Types of PC Games

The Most Popular Types of PC Games

There are so many technological advancements emerging nowadays. This includes the advancement of video games from the graphics up to their features.  

Game testing services are loaded with newly developed games that need to be tested, and more games are being developed by game developers as well. There are companies that offer not only mobile application testing services for mobile games, but also for PC. This is because the demand for video games keeps getting higher without showing any signs of slowing down. 

In Asia, in 2021, almost 1.48 billion gamers were making it number one in video gaming worldwide. Europe being second place, has gaming audiences of 715 million. Across the globe, there’s an estimated count of 3.4 billion gamers. 

The Video Gaming industry is $178.73 billion in 2021, an increase of 14.4% from 2020. It is forecasted that the video gaming industry will have a worth of $268 billion in 2025.

Who Plays Video Games the Most?

The age bracket that plays the most starts from 18 years and older. 29% of gamers belong to 18-35 making them the number one in playing the most.

In choosing a game to purchase, 63% of the respondents say that the price of the game is important, and 61% said that they find value in a game with a good story. 

Most Played Games in 2021

You’ll be surprised to know that the most played video games in 2021 were the old games. Even though there are newly developed games, many still prefer to play the old ones. We listed the top 10 most played games in 2021:

1. Fortnite


Fortnite currently has 12.3 Million players. It is constantly remolding and shifting and develops different features to go along with the new trends. Because of its battle pass content, it became an essentially new game every month. Fortnite was able to collaborate as well with celebrities and musicians to make the game relevant to its players.

2. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

League of Legends currently has 8 Million players that are actively playing each and every day. The strong esports scene helped League of Legends to stay in its community. 

3. Crossfire


Crossfire is a very hot game in Korea and starting to mark its way to the west. It is a Counter-Strike clone that is considered a beast. It is played by 8 Million concurrent gamers. 

4. Roblox 


Roblox, which has just launched back in 2016, has gathered almost 4 Million gamers already. Back in 2016, the CEO of Roblox, David Baszuski has, proudly announced that 700,000 concurrent players and would reach 1 Million. But, in 2020, in Roblox’s Annual Bloxy Award, they incredibly gathered 4 Million gamers.

5. Minecraft 


His game is unstoppable Currently, Minecraft has 1.4Million players, was taken from a Polygon Article in 2015, and just based on exponential growth. Minecraft is also known to younger players because of the freedom it gives them to build something according to their imaginations.

6. Counter-Strike: GO

Counter-Strike: GO

We saw its peak in April 2020. CS:Go is an FPS game that doesn’t quit. Instead, it keeps its place as one of the most played video games around the globe for 8 consecutive years. Counter-Strike: Go has a concurrent player of 1. 2 Million.

7. New World

New World

New World is like the next-gen MMORPG, even if it doesn’t have a special design or innovative features. It is Amazon’s success. New World has concurrent players of 900,000.

8. DOTA 2


MOBA games are not observing any more growth like they once were. But, do not ever think that they are already unpopular. DOTA 2 is a big noise in the east, particularly in China, that has a substantial percentage of its players. In April 2020, it reached 800,000 players.

9. PUBG 


It is a battle royale that focuses on visual quality, shooting experience, and maps. Exploring and maximizing the map’s terrain, scavenging supplies to survive are some of the reasons why PUBG is a very exciting game. 

10. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a video game that can be played on the team. It’s somehow like the PUBG, where you need to take down another team for your team to win. In this game, you’ll have a team of 3 and will fight 9 teams with 3 members as well. 

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