The New Mario Baseball Game May Feature Guest Characters

The New Mario Baseball Game May Feature Guest Characters

The latest rumors suggest that Nintendo could be developing a new Super Mario baseball game for the Nintendo Switch. This game will potentially feature guests to keep it exciting for new players. Over the years, Nintendo has created various Super Mario Sports games, each with its own fresh concept. All of these have been available on the company’s latest console. However, the Nintendo Switch has not seen one yet. 

Nintendo has created many sports games revolving around Mario. The character has been seen in golf courses and tennis courses, but he has only appeared in very few baseball games. The first one was in 1989 when Game Boy released Baseball. More well-known Mario baseball games include GameCube’s Mario Superstar Baseball and Wii’s Mario Super Sluggers. Since these games, no new Mario baseball games have been released on the WiiU, and despite being six years old, the Switch has never seen one. 

However, this may be changing soon. Nintendo has not officially announced a new Mario baseball game project, but a frequent Nintendo leaker called Zippo has claimed that a new Mario baseball game is in the works. This game will be a joint collaboration between Now Productions and Bandai Namco. Zippo also hinted that the game would feature guest characters. One of them may be Pac-Man. 

This is not the first time that Zippo has claimed that Mario has a sports game in development. Theta actually claimed that there was a Super Mario game in development last year, but nothing came out of it. The previous report suggested that the game was most probably baseball-themed and developed in Bandai Namco, so it looks like this is the game that Zippo mentioned last time.

Traditionally, Nintendo hosts a Direct presentation every February, so if a Nintendo game is actually in the works, it won’t be long until it is revealed. However, it is likely that Nintendo Direct will come and go, and the game would not be revealed as it happened last year.

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