Beast Titan In Attack On Titan

Who Is The Beast Titan In Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is an immensely popular anime. Although the manga has just concluded, and the anime ended in the winter of 2021, new followers seem to be joining every day, as Attack on Titan is so frequently recommended to people who have never seen anime. In reality, finding out who the Titans are is one of the series’ central plotlines. Eren Yeager, the series’ protagonist, is shown to be an Attack Titan early on, but as we continue to watch, we learn about some other kinds as well.

The following contains major plot spoilers from Attack on Titan manga, which may prevent you from enjoying the anime’s third season. So consider yourself warned!

Origin of the Beast Titan

After the Founder’s passing, the Nine Titans, including the Beast, were introduced into this universe. It typically appeared like an animal and was a little bigger than most Titans. The Beast Titan served in the numerous warring tribes of the Eldian houses throughout the roughly 1700 years after its birth.

Following this time, the 145th Eldian monarch, Karl Fritz, decided to leave his empire’s problems behind and move to Paradis. Marley captured the Beast Titan and a few other Titan shifters during the Great Titan War that had taken place before the king left the empire. Tom Ksaver was the Beast Titan’s inheritor in the year 829.

Who is He?

Zeke Yeager, Eren’s half-brother, turns out to be the Beast Titan. Their father, Grisha, was previously married to Dina Fritz before he met Carla, the mother of Eren. She is a member of the royal dynasty of the Titans, but it didn’t stop her from being forced to become a Titan and flee her home after being charged with treason. After that, Grisha was saved from a similar tragedy and was able to remarry Carla and start a new family.

Ezekiel ended up ratting out his parents to the government, which ultimately ruined his already tense relationship with them and led to their being charged with treason. 

He eventually joined the military and developed a hatred for the Titan species, also known as the Subjects of Ymir. He spent decades rising through its ranks before learning that he had a half-brother whom he wished to work with to put an end to the Titan race. He would ultimately be successful in doing this.

Beast Titans Personality

Beast Titans Personality

Zeke is an influential leader who is unyielding and ruthless. He tried to talk to Mike Zacharias in the Season 2 opener, and he could even control lesser Titans, as anime lovers will recall. But when his frail tolerance ran out, he allowed the Titan to eat Mike. He is an intimidating new villain since he is sadistic, inquisitive, and intelligent.

Zeke’s main objective is to get the Coordinate back for Marley, which is now in Eren’s possession. Compared to Reiner, he is far less compassionate and sterner, but this also makes him a lot more concentrated on the current goal.

Beast Titans Abilities

Beast Titans Abilities

The Beast Titan had animal-like qualities, which changed considerably depending on its holders, in contrast to the bulk of other Titans, which maintained a mainly human appearance: some of the different animal forms seen from former holders of the Beast Titan include birds, bulls, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, elk, wolves, rabbits, dinosaurs, okapis and Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan had characteristics of a bighorn sheep, whereas Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan had characteristics of an ape. Falco Grice claims that a Beast Titan with wings previously existed. Besides, he had powerful throwing abilities, hardening, titan creation and control powers. 

What Can He Do?

The Beast Titan is regarded as the strongest amongst all the Titans due to its unique abilities, which are predominantly brought about by Zeke’s kinship with the Fritz royal family. The fact that the Beast Titan is slightly taller at 17 meters compared to the Armored Titan and Eren’s Titan forms, both of which stand at 15 meters, also helps.

Zeke can control mindless Titans, as he showed in the Season 2 opening, and he can also turn any regular Eldian into a Titan, which was what happened to the Ragako residents.

Without the aid of a Titan serum, Eldians can become Titans using Zeke’s Beast Titan’s scream-based trigger. From within the Walls, Conny’s village and family undergo this transformation. Yet, it is constrained since the victims must somehow come in contact with Zeke’s spinal fluid.

Who is the First Beast Titan?

Beast Titans existed before Zeke. The ability to be a Titan is passed on from generation to generation, but the exact process is unclear. When the first Titan, Ymir Fritz, passed away, her spirit was divided into nine pieces, each of which was responsible for one of the nine types of Titans that her offspring would be able to become. The Founder, Female, Attack, Jaw, Colossus, Cart, Armored, and War Hammer forms were also present in addition to the Beast Titan.

Technically, the person who received the talent following Ymir’s passing would have become the first Beast Titan, but this is no longer possible. After Eren’s death and the transformation of all Titans into humans, the manga comes to an end.

Moreover, the “source of all living matter” or the “shiny centipede,” which was the Titan power source, also disappeared simultaneously. In conclusion, this means that although the Titan race is no longer present, it is still discriminated against.


  1. Is the Beast Titan Eren’s Dad?

Zeke is Eren’s older half-brother. They both have the same father, Grisha. 

  1. Who is now the Beast Titan?

Zeke Yeager was selected after 13 years to succeed Ksaver in holding the Beast Titan’s power. Ezekiel used his Titan form in a conflict between Marley and an adversary country more than a year later, when the other Warriors had gained their Titans, utilising his Beast Titan to massacre soldiers fleeing the fray.

  1. Who kills the Beast Titan?

All the charged soldiers were killed by the Beast Titan’s assault, except for one. While Zeke was preoccupied, Levi ambushed the Beast Titan and killed it entirely, leaving little time for Zeke to prepare a response.

  1. Is Beast Titan a good guy?

Zeke Yeager, sometimes referred to as the Beast Titan or just The Beast, serves as the series’ primary adversary. His parents, Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz forced him to enlist in the Marleyan military to further their objectives.


The only reason Zeke’s Beast Titan is well-known is because of the owner. Zeke is a very intelligent individual who meticulously plans his strategy while facing an adversary. He isn’t shown to be a mindless Titan, and he makes sure not to undervalue anyone. 

With all the information provided above, we hope you are now well-informed about the beast titan’s history, ability and identity. 

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