Instagram Notes Number Trend - What Do o45, o33, & o22 Mean?

Instagram Notes Number Trend – What Do o45, o33, & o22 Mean?

If you are reading this article, you are looking for an answer as to why people around you are putting codes such as o22, o12, o56, o34 and o23  on their Instagram notes. Worry not because we have the answers to your question, and you are not the only one confused about this viral trend on Instagram notes. So what is the meaning of these codes on insta notes? What should you write on your insta notes? Read below to find out!

What are Instagram Notes?

Before we jump into the nitty gritty of the insta notes, their trends and the meaning behind the codes, we must first understand what Instagram notes are. They are a shorter version of a status, which includes text and emojis that can be uploaded to your Instagram profile in the direct messages section. They are a fun and creative way to interact with your followers and keep them updated. The message you put up on your Instagram notes stays up for 24 hours on your profile and can be deleted by you or replaced. 

You can also scroll through other people’s notes just like you can swipe through stories, but you don’t exactly have to tap on it to see it. Another benefit of the notes feature on Instagram is that you can choose who can see your notes; if you want, you can post a note that can only be seen by your close friends,

What Do the Instagram Notes Numbers Mean?

The cryptic Instagram notes with numbers bring a new spin on romance to the app. Usually, viral trends like this bring more engagement for such platforms when most of their users get involved in trends. So, what exactly is this trend? The meaning of all these random numbers that appear on people’s Instagram notes is basically a coded version of a person’s crush’s first initial.

In short, this is a type of scavenger hunt that Instgrammers put out for their followers where they sneakily put up the first initials of their crush’s name and expect you to decode. And if not a crush, many people who are in a relationship are putting up these codes on their Instagram notes to show their love for their respective partners.

Who knows, maybe someone out there is confessing to having a crush on you, and you haven’t decoded it yet.

Not only has this trend taken all over Instagram, but it has also become the talk of the town on TikTok, with many videos on the app dedicated to explaining the meaning behind this trend or participating in it.

How exactly do these random numbers represent someone’s first initials, you may ask? Well, there is an entire hidden language to it. Each number code translates into or refers to a certain letter in the English language. To know about what each code translates to, continue reading.

Decoding the Codes

To understand which letter each code refers to, we have listed down each code with the letter it represents below:

  • o22 – A
  • o76 – B
  • o99 – C
  • o12 – D
  • o43 – E
  • o98 – F
  • o24 – G
  • o34 – H
  • o66 – I
  • o45 – J
  • o54 – K
  • o84 – L
  • o33 – M
  • o12 – N
  • o89 – O
  • o29 – P
  • o38 – Q
  • o56 – R
  • o23 – S
  • o65 – T
  • o41 – U
  • o74 – V
  • o77 – W
  • o39 – X
  • o26 – Y
  • o10 – Z

Having this list will make navigating through the codes easier, and the meaning behind it will finally make sense. So happy decoding!

Get Ideas for Instagram Notes

Get Ideas for Instagram Notes

If you’re not putting your crush’s initial in the notes section on Instagram, how else can you utilise it? Simply, you could convey a lot with the help of this new daily feature introduced by Instagram. 

The concept behind the notes feature is similar to a story on Snapchat and Instagram or a status on WhatsApp. It can help you keep the world updated on what you are doing or what’s going on in your life with just words. You could also post about music you like and engage with people on the platform that way.

The key is to keep your note short and simple. Convey the basic message and throw in an emoji if you want, but please refrain from writing unnecessary and long texts. You could also post some cool inspirational quotes if you want. 

Keep in mind to make your notes authentic to your nature.

Instagram Notes: For Girls

If you are clueless and still need clever ways to capture your crush’s attention or post something random and intriguing on your Instagram notes, you can read through some of the examples given below:

  • I’m not suffering from insanity; I’m enjoying every second of it
  • Be the person you are, do what you want
  • Live, love, laugh
  • *Insert cryptic song lyrics of your choice*
  • Shining bright like a diamond
  • Too glam to be giving a damn
  • I am limited edition
  • It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem. It’s me
  • Anybody up?
  • Things happen for a raisin.
  • Be your best version.

Instagram Notes: For Boys

Here is a list of Instagram notes that boys can put up or take inspiration from :

  • It is what it is
  • Wassup?
  • No pain, no gain
  • *Insert cryptic song lyrics of your choice*
  • Living life, king-size
  • Where my bro’s at?
  • I decide my vibe.
  • Biker life
  • The boy squad
  • Friday is my second favourite F-word
  • My haters are seasick; they see me and get sick

Bottom Line

Introducing new features on Instagram makes shooting your shot easier with such clever code and cryptic notes. The social media generation can use such trends to confess their feelings or express their thoughts and emotions with their followers. 

By now, you should be aware of what each code means and if you need more time to come to this article to decode an Insta note or look for inspiration if you run out of ideas about what to write in your Insta notes.

So go ahead and check if someone out there is confessing to having a crush on you, or maybe make the first move and confess to your crush without actually doing it!

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