New AI Tool - FraudGPT Emerges From the Dark Web

New AI Tool – FraudGPT Emerges From the Dark Web

A new cybercrime generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool has just hit the internet. This tool follows the footsteps of WormGPT and is called FraudGPT and is available on various Telegram channels and dark web marketplaces. According to Rakesh Krishnan, a Netenrich security researcher, Fraud GPT is an AI bot that was made for exclusively offensive purposes, which include generating spear phishing emails, creating cracking tools, and more.

Netenrich also mentioned that the AI tool had been circulating since July 2023 and cost users $200 a month. They can also purchase it for six months for $1000 or pay $1700 for a year’s worth of access. An online user called Canadian Kingpin stated that the tool can be used to write malicious codes, find leaks and vulnerabilities, create undetectable malware, and do other nefarious purposes. There have been more than 3000 confirmed sales and reviews. However, more information, such as the exact large language model used to develop the AI tool is unknown. 

The development of such threat actors, like WormGPT and FraudGPT, ride increasingly on the advent of OpenAi ChatGPT– like AI tools to make a new variant that is engineered to promote cybercriminal activities without any restrictions. Such tools can also take their activities to the next level. They can serve as launchpads for novice actors looking to produce convincing phishing and business email comprise attacks. This can lead to identity theft and unauthorized wire payments. 

Krishnan also notes that while organizations initially produced ChatGPT and other such tools with ethical safeguards, they can easily be reconfigured to be remade without those barriers in place. They continued by noting that such tools can only be contained by implementing a defense-in-depth strategy with all the security telemetry available. This will help identify such fast-moving threats before they become ransomware or data exfiltration. 

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