New Genshin Leaks have Surfaced

New Genshin Leaks have Surfaced

Genshin Impact has sky-rocketed in popularity, and fans are eagerly awaiting new content. However, some data miners could not hold themselves back from leaking information about what was in store for the players. Many of the leaks are just rumors, but they come from reputable leakers who have previously leaked correct information. 

These sources include Honey Hunter World, GI_Front, Ubatcha1, SaveYourPrimos, genshinmains, and genshinBLANK.

In the leaks, several new characters have been added, including Nilou, Cyno, Candace, Alhaitham, Nahida, Deyha, Scaramouche, Dainsleif, Baizhu, Yaoyao, Lyney and Lynette, and Iansan, Many of these characters are rated five-stars, but for some, like Alhaitham, Deyha, and Dainsleig, their rating is unconfirmed. 

The new maps and regions have also been leaked. The world of Teyvat in Genshin has seven nations, but the travelers have only explored four, leaving three undiscovered. Although these games will be available to play eventually, there are still years. 

However, leaks have shown that HoYoverse will add new maps and locations at some later date. Fans have also found data-mined maps of Sumeru’s desert and its playable locations.  

Other leaks hint at the Genshin 3.1 update, including banners for Candace, Nilou, and Cyno. Updates usually have two banner events. Therefore, it is expected that the first half will feature Cyno or Nilou, and the second will include whoever was not released on 28th September, which is the presumed release date of the Genshin 3.1 update. 

Each new Genshin update also adds a variety of weapons and artifacts, which range from 4-star to 5-star sets. These are often complementary to a character’s playing style. Therefore, the upcoming weapons include Cyno and Nilou’s signature weapons. These include swords, Polearms, Claymores, Artifacts, Calatlysts, and Bows.

The Twitter user genshinmains has also released an image of the Control Matrix, who is supposedly a boss in Sumeru. He is described as an autonomous machine linked to the Scarlet King. Blightdrake was another new boss who could be framed as Ascension materials for Nilou.

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