Elon Musk Promises Live Coverage of the First FIFA Match

Elon Musk Promises Live Coverage of the First FIFA Match on 20th November 2022

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off on November 20 in Qatar, everyone is looking for a way to watch the matches online. Twitter owner, Elon Musk, announced a solution to everyone’s problem. He announced that Twitter would be live streaming the matches. The Tesla CEO took it to Twitter, where he tweeted late at night inviting football fans to Twitter, where they could enjoy the first match alongside many other football fans.

Musk promised the best coverage and real-time commentary, giving the viewers the entire World Cup experience. Although Musk’s tweet was void of hashtags and did not specifically mention which World Cup, it could have been none other than the FIFA World Cup. This tweet also put to rest certain rumors floating around the internet.

Many speculated that with the array of issues that the micro-blogging had to face since Musk’s arrival, it would be shutting down very soon. However, Musk’s tweet proves that Twitter is simply going through a restructuring period where new features are being added.

With the announcement of the closure of blue ticks to the office closure, Twitter has had a tumultuous week. This worried the football fans who used the platform to discuss the World Cup matches and scores. The platform has been famous for lengthy threads where people weighed their opinions about various topics. Therefore, the sudden closure of Twitter offices and blue ticks sent fans into a frenzy.

This may be a way for Musk and Twitter to regain the momentum they lost over the week and present a strong front amidst the biggest crisis the company has seen. In support of the World Cup, Twitter has also launched an official hashtag that fans can use to discuss the matches. The official hashtag, #Qatar2022, also has an emblem that appears alongside it.  

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