Instagram Sets up Amber Alerts to Help Find Abducted Children

Instagram Sets up Amber Alerts to Help Find Abducted Children

Amber Alerts is a tool that you can use to aid the police in locating abducted children. This tool is authorized by law enforcement and broadcasts through text messages, TV, etc. Instagram will now use this feature to help find abducted and missing children.

This feature will roll out in the US today and will also be available for 25 countries within a couple of weeks. This step shows how prevalent Instagram is as a communication tool and how it has become part of the communication infrastructure. 

Amber Alerts are ingenious because some people, especially the younger generation, may ignore the news, but they will scroll through social media regularly. That way, they will be informed of missing and abducted children.

These alerts will also be more incessant compared to text alerts as they will show the information directly instead of sending you a link that you have to click on. Instagram’s alert will show up on your feed with all the relevant information. 

Amber Alerts are not new, as this feature was introduced on Facebook’s News Feed back in 2015. The information relayed in these alerts is also very focused and genuine, as law enforcement has strict guidelines about which cases can be issued an alert. 

Furthermore, the alerts are set up so that only those who live near the site of abduction will be shown the alerts. Instagram also informs its users that if they get an alert, it means that the police are actively searching for a missing child nearby and are using all their resources to find them.

Instagram will use an algorithm that will make use of a variety of signals, your listed city, IP address, and location services if you have them turned on.

This feature will be available in Romania, the US, UK, UAE, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Malta, South Africa, Taiwan, Greece, New Zealand, etc

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