1883, with Paramount+’ free trial.

How to Watch 1833 with Amazon Paramount +’s Free Trial

If you’ve somehow already made use of the Paramount plus free trial, you can still get access to 1833 and other shows on Amazon Prime Video, with Paramount +’ 7-day free trial. To get the free trial, you must sign yourself up for a free trial of 30 days on Amazon Prime that comes with almost the same perks as Amazon Prime, including free shipping on the same day, Prime Delivery (free shipping in two days and the date when delivery is released) and Prime Music. Follow these steps and easily sign up for the Paramount +’ free trial with Amazon Prime. 

  • Visit the Amazon Prime Video’s Paramount+ website. 
  • Click on the option Start your free trials and then sign in to the Amazon account. 
  • Choose any plan that works best for you. The most famous ones are, 
  1. The plan with limited commercials, available with a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 that you must pay after the 7-day free trial ends.
  2. The Premium plan that comes with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 that you must pay after the seven days of free trial.
  • Start watching the underrated show of Period Westerners, 1883.

1883 Season Trailer

Watching 1833 in Canada FAQs

Why is 1883 episode 4 not on Paramount+?

That is because only the first two episodes were available on Paramount Network; however, from episode three onwards, including episode 4, the rest of the season would be available only on Paramount’s streaming service, Paramount+.

When will 1883 episode 4 be on paramount?

It will not be on Paramount Network, as the network only had the streaming rights for the first two episodes. Now, the rest of the show will exclusively be available on Paramount+.

What day does 1883 come on?

The first episode of season 1 premiered on 19 December 2021. However, there have been a lot of speculations about the second season and whether Paramount+would actually renew the show for its next season. Nonetheless, the show is meant to make its comeback in mid to late 2023.

What time is 1883 on, and what time does 1883 come on Paramount+?

Although it’s not a mainstream TV show on Canadian TV channels, every episode of 1833 is available on Paramount+ at the same time, 3:00 a.m. ET.

How to watch 1883 episode 1?

You can easily watch the first two episodes of 1833 on the Paramount network. It comes with a subscription fee of $4.99 per month, or you can make use of a 7-day free trial.

How many episodes of 1883 are available?

Till now, the only first season of the show is out, with a total of 10 episodes. All of them are available on Paramount plus. Additionally, 1833 will also be available on many other Canadian streaming platforms, including Elevation Pictures, BGFilm, The Searchers, STX Films, Eagle Films, and Showtime.

Can I watch 1883 on amazon prime?

The answer is yes! If you’ve recently used the Paramount+ free trial, you can also watch 1833 online free with Paramount+ seven-day free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

When does the new 1883 episode come out?

The new episode, i.e., the first episode of the second season, is rumored to premiere somewhere between mid to late 2023.

Summing up the article, we hope that as a Canadian, you’ve got every Dutton-query solved and are eagerly waiting for the renewal of next season. Till then, relax, sit back and maybe watch the journey of the Dutton family through the Great Plains and experience the ups and downs of the last bastion of colonized America!

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