Overwatch 2 - Blizzard Teases Reworks and Other Changes

Overwatch 2 – Blizzard Teases Reworks and Other Changes

Blizzard gave a sneak preview of anticipated hero modifications in the most recent Overwatch 2 developer update, including updates for Sombra, Roadhog, Illari, Zarya, and more. The online shooter with a focus on heroes is getting ready for Season 7, which is set to start on October 10. Significant upgrades from Blizzard are typically released at the start and middle of each season. They emphasize the importance of forming different team compositions with each new hero launch and share their methods for hero reworks to demonstrate their commitment to transparency. Blizzard wants to create a balanced and entertaining gameplay experience with all characters, in addition to adjusting the damage values season by season.

Sombra is a fearsome hacker in Overwatch 2 who is renowned for her swiftness and evasive maneuvers. Blizzard did not give her any specific adjustments, but they did list three main goals. They first seek to increase Sombra’s commitment to fighting, possibly by increasing the damage output of her primary weapon. Second, they intend to make her kit feel more dynamic, though specifics have not yet been made public. Thirdly, they want to keep her hacker identity intact so that she can keep hacking health packs and adversaries to maintain her distinct playstyle.

Roadhog, a tough tank hero who will be introduced in the course of Season 7, will soon see some changes, according to a brief peek from Blizzard. They listed three overarching goals. They first want to strengthen his ability to defend his group and hold territory. Second, they want to maintain his fundamental character and manner of play, which implies that his hook and healing powers will endure. Their final objective is to polish his skills so that he can fight more effectively every time.

The recent update from Blizzard also notes that Illari, the new support hero in Overwatch 2, will undergo some changes in Season 7, with a focus on improving her secondary fire healing. The size of Zarya’s bubbles will also change in Season 7, as will the efficiency of Orisa’s Fortify ability and the recovery time for Torbjorn’s primary fire. Players have been reassured by Blizzard that additional details regarding the Sombra and Roadhog reworks would be made available in the upcoming weeks.

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