Health Connect- A bridge between Google and Samsung

Health Connect – A bridge between Google and Samsung

The two companies have used API (application programming interface) that allows users easy access to their health and fitness data on various devices and platforms. The user’s data is stored in an encrypted hub located on the user’s device, and they can decide for themselves what information they share and with which apps.

The level of control this app offers is so high that the user can decide to share the same information with one app and not the other. For example, if you connect two apps to Health Connect and both measure your sleep cycle, you can allow one to do so and block the other. 

Health Connect allows its users support for over 50 data types in various categories. Some examples include steps taken, body measurement, nutrition, sleep, and more. Furthermore, Smart Connect will be able to connect with Samsung Health later on in the year, which will allow the app to take full advantage of the wide variety of information that is measured accurately in Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Watch. 

The beta version of Health Connect is currently available to all Android developers so that they can optimize devices and apps to support this platform. Along with Samsung Health, the developers for MyFitnessPal, Withings, and Leap Fitness are looking to optimize their devices to adopt Health Connect. Other Google apps such as Google Fit and Fitbit are also in works with Google and Health Connect to offer their users a chance to access this platform. 

This venture shows how Google has expanded and continues to expand. Rather than limiting its users to its ecosystem, Google allows them to venture out while still using its devices and products. Health Connect API is an example of this. 

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