How To Install Kodi on Roku?

How To Install Kodi on Roku?

Accessing all kinds of entertainment in one place can be a fantastic opportunity, and you can make this possible by accessing Kodi on Roku. This can be easier because Kodi’s software is compatible with almost every device and all sorts of applications. 

To learn more about how to install Kodi on Roku without a proper Kodi app for Roku, continue reading this guide.

What is Kodi?

Many users already know Kodi, given that you are looking for a way to download it. But it is still necessary to understand what Kodi is before we dive into how to install Kodi on Roku. 

Kodi is one of the most popular software of open source media, which allows the people using it to stream a variety of content on multiple devices. Initially, it was built for and only compatible with the X-box gaming console. However, with time it has evolved to accommodate other operating systems such as Andriod, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Kodi is a user-friendly interface allowing users to customise their experience by installing add-ons to avail certain features and facilities. Other than that, the content on Kodi is organised in the display of its content that consists of TV shows, movies, pictures and music etc. It is an engaging platform that allows you to enjoy your digital media collection in one place.

How to Install Kodi on Roku

How to Install Kodi on Roku

There are many ways you could work around installing Kodi on Roku, some of which are as follows:

1. Install Kodi through Screen Mirroring

You can always watch content from Kodi on an Android device and screen share it on Roku. This way, you won’t have to download the Kodi app on Roku; you will also get to enjoy the perks of watching the content on Kodi.

To screen share, access your settings and tap on the screen mirroring option, select your desired device (in your case, choose your Roku device) and then watch whatever content you want. This is the easiest way; you don’t have to worry about the app not installing on your Roku or any other subsequent issues.

2. Install Kodi through Windows 10

To install Kodi on your Roku through Windows 10, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Access the Windows Activation Centre by pressing the A and Windows keys together 
  • Then access the side menu by clicking on the Connect option
  • Select your Roku player 
  • Select the Allow option that shows on the Roku player

Then you should be able to watch your content on Roku through your Windows 10 easily without much hassle.

3. Install Kodi through a Smart TV

Surprisingly enough, you can even install Kodi on Roku through your Smart Tv, but what makes this possible? It is not very difficult and can solve your problem without any stress. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Setup your Roku player with your Smart TV
  2. Go to the home screen on your Roku player
  3. Click on the option of settings
  4. Select the option of Screen mirroring 
  5. Enable screen mirroring
  6. Link the Android Device to your TV

 Happy streaming your Kodi content through a Smart TV!

4. Install Kodi through a VPN

A VPN will not only help watch content through Kodi on Roku, but it will also have additional benefits, such as you being able to access more content and if in case Kodi is banned in your country, it will allow you to access the app without restrictions.

Not only this but VPNs also help maintain a secure and private connection which doesn’t put your privacy at risk meaning that you can stream all the content that you want without having to worry about the lack of anonymity and protection. For this, you must:

  1. Download a VPN
  2. Subscribe to it
  3. Connect to a server

And then, you should easily be able to access the content on Kodi on your Roku player with the help of a VPN. Some of our best-recommended VPNs include Ivacy VPN and AstrillVPN.


  1. How to Jailbreak Roku with Kodi?

The answer to this is simple; you cannot jailbreak into Kodi through Roku as Roku uses a Linux OS platform that is customisable which makes this impossible. And Kodi is not available for Roku as there is no app. But that doesn’t mean you cannot access it in other ways mentioned above.

  1. Is it illegal to Jailbreak a Roku?

It is not illegal, but it is challenging to jailbreak a Roku as the operating system is closed. But, apart from that, it is supported by the Roku device, so you shouldn’t have to worry about illegality.

  1. Can you sideload an APK on Roku?

You could initially sideload an apk on Roku through a zip file, but ever since the recent update, issues have arisen, which is why it is not a reliable option.

In Short

Lastly, installing Kodi on your Roku player would add to the entertainment by making it endless and fun. Still, unfortunately, it can be difficult as there isn’t a Kodi application through which you can download it directly on Roku, so you have to resort to other wireless means to enjoy the benefits of Kodi.

In that case, we hope the ways mentioned above to install or access Kodi on a Roku player through various means work out for you so that you can experience all the fun! Make sure to check out the methods if in case one of them doesn’t work for you, don’t give up easily because, like they say, try try again!

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